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Vermouth Day – March 21, 2025

Vermouth Day is celebrated every year on March 21. Vermouth is one of the most well-known ingredients in cocktails. It’s an aromatized, fortified wine that’s utilized in a lot more ways than you’d think. Most people, however, are familiar with it as a crucial ingredient in familiar cocktails like Manhattans, martinis, and negronis. Today, we celebrate vermouth for its uses and the spice it adds to life.

History of Vermouth Day

This day is a time to celebrate the delicious drink that has won many hearts throughout the cocktail renaissance and remains a back bar favorite. Giancarlo Mancino initiated Vermouth Day as an opportunity for people around the globe to enjoy, celebrate, and discover this drink and its rich history.

The word ‘vermouth’ has an interesting past. It derives from the German translation of wormwood (‘wermut’) since the earliest recipe included the herb as a key ingredient. Wormwood was often classified as a prohibited ingredient during its history. Its formula has since been altered, but the name stuck. The herb remains a key ingredient in several well-known spirits, such as absinthe and vermouth.

Historians link the practice of infusing white wine fortified with herbal ingredients such as wormwood back to ancient Greece, from around 400 B.C. For years, vermouth became popular, mainly in Europe (Italy, France, and Germany), and became a staple drink. It was adapted as medicinal liquor and used to treat several ailments. Wormwood was considered by some to have medicinal properties and an effective remedy for certain digestive ailments.

The invention of the cocktail sometime in the 1800s brought about an interesting development for vermouth. As bartenders discovered its versatility, they began to experiment with it. Perhaps the most famous adaptation is its inclusion in the martini, a cocktail even more renowned for its demand in popular culture.

The medical applications of the drink would later fall out of favor; however, the popularity of the drink was not affected. Two variations were soon developed as its use as an aperitif gained prominence. A paler, dryer, sour alternative was created to rival the sweet variant. Both types have become popular over time.

Vermouth Day timeline

The Cinzano Family Starts Production

The Cinzano family starts production of their signature Bianco product (pale, sweet vermouth) in Turin.

Noilly Prat is Founded

Noilly Prat, renowned for its pale, dry vermouth, is established by Joseph Noilly in southern France.

Martini & Rossi Opens for Business

Martini & Rossi, the leading international vermouth brand, is established in Turin.

Cocktails Increase Vermouth’s Popularity

Vermouth gains popularity with its use in cocktails such as the martini.

Vermouth Day FAQs

How do Europeans drink vermouth?

The Italians, French, and Spanish drink vermouth (with a lemon twist for white vermouth and orange for red vermouth) on the rocks as an aperitif.

Is Aperol vermouth?

Aperol is an Italian aperitif. This term refers to beverages such as vermouth, cocktails, champagne, or beer consumed before dinner to prepare the palate for the meal.

What is an extra dirty martini?

Extra dirty martinis contain more olive juice than regular ones. The olives can be speared on sticks or scattered into the martini.

Vermouth Day Activities

  1. Try the amazing drink

    If you’re fortunate enough not to have tasted vermouth, then you’re in for a treat. Look up some of its culinary applications or order a cocktail with vermouth and enjoy the tipple of a lifetime.

  2. Learn how to make cocktails

    Vermouth Day is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your mixing skills. Learn how to make cocktails and don’t forget to spice them up with vermouth.

  3. Have a vermouth party

    Invite friends and family over to share drinks and food. You can even host a competition to see who can make the best cocktails.

5 Facts About Vermouth That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. There is a vermouth museum

    There is a vermouth museum with a range of vermouth in Reus, Spain called the Museu del Vermut.

  2. That’s a lot of herbs

    Chambéry, France, is well-known for its clean, floral, light, Alpine-style vermouth, made with over 30 locally-sourced herbs.

  3. Vermont doesn't keep

    Vermouth has a shelf life of only a few weeks.

  4. Spice up your meals

    As a result of vermouth’s high spice, herb, root, flower, and botanical content, it can be used as a liquid spice.

  5. Closely guarded secrets

    Each producer has their own closely-guarded vermouth recipe.

Why We Love Vermouth Day

  1. It is versatile

    The versatility of vermouth is one of its best attributes. It is an ingredient in several famous cocktails and dry vermouth can be used to marinate meats and sauce fish dishes.

  2. It has health benefits

    Besides the thrill of consuming the tasteful drink, vermouth also offers some health benefits. It acts as an excellent digestive aid and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  3. It’s a great alternative to white wine

    Dry vermouth is an excellent alternative to white wine in most recipes. It has more flavor and aroma, adding richer quality to your dishes.

Vermouth Day dates

2025March 21Friday
2026March 21Saturday
2027March 21Sunday
2028March 21Tuesday
2029March 21Wednesday

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