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FriApr 12

Hamster Day – April 12, 2024

Hamster Day on April 12 is dedicated to these cute little rodents who are among the favorite pets in the United States! Yes, hamsters are adorable and easy to raise. All you need is a love for animals, and the dedication to ensure all the pet’s needs are met. Do you want to get a hamster for your kid but are not sure how to raise one? Well, this is exactly what this day is about. Learn all that you can about hamsters today and show the world why they are the best pets ever!

History of Hamster Day

Hamsters are a part of the history of this world and they are recorded to have existed for nearly 11.2 million to 16.4 million years during the Middle Miocene Epoch in Europe and North Africa. Their presence in Asia extends from six million to 11 million years. Unfortunately, over time, at least four of the different hamster species have become extinct, one of which had lived in North Africa during the Middle Miocene period.

A breed of Syrian hamsters was considered to be extinct until a mother hamster with her babies was discovered in 1930. The discovery was made by biologist Israel Aharoni, who had launched an expedition near the ancient city of Aleppo to find Syrian hamsters. He had heard the stories of a ‘golden hamster’ and had made it his aim to research the creature.

Though Aharoni was not fond of travel, he believed the hamster species needed to be found. After searching for days with a local hunter, Aharoni discovered a litter of Syrian hamsters. As the pets were detained, the team noticed that the wild mother hamster began to eat her litter. The reason? It is a horrifying aspect of the innocent pet’s nature. The baby hamsters that survived the mother were bred into the colony, and the rest is history! All domestic golden hamsters in the U.K. and the U.S. now descend from that one captured in 1930 by Israel Aharoni.

Hamster Day timeline

The Discovery

The existence of hamsters is recorded by scientists.

Analyze This

George Robert Waterhouse describes the Syrian hamster.

The Experiment

Hamsters begin to be used in labs for testing.

Run Along

Hamster racing starts in the U.K.

Hamster Day FAQs

Is it healthy to have a hamster?

Yes, it is. They make excellent pets since they do not require that much attention.

Is a hamster a rat?

Hamsters are not rats. There are many key differences between the two animals however, they both belong to the rodent family.

Do hamsters need baths?

Nope, they don’t. Since hamsters groom themselves often, it is not necessary to give them baths.

Hamster Day Activities

  1. Adopt a hamster

    What better way to celebrate Hamster Day than by adopting a hamster? Since the pet is easy to keep, you can give it to your child and teach him or her to raise a healthy pet.

  2. Take a trip to the zoo

    Do you want to see the different species of hamsters that exist? Arrange a trip to the zoo and take a look at the unique and different-sized hamsters that live in this world.

  3. Donate

    To celebrate the day and the love for hamsters, donate money to pet centers that are fostering hamsters. You can also donate an amount to organizations fighting for the rights of hamsters.

5 Interesting Facts About Hamsters

  1. Species of hamsters

    There are over 20 species of hamsters.

  2. The most popular pet hamster

    The Syrian hamster, also called the teddy hamster, is the most popular.

  3. Life in captivity

    Hamsters can live three to four years if they are well taken care of.

  4. The size of teddy hamsters

    They are only five to nine inches long.

  5. Hamsters in the wild

    Wild hamsters can eat lizards and frogs.

Why We Love Hamster Day

  1. It teaches about loving hamsters

    We love the day because it teaches youngsters and adults alike to love and care for hamsters as they are adorable innocent creatures. Creating empathy for animals is essential for a peaceful world.

  2. It educates people on how to raise hamsters

    The day educates people on how to raise hamsters, the diet that is required, and the exercise the pet needs to live a long and healthy life. The tips provided are especially useful for children.

  3. It creates awareness regarding the different species

    The day provides great details into the lives of hamsters. It also gives information regarding the different types of hamsters that exist around the world as well as their history.

Hamster Day dates

2024April 12Friday
2025April 12Saturday
2026April 12Sunday
2027April 12Monday
2028April 12Wednesday

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