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FriApr 12

Walk on Your Wild Side Day – April 12, 2024

Walk On Your Wild Side Day is celebrated each year in the U.S. on April 12. This is the day to let down your hair and do what you have always wanted to do. In a society strictly regulated by norms and rules, we tend to forget to have fun and do as we please. As long as we are being careful and not hurting someone else, Walk on Your Wild Side Day encourages us to reconnect with our inner child and do all things ‘wild’. We all have a wild, carefree side to us and today is the day to show it off in all its glory!

History of Walk on Your Wild Side Day

There are plenty of examples in history where those who deviated from the norm went on to do great things and created a lasting impression on the world. Rulers, artists, innovators, and businessmen have often taken the craziest ideas and turned them into ideas of brilliance. In fact, their out-of-the-box ideas are what set them apart from the crowds and made them legends in their fields.

Walk On Your Wild Side Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy, the couple who also created The day was created in recognition that ‘what will other people think’ stops us from doing what we want to and prevents us from living our best lives. Paying heed to such thoughts shows a lack of courage. We only have one life to live and there is absolutely no reason not to live each day of our lives to its fullest. Our dreams are valid and we should give them a shot. We can change our lives and the world with our crazy ideas and leave behind a lasting legacy. We must encourage each other to not shy away from sharing our seemingly wild thoughts and ideas.

On Walk On Your Wild Side Day, you can also change the life of someone else! By living your life on your own terms, unafraid of the opinions of others, you may inspire someone to also live their life to the fullest. Someone who’s feeling shy or discouraged may need a gentle nudge from you to change their life for the best.

Walk on Your Wild Side Day timeline

The Amphibocycles

These bicycles can be used on both land and water.

The Pramobiles

A combination of bicycles and prams for new mothers is invented.

The Baby Cages

Baby cages were attached to windows, so babies could sunbathe in apartments.

The Illuminated Tires

Cars briefly have illuminated tires.

Doing Things You Wouldn’t Normally Do

Walk on the Wild Side Day is created to inspire people to create and live less constrained.

Walk on Your Wild Side Day FAQs

What does wild mean?

People use the word “wild” to mean silly, strange, or outlandish. A “risky, raucous, adventurous, or licentious act” is also meant by the term walk on the wild side.

What does a wild person mean?

A person with a violent temper, erratic behavior, or a person of extreme or outrageous political opinions is known as a “wild” person.

What kind of word is wild?

‘Wild’ can be an adverb, a verb, an adjective, or a noun.

Walk on Your Wild Side Day Activities

  1. Share your unconventional opinion

    Celebrate Walks On Your Wild Side Day by sharing your controversial opinions with your friends. Who knows some of your friends might even agree with your opinions and share their own unpopular ones!

  2. Dress crazy

    Another way to observe a Walk On Your Wild Side Day is by dressing up in your wackiest outfit. If you do not have one, you could borrow a crazy outfit for the day and show up in it to work.

  3. Post on social media

    Invite more people to celebrate Walk On Your Wild Side Day by posting about it on social media. This is the best way to spread the word around.

5 Intriguing Wild Facts

  1. Only humans eat spicy foods

    No other animal adds spice to their food or enjoys it.

  2. Potato chips make you fat

    They are the biggest culprits in making us gain weight.

  3. Termites are the longest-living insects

    They may live up to a hundred years.

  4. Naps can be life-saving

    Those who nap regularly have a 37% less chance of getting a heart attack.

  5. Newborns do not shed tears

    The human tear duct develops one to three months after birth.

Why We Love Walk on Your Wild Side Day

  1. Reconnecting with our inner child

    Celebrations such as Walk On Your Wild Side Day help us to reconnect with our inner child. It encourages curiosity, and courage, and challenges the status quo.

  2. A day to relax

    The best way to observe Walk On Your Wild Side Day is by letting down your hair. Forget the rules and regulations of society and relax by doing the thing that you have always wanted to do.

  3. Living life to its fullest

    In our everyday rush, we forget to live life to its fullest. Thankfully for Walk On Your Wild Side Day, we can set aside a day for all the wild things we want to do.

Walk on Your Wild Side Day dates

2024April 12Friday
2025April 12Saturday
2026April 12Sunday
2027April 12Monday
2028April 12Wednesday

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