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TueMar 25

National Lobster Newburg Day – March 25, 2025

If anything gets us moving at National Today, it is food holidays, and National Lobster Newburg Day on March 25 has already got all of our mouths watering. Imagine that red golden lobster sitting upon a bed of rich cream infused with the goodness of eggs, the nutty scents of cayenne pepper and nutmeg, and a dash of sherry … absolutely delish, if you ask us! Some other versions of the recipe call for the addition of butter and/or cognac. But whatever the slight alterations may be, Lobster Newburg, in and of itself, is an iconic dish in the culinary world. One of the most interesting facts about this famous dish is that it wasn’t invented by a honed professional chef, but by a sea captain named Ben Wenburg. 

History of National Lobster Newburg Day

As a sea captain, it was natural for Ben Wenburg to befriend the sea with all its secrets during his extensive travels. Seafood was also a major part of his diet, like many other seafarers’. These factors, combined with limited access to food items, led to Wenburg’s brilliant creation of Lobster Wenburg. Yes, you read that right. Lobster Newburg was originally called Lobster Wenburg. 

Wenburg went on to recreate his dish in front of Charles Delmonico and Chef Charles Ranhofer, the former being the owner of New York-cafe, Delmonico’s. The chef and his team made little adjustments to the recipe before putting it up on the menu, naming it ‘Lobster a la Wenburg.’ Many of the cafe’s patrons loved the new menu addition so much that it became an instant hit. However, following an argument between Wenburg and Delmonico, the dish was sadly removed. 

Yet, all was not lost at sea. After much persuasion and demand from the cafe’s customers, Delmonico brought the dish back, but this time named it ‘Lobster Newburg.’ The lobster dish once again took off bringing the business back to the cafe’s shores. It is to be noted that there is no set date for when exactly the first National Lobster Newburg Day was celebrated. People celebrate the day by indulging in the dish and reaping the benefits of the mighty lobster.

National Lobster Newburg Day timeline

Wenburg Invents Lobster Newburg

While at sea, Wenburg creates Lobster Newburg from scratch, using only the ingredients available aboard his ship.

Lobster Newburg Added to Delmonico’s Menu

After Wenburg’s successful demonstration of the dish, Delmonico instructs his staff to add Lobster Newburg to the cafe’s menu.

Lobster Starts Gaining Popularity

Lobster is considered a poor man’s food before it starts getting appreciation from those who are more economically well-off.

Easy Access to Lobster Newburg Recipe

Delmonico’s chef, Charles Ranhofer, publishes the dish’s recipe for the first time, allowing the general public to gain access to it.

National Lobster Newburg Day FAQs

Would it be possible to tweak the recipe to suit my taste and still get the same results? 

Of course, you can tweak the recipe and get the same results! But do be mindful of the key ingredients like heavy cream and sherry as these add the main flavors to the dish. 


What’s the best time to have Lobster Newburg? 

Any time, quite literally! Because of its light texture, it is not only served as an entree during lunch and dinner but also as one of the main dishes during breakfast. 


Is a specific lobster required for Lobster Newburg? 

Not really. You can use any lobster at your disposal. Of course, a specific lobster is used by chefs to keep the authentic flavor of their recipes, but that doesn’t mean you too need a specific lobster.

How To Celebrate National Lobster Newburg Day

  1. Sink your teeth into the delicious dish

    If you are celebrating this day and you are not eating Lobster Newburg, then what are you doing, matey? Head over to Delmonico’s cafe to try the dish and experience the amazing history attached to it. And if you cannot visit the place, then haul out your chef’s hat and recreate the simple dish right in the comfort of your home.

  2. Try other amazing lobster dishes

    Of course, Lobster Newburg has our heart, but that does not mean that we are neglecting the goodness of other recipes. Break away from the monotony by discovering new flavors that can be combined with the beloved seafood item.

  3. Support campaigns for the world’s lobster population

    Due to pollution and overt human intervention, the lobster population has steadily been reducing over the years. The latest numbers warn that lobsters will be extinct by 2100. Donate to and/or support campaigns that work hard for the betterment of sea creatures and the environment at large.

5 Facts About The Lobster That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Lobsters do not have feelings — literally

    It has been scientifically proven that lobsters do not feel any type of pain, whatsoever.

  2. Lobsters can indulge in cannibalism

    Humans are not the only ones who think lobsters are delicious — these sea creatures start eating each other if crowded into small spaces.

  3. American lobsters are the heaviest

    In true American fashion that demands bigger and bigger sizes of anything and everything, the American lobster, also known as the marine lobster, is the heaviest, weighing more than 18 kgs!

  4. Lobsters are the ultimate diet food

    This seafood not only contains fewer calories than chicken, but it is also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and potassium.

  5. Lobsters can be right-clawed or left-clawed

    Similar to humans, lobsters tend to favor one claw over another whilst going about their daily activities.

Why We Love National Lobster Newburg Day

  1. It’s a celebration of culinary adventures

    Who would have thought that a meeting between a sea captain and a cafe owner would result in the world getting a new delicacy? Enriched with rich flavors and healthy goodness, the dish, in all its simplicity, takes one on an exciting seafaring adventure.

  2. It’s a celebration of different cultures uniting

    Did you know that Lobster Newburg has a French cousin? Lobster Thermidor was invented 20 years after Lobster Newburg. There are slightly more ingredients in Thermidor, but the taste between the two dishes remains quite similar.

  3. It’s a celebration of legendary food items

    One whole century and a half has passed since Lobster Newburg was created, but there has never been a dip in its popularity and demand. We get to enjoy the same dish our ancestors enjoyed way back in the day.

National Lobster Newburg Day dates

2025March 25Tuesday
2026March 25Wednesday
2027March 25Thursday
2028March 25Saturday
2029March 25Sunday

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