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National Licorice Day
SatApr 12

National Licorice Day – April 12, 2025

National Licorice Day on April 12 each year celebrates licorice in all its forms, including the various recipes it is used in and its health benefits. National Licorice Day recognizes the history, health benefits, and distinction of licorice around the world. The best thing about licorice is that there are 160 ways to enjoy it. There are plenty of licorice candies, licorice ropes, jelly beans, jewels, and many more to choose from. This day is celebrated by children and adults alike, especially by those who have a soft spot for licorice. The best thing about National Licorice Day is how easy it is to celebrate it — just make sure that you enjoy plenty of licorice today!

History of National Licorice Day

Licorice is extracted from the licorice plant and can be used in numerous innovative ways. Licorice is used for making candy, for flavoring drinks and teas, and some cultures even claim that licorice has special medicinal properties.

Ancient Egyptians would use licorice as a healing food ingredient. A great amount of licorice was found in the tomb of King Tut! Hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt show that licorice was enjoyed as a drink. Licorice was popular among the royals — Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon Bonaparte were recorded as using licorice for their health benefits. It would not be until the 17th century that records indicate that licorice was being made into candy in Holland. From there, sailors carried this treat with them to other countries in Europe and eventually all over the world. Today, licorice candy is produced not only in Europe but also in Australia and the Americas. Licorice is now being enjoyed globally.

Created by Licorice International in 2004, National Licorice Day celebrates the rich history and unique flavor of licorice. Even though black licorice is the original, licorice is available in many flavors and colors. Those who do not prefer the special taste of black licorice can instead have the choice to enjoy different varieties of licorice. Consumed by people across the globe, licorice is a delectable treat with a distinctive flavor. It is used as an ingredient in many candies. National Licorice Day is the perfect day to explore different flavors and to try new licorice recipes.

National Licorice Day timeline

2300 B.C.
The Origin

Licorice originates during this time period.

400 B.C.
Licorice is Used as Medicine

Licorice is used in cold medications due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hogh’s Licorice Factory is founded

The first products made in the factory are licorice shapes, salt pastilles, eucalyptus pastilles, and colored shapes with fruit flavor.


Ga-Jol is launched as salt pastille and is one of the oldest licorice products still in use.

National Licorice Day FAQs

Why is National Licorice Day celebrated?

National Licorice Day on April 12 each year celebrates licorice in all its forms. It also recognizes its history, health benefits, and distinction around the world. 

What is licorice good for?

It has been used as a treatment for heartburn, stomach ulcers, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, and infections caused by viruses. 

Can licorice be unhealthy?

Some black licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which is the sweetener derived from licorice root. According to the F.D.A., licorice can create imbalances in electrolytes and cause low potassium levels. Licorice may also cause high blood pressure, swelling, lethargy, and heart failure.

How To Celebrate National Licorice Day

  1. Try a new type of licorice

    In addition to the standard flavors of licorice, such as black, try a new type of licorice on National Licorice Day. Some interesting flavors are strawberry, cherry, and lemon.

  2. Share licorice with friends and family

    A great way to share the enjoyment of National Licorice Day is by giving licorice as a gift to friends and family. Take some to work to share with coworkers.

  3. Make licorice tea

    Relax after a long day with a steaming cup of licorice tea on National Licorice Day. Licorice tea is known to have calming effects.

5 Facts About Licorice That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Glycyrrhizin gives licorice its sweet flavor

    Glycyrrhizin is 50 times sweeter than sugar.

  2. There are many names for licorice

    These are black sugar, licorice root, sweetroot, and sweet wood.

  3. Licorice has been used for medicinal purposes

    Licorice can be used to treat sore throats, ulcers, and to promote adrenal gland function.

  4. Licorice flavor is not just used for candies

    Licorice is also used in soft drinks and herbal teas.

  5. Popular figures in history have enjoyed licorice

    Napoleon Bonaparte loved licorice. He ate so much licorice that his teeth turned black.

Why We Love National Licorice Day

  1. Licorice is a beloved candy flavor

    Licorice has been used as a flavoring agent due to its incredible taste. National Licorice Day celebrates the flavor that has remained consistently popular.

  2. You can celebrate this day with your friends

    National Licorice Day becomes more fun when you share licorice candies with your friends and coworkers. This day brings us closer together.

  3. You can experiment with flavors

    National Licorice Day is the perfect day to experiment with different flavors of licorice and introduce yourself to something new.

National Licorice Day dates

2025April 12Saturday
2026April 12Sunday
2027April 12Monday
2028April 12Wednesday
2029April 12Thursday

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