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SatMar 22

World Maths Day – March 22, 2025

World Maths Day is celebrated on March 22 this year! Since its founding in 2007 by 3P Learning, the popularity of World Maths Day has multiplied fast. The day encourages students globally to take a break from the standard day-to-day math lessons. Instead, they can participate in competitive math-themed games, giving them the opportunity to win prizes and scholarships

History of World Maths Day

Created in 2007 by digital learning resource 3P Learning, World Maths Day encourages students around the world to engage in online competitive games centered around mental math problems. The platform’s games are aimed towards students aged 4-16 with the purpose of improving accuracy and confidence in arithmetic and problem-solving.

To get their kids signed up to participate in World Maths Day, teachers and parents can head to the official World Maths Day website and register. It’s free! For more great math and educational resources in all subjects, teachers and parents can also log onto 3P Learning’s site and purchase a subscription.

Help your child improve their math by taking 30 minutes to an hour out of your day to practice it. Not only is this good for your child’s development, but it helps you keep your brain engaged, healthy, and strong!

World Maths Day timeline

6th Century B.C.
Rise of the Pythagoreans

Pythagoreans (followers of Pythagoras) create the word "mathematics."

Does Not Compute

The first educational computer game, called "Logo," is created by Seymore Papert and Wally Fuerzeig.

The First World Maths Day

The inaugural World Maths Day event takes place with students from 98 countries taking part in the online event.

Millions Participate

1.9 million students take part in World Maths Day 2009.

That's a Lot of Questions

500 million maths questions are
answered during World Maths Day.

World Record!

World Maths Day sets the Guinness World Record for the Largest Online Math Competition.

The World Education Games

5.9 million students register for 3P Learning’s inaugural World Education Games, headlined by World Maths Day.

Global Participation

Participants from over 150 countries participate in World Maths Day.

Playing Dress Up

Students take to Twitter to show off their ‘dress like a mathlete’ costumes for World Maths Day.

Clash of the Champions

The first ever World Maths Day Champions Challenge takes place.

World Maths Day Traditions

Join a mathematics competition

On World’s Math Day, test yourself. Jump online in a math competition and go head to head with someone in a different country. Compete from home on your laptop or get into a school-wide competition. See what you can do!

Get your kids involved in  the World Education Games

The World Education Games are a free, online competition where children of every grade level answer math questions within a set amount of time. Winners earn points for correct answers. In 2015, over 22,000 schools participated in almost 160 countries. Almost 33,000 children benefited from $100,000 raised during the games. 

Solve a math word problem

If you haven’t tried to solve a math word problem in years, World Maths Day is the time to see if you still have the right stuff. If you’re a parent, challenge your kids!

World Maths Day Stats

You can’t calculate a googolplex

No, this isn’t a Google drawing! A googolplex references the power of 10 to the power of 100. (If you weren’t sleeping in high school math class, you might remember this.) Unfortunately, you can’t calculate this on your calculator or computer because the answer is so long, you’ll run out of space!

Think about this next summer when you hear the cicadas

You know those noisy insects, the cicadas? Their mating ritual and incubation periods can keep cicadas underground for either 13 or 17 years. 13 and 17 are prime numbers that biologists say have influenced the insects’ ability to avoid predators with more even-numbered life-cycles.

Speaking of prime numbers, let’s consider 2 and 5

In case you forgot, a prime number is an integers or whole number that is divisible only by 1 and itself. The prime numbers, 2 and 5, are the only numbers that end in…wait for it…2 and 5!

World Maths Day FAQs

Why do we celebrate World Maths Day?

World Maths Day is celebrated every year in order to encourage students around the world to sharpen their skills in arithmetic and problem solving.

Is there a National Math Day?

National Mathematics Day is an Indian holiday celebrated in honor of mathematician Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan on his birthday, December 22.

Who is the father of mathematics?

Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, is considered to be the father of mathematics and made his most substantial contributions in geometry.

World Maths Day Activities

  1. Befriend a mathematician

    Surround yourself with someone that is a master at math and you'll slowly becoming more adept at solving math problems yourself.

  2. Participate in a math-a-thon

    Sounds epic, right? There are math contests happening all throughout the country so odds are there's one in your neck of the woods. Not ready for primte time? Gather your friends, family, kids – and create the ultimate math-a-thon on your own.

  3. Do some math puzzles online

    Find some fun math sites on the internet. Go play with these puzzles, and start problem solving. There is so much to do! For example, check out: or

Why We Love World Maths Day

  1. Math is fun

    Mathematics is really fun! Don't believe us? Think about the video games or card games that you love to play — many of them are built on math problems! Sometimes just sitting back and doing a few problems can be relaxing and challenging.

  2. Math helps us become problem solvers

    In a world plagued with problems, the problem solvers rise to the occasion. The mathematical problems we always encountered in the classroom, the exercises and the assignments that our teacher has assigned – these are all opportunities to exercise our brains, preparing us for larger and more challenging problems in real life.

  3. Math is life

    1+1 = 2. We use math for everyday tasks, like doing groceries, maintaining a monthly budget, and planning for vacations. Numbers are everywhere!

World Maths Day dates

2022March 23Wednesday
2023March 8Wednesday
2024March 23Saturday
2025March 22Saturday

Let’s get social

Here are some special hashtags for the day.

#worldmathsday #maths #math

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