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FriMar 21

Spring Fairy Fun Day – March 21, 2025

Spring Fairy Fun Day is celebrated on March 21. When a holiday has fairies and spring involved, you know the day is happiness guaranteed. Today celebrates the lightness of spring and its mythical fairies. The idea is to sprinkle a bit of magic wherever you go — become the fairy that you or everyone else needs. Put on a flowy dress. Lie on the grass. Gift flowers to all your friends. Play some favorite records and dance, even if it’s in your living room. The essence of springtime is good vibes, so indulge in whatever brings your soul joy.

History of Spring Fairy Fun Day

We don’t know who founded Spring Fairy Fun Day. Our research says the day is a celebration of all things spring-related. The magic of nature inspires many poets, storytellers, and bards. Different seasons can evoke an equally different range of emotions. Springtime, in particular, is always beautiful! When the world wakes up from winter slumber to new life. There’s hope and renewed energy in the air — a buzz of activity and adrenaline. Each flower, bud, and blade of grass symbolizes exciting possibilities.

How did fairies come into the picture? Good question. Just as animals, birds, and humans welcome the arrival of spring, the fairy folk are supposedly celebrating too. According to legend, the spring fairy heralds the arrival of spring and the end of winter. She’s the first of the seasonal fairies to arrive in the forest. As the spring fairy flies past, trees and flowers swing in happiness — shaking off any remnants of snow. A band of merry spring animals follows the pixie through the woods. They’re bleary-eyed from winter slumber, but happy to be finally awake.

Whether you believe in fairies or not, there’s no denying the magic of spring – a season of new beginnings and lightness. Channel your innerspring fairy today. Sprinkle some magic everywhere. Paint, draw, or create a work of art. Fill empty nooks in the house with flowers. Start a project you’ve always dreamt of doing — perhaps a class, a new job, or an adventure overseas. There’s no specific way to celebrate the day except by bringing joy to yourself and others around you.

Spring Fairy Fun Day timeline

Tens of Thousands of Years Ago
Rain Dances to Welcome Spring

Native American tribes perform rain dance ceremonies in spring after planting.

1470 — 1480
The Most Celebrated Painting of Spring

Sandro Botticelli completes the ‘Primavera,’ a controversial painting of unrelated mythology figures in a garden.

A Cheesy Ritual Begins

In Gloucester, England people celebrate spring by chasing a giant roll of cheese hurtling downhill.

Spring Revelries in Thailand

Thailand starts the Songkran Water Festival to welcome spring through purification and good fortune.

Spring Fairy Fun Day FAQs

Which Day is Fairy Day?

June 24 is Fairy Day. A day to indulge in fantasy and celebrate the allure of fairies.

What is Black Fae Day?

Black Fae Day is celebrated on May 8 to bring magic enthusiasts together. Today is dedicated to sprites, fairies, and frolicking in nature.

Is a fairy a mythical creature?

A fairy is a mythical creature of folklore with magical powers. Fairies live among humans, usually residing in forests, water bodies, and other spaces in nature.

Spring Fairy Fun Day Activities

  1. Write letters from the Spring Fairy

    Bring some extra sparkle to your family’s day. Buy flowers or presents for the kids with a lovely note from the Spring Fairy.

  2. Plant flowers

    Welcome spring with a garden of your own. Add fairy figurines among the flowers to double the enchantment.

  3. Read fairy tales

    Elevate bedtime stories by reading fairy tales with the kids. Choose from magical pixie stories around the world.

5 Facts About Spring That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Not a season for love

    Studies show that most couples break up in the spring or two weeks before Christmas.

  2. Groundhogs and spring

    According to Celtic myth, spring will arrive early if a groundhog doesn’t see its shadow after emerging from its burrow.

  3. Birdsong reaches high decibels

    Birds are more vocal during spring to attract potential mates and intimidate rivals.

  4. Allergy season

    Roughly 17 million doctor visits in the spring are allergy-related.

  5. Different shades of spring

    Springtime in the Southern Hemisphere starts in August and ends in October.

Why We Love Spring Fairy Fun Day

  1. A little whimsy

    Spring Fairy Fun Day indulges our romantic, whimsical side. It’s a day to be footloose and fancy-free.

  2. It celebrates spring

    It’s hard to remain unaffected by the colors and energy of spring. Today is another excuse to fall in love with the season.

  3. The energy we need after winter

    Today is all about warmth, sunshine, and a riot of colors. Spring Fairy Fun Day is just what the doctor ordered.

Spring Fairy Fun Day dates

2025March 21Friday
2026March 21Saturday
2027March 21Sunday
2028March 21Tuesday
2029March 21Wednesday

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