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National Big Wind Day

Big Wind Day – April 12, 2025

Big Wind Day is observed each year in the United States on April 12. The day commemorates the recording of the highest natural wind gust measured on the Earth’s surface. It was on the afternoon of April 12, 1934, that winds blowing at 231 miles per hour were recorded by Mount Washington Observatory. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft. It is said to be the most notable mountain east of the Mississippi River. While it is difficult to say if the day will receive strong winds as it did in 1934, one can still expect that it will be windy on Mount Washington.

History of Big Wind Day

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft. The mountain is the most prominent in the east of the Mississippi River. It was from the Mount Washington Observatory where observers Wendell Stephenson, Alexander McKenzie, and Salvadore Pagliuca reported the record-breaking wind gusts in 1934. In 1984, the observers returned to the observatory to celebrate the event’s 50th anniversary!

The record of 231 miles per hour held for several decades. However, this record was broken in 1996. A typhoon struck a small island off of Australia with wind gusts of 256 mph. However, the reading from 1934 remains unchallenged in America.

National Big Wind Day or not, we all have to face the occasional windy day. Even without a hurricane or a tornado, it can get extremely windy. Windstorms display the power of nature – they can be dangerous, damaging, and sometimes even deadly. It can disrupt electricity and water supply, uproot trees, and even cause infrastructure damage. On the other hand, the wind is also our friend. It helps to keep us cool on a hot day. Wind also powers the sails of mighty ships. Wind-powered turbines are dotting the landscape globally. These turbines provide increasing amounts of clean electricity and help to build a sustainable future.

Big Wind Day timeline

Wind Power Generation

The first known U.S. wind turbine created for electricity generation is built.

Wind Power Plant

The first wind power plant is established in Denmark.

The Great Galveston Hurricane

The deadliest hurricane in American history is recorded.

William Kamkwamba

The Malawian inventor gains fame for using wind turbines to power the appliances at his home.

Big Wind Day FAQs

When was the windiest day?

On April 12, 1934, the staff of the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, recorded the highest surface wind ever measured on Earth. This big wind was officially recorded at 231 miles per hour. 

Where is the windiest place on Earth?

It is not just Antarctica’s temperatures that are so extreme. Wind speeds on the continent often exceed 100 mph each winter. 

What is the least windy state?

The top five least windy states are Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama.

How To Observe Big Wind Day

  1. Share your story

    Hold onto your hats and umbrellas while sharing your windy day stories on National Big Wind Day. Invite your friends and family to do the same.

  2. Visit an observatory

    Visit an observatory near you on National Big Wind Day to find out more about how they study atmosphere changes, weather, and wind changes.

  3. Advocate for green fuel

    Highlight the sustainability and efficacy of wind turbines and mills on National Big Wind Day. Speak to your counselor about how these can be used to generate power.

5 Facts About Wind Power That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Wind power has been around for centuries

    Windmills are often associated with Holland but date back as far as Ancient China in 2000 B.C.

  2. Wind turbines are complex

    A single wind turbine has around 8,000 different parts.

  3. It is becoming popular

    Wind energy is the fastest-growing renewable energy source in many countries.

  4. Wind technology is bird-friendly

    Wind farms have taller and slower-moving blades which are safer for birds.

  5. Hawaii has the world’s largest wind turbine

    It stands 20 stories tall and has blades the length of a football field.

Why Big Wind Day is Important

  1. It reminds us of the incredible powers of nature

    National Big Wind Day reminds us of the fury and incredible powers of nature. A strong gust of wind is powerful enough to remind us how inconsequential we are.

  2. It’s a reminder to be careful

    National Big Wind Day also reminds us to be careful while heading out on a windy day. Take stock of your hats, umbrellas, and raincoats.

  3. It gives us ideas for a green future

    When the winds are strong on National Big Wind Day, it gets us thinking of sustainable energy. Use the day to think about other green fuels and how to incorporate them into your life.

Big Wind Day dates

2025April 12Saturday
2026April 12Sunday
2027April 12Monday
2028April 12Wednesday
2029April 12Thursday

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