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Hate Week – April 8-14, 2024

Hate Week is held in the second full week of April and this year will be marked from April 8 to 14. This holiday is inspired by the fictional novel “1984” written by George Orwell. The book that revolves around the life of the fictional Winston Smith from the fictional country called Oceania depicts the danger of the masses blindly following a leader or regime. It also depicts the reality that people under Communism and Fascism lived. Modeled from a “hate week” event in Orwell’s book, this holiday calls on people everywhere to stay alert against any leadership’s attempt to induce blind subservience to them. It is a call to reject totalitarianism.

History of Hate Week

Hate Week is a clearly depicted event in George Orwell’s book “1984” and it is always observed in the late summer. During that period, there were waxwork exhibitions, military parades, speeches, and lectures. New slogans are often coined, as are new tunes. The Hate Song is the theme of Hate Week. It is stated that a team from the Fiction Department was tasked to create atrocity leaflets (falsified reports of atrocities committed by Oceania’s foes against her) to further agitate Oceania’s populace against all adversaries.

The overall aim of Hate Week is to enrage the public to the point that they would surely have torn (caught enemy forces) to pieces if given the chance. During one Hate Week, Oceania switched allies while a public speaker was in the middle of a sentence. The disruption was minimal: the displays against the previous enemy were deemed to be “sabotage” of Hate Week by Emmanuel Goldstein as well as his supporters, were quickly torn down by the crowd, and replaced with propaganda against the new enemy, demonstrating the ease with which the Party directs the hatred of its members.

During Hate Week, as well as the daily Two Minutes Hate, all Oceanians are advised to demonstrate suitable enthusiasm. While this event is not legally obligatory, avoiding or refusing to do so is supposed to make one appear suspicious to the Police, which usually results in the perpetrator’s vaporization (execution).

Hate Week timeline

The Book’s Protagonist Character Emerges

In Orwell’s book, Winston Smith is born in May.

The Departure From Home

Winston sees his mother and sister for the last time.

The Marriage Takes Place

Winston weds Katharine but theirs is not a happy union.

The War Begins

Oceania and Eurasia go to war as a way to keep the people of Oceania even further subjugated by the rulers.

Hate Week FAQs

How long will it take to read 1984?

At 250 words per minute, it would take an average of five hours and 55-minutes to finish the book.

Why is 1984 controversial?

George Orwell’s 1984 has faced criticism for the sexual content and political/social themes portrayed in the novel.

When did George Orwell die?

He continued his work despite suffering from tuberculosis, but would later succumb to the illness at a London hospital in 1950.

How to Observe Hate Week

  1. Create posters

    Members of the party devote the majority of their time to designing posters, banners, and models to disseminate propaganda against Emmanuel Goldstein and its Eurasian adversaries. Create posters about your support for a noble cause.

  2. Join the demonstration

    Members of the Party also spend long hours in preparation for the military march and other demonstrations. Volunteer for a movement you’re passionate about to mark Hate Week.

  3. Read the book

    If you haven’t already then make sure you read the book. George Orwell’s 1984 is a rather unsettling, timeless classic that has come to stay.

5 Interesting Facts About George Orwell

  1. He came up with ‘cold war’

    George Orwell coined the popular phrase ‘Cold War’ in his 1945 essay You and the Atom Bomb.

  2. He used a moniker

    His real name was Eric Arthur Blair.

  3. He had tattoos

    George Orwell sported tattoos on his knuckles from his time as a police officer in Burma.

  4. He was a linguist

    Orwell could speak seven languages.

  5. He was once in the army

    He was a volunteer fighter in the Spanish Civil War.

Why Hate Week is Important

  1. It opposes totalitarianism

    Orwell put the terrible consequences of totalitarianism on display in his book. It is one of the story's major themes and warns against total governmental control.

  2. We get to celebrate George Orwell

    George Orwell’s 1984 remains one of the most influential stories of our time. The themes put forward by Orwell in the novel remain relevant today.

  3. It is an inspiration for future writers

    Celebrated books such as 1984 inspire the next generation of writers to action. They serve as a foundation for freedom of expression and remain a testament to the power of creativity.

Hate Week dates

2022April 10Sunday
2023April 9Sunday
2024April 14Sunday
2025April 13Sunday
2026April 12Sunday

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