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ThuMar 21

National Healthy Fats Day – March 21, 2024

National Healthy Fats Day is celebrated on March 21 every year. Fats are often feared and misunderstood. The “Say No To Fats” narrative makes people steer clear of fats and drive right into an overindulgence of other foods such as sugar and carbs. The truth is that the body needs a little bit of everything in moderation — even fats.

History of National Healthy Fats Day

Fats have been around in some form for centuries. Fat is a nonvolatile plant or animal-based substance that is insoluble in water and feels oily or greasy when touched. Fats have been used by humans from prehistoric times for food as well as other functions such as equipment lubrication, and have always been a significant substance for mankind. Somewhere along the way, however, fats have come to be associated with excessive weight gain and health problems and society adopted a “fats are bad” approach. While fats consumed in excess are not the best for you, they are quite essential to be consumed in moderation.

Fats, along with carbohydrates and proteins, are one of the three major macronutrient groups in the human diet and are the primary components of typical foods such as milk, butter, and cooking oils. They are a rich and concentrated source of nutritional energy, and they play vital structural and metabolic roles in most living organisms, including energy storage, waterproofing, and thermal insulation. The human body can generate the fat it needs from other food elements, however, a few essential fatty acids must be included in the diet for complete nutritional fulfillment.

National Healthy Fats Day was created to raise awareness about the importance of fat in our diets and to provide a platform for dialogue of the facts and myths around it. National Healthy Fats Day is a great opportunity to learn more and spread awareness about healthy fats!

National Healthy Fats Day timeline

1400 B.C.
Fats are Versatile

Fats are used to make lubricant, greases, soaps, candles, and more.

The Science of Fats

French chemist Michel-Eugène Chevreul demonstrates the chemical nature of fats and oils

The Separation of Fats

Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès is awarded for creating a satisfactory butter substitution.

Late 19th Century
Veggie Oil Fats

Modern hydrogenation originates and the vegetable oil shortening industry is established.

National Healthy Fats Day FAQs

What are three types of healthy fats?

There are innumerable sources of healthy fats. Three, in particular, would be chia seeds, fatty fish, and nuts.

Can you eat as many healthy fats as you like?

No, as with everything else, balance here is key. Consuming too many healthy fats can result in excessive weight and fat mass gain.

How many eggs can you eat in a day?

Each body is different and so are its requirements. However, up to three whole eggs per day are supposed to be okay for an average person to consume.

How to Observe National Healthy Fats Day

  1. Learn about healthy fats

    Spend the day learning about the importance of fats and the various types of fats available. Learn what you require and how to incorporate it into your diet.

  2. Consume healthy fats

    There are plenty of sources of healthy fats. This National Healthy Fats Day, enjoy some healthy fats and maybe even come up with your own unique recipe using it.

  3. Explore healthy fats

    As we’ve learned, fats can be used for several non-food purposes as well. Try to find out some of these uses and give it a spin for yourself.

5 Sources Of Healthy Fats

  1. Avocado

    Avocados are roughly 80% fat and are high in fiber which is great for weight management and heart health.

  2. Cheese

    Cheese is high in fat, loaded with calcium, and contains a high amount of protein as well.

  3. Dark chocolate

    Dark chocolate contains about 65 % fat and is a delicious digestive dessert.

  4. Nuts

    Like avos, nuts are high in fat and fiber and are a great plant-based source of protein.

  5. Full-fat yogurt

    Not only is this high in fat and nutritious, but it also contains probiotic properties.

Why National Healthy Fats Day is Important

  1. It encourages us to learn more

    There are many myths that are endlessly passed down to generations. A day like this encourages us to conduct our own research and form opinions based on facts instead of just word of mouth.

  2. It directs our attention to our diet

    In the midst of life's chaos, it can be challenging to take a minute and really think about what we’re putting in our bodies. Food is fuel and it deserves proper attention and care in order to look after ourselves.

  3. It highlights the importance of fats

    Thinking that any and all fats are bad creates a highly restrictive environment and mindset. This day reminds us that balance is important and you should enjoy that cheese slice guilt-free.

National Healthy Fats Day dates

2024March 21Thursday
2025March 21Friday
2026March 21Saturday
2027March 21Sunday
2028March 21Tuesday

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