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FriMar 21

National Beverly Day – March 21, 2025

National Beverly Day is celebrated every year on March 21 around the world. Beverly is a name that in today’s time has lost some of its popularity. A name that was initially used as a surname, but over time, it evolved into a first name too. The name itself comes from the Old English language and is a combination of two terms: ‘befer,’ which means ‘beaver,’ and ‘leah,’ which means ‘clearing.’ In a literal translation, the name means “beaver clearing.” However, the Old English language is more nuanced than that, and the name is rather indicative of a beaver stream or meadow. A beaver meadow is a meadow that grows on top of an abandoned beaver pond. It symbolizes rejuvenation and nature’s beautiful balance.

History of National Beverly Day

The history of the name Beverly is, for the most part, unknown. It appears to have been a widely used family name and originated in England during the Anglo-Saxon Period in the 5th century. As a family name, it persists to this day, but when it made its transition as a first name, it was solely given to males. For centuries, the name Beverly was masculine, and it wasn’t until the 1800s that the name started to be used for females.

The popularity and growth of the name Beverly, at least in the U.S., can largely be attributed to one man, George Barr McCutcheon. In 1904, he published a novel titled “Beverly of Graustark,” a sequel to what became a popular series. In 1905, the first instance of a child and in this case, a female, being given the name Beverly was recorded. As far as names go, although Beverly has survived for centuries, in its current form as a woman’s name, it is still quite a new name. In 1914, Burton Green bought the land outside of West Hollywood and named it Beverly Hills, not after a woman, but after a farm he had fond memories of as a child, Beverly Fields in Massachusetts. The farm, Beverly Fields, was in turn named after the town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, England.

The name Beverly has been with us for centuries, and as we see more and more women carrying the name, we can be certain that their name and their actions will make a difference. Celebrate your name day. It’s National Beverly Day, and you deserve to partake in the festivities.

National Beverly Day timeline

The First Governor of Virginia

After the American War of Independence, Beverley Randolph, who serves in the war, is named the first Governor of Virginia under a new constitution.

Beverly Cleary

One of America’s greatest children’s book authors sells over 91 million copies of her books.

Beverly Watkins

Watkins redefines what it means to be a blues guitarist, and stories of his contribution to the blues are still being heard today.

Beverly Johnson

Johnson makes headlines around the world when she becomes the first African American woman to appear on the cover of “Vogue.”

National Beverly Day FAQs

Is it Beverly or Beverley?

Either spelling of the name is correct. There is no one true source of the name, and as such, variations do appear.

Why does Beverly mean beaver meadow?

The name comes from the Old English language, and while it seems like a fairly arbitrary name, a beaver meadow is a beautiful occurrence in nature. The ground is extremely fertile and shows just how interconnected ecosystems are.

Can I call my son Beverly?

Despite the name taking on a more popular role in female names, it is traditionally a masculine name, but the choice is entirely yours.

National Beverly Day Activities

  1. Go and spend some time in nature

    The natural clearing created by beavers and the picturesque scenery around it is just so inspiring, and with that in mind, take a load off and go find yourself a bit of earth to relax on. It’s time to take your shoes off and get your toes dirty.

  2. Visit Beverly Hills

    This may not be possible for all of you, and while Beverly Hills is no longer the superstar hometown that it used to be, it is still an amazing experience, from Rodeo Drive to the cars that roam the streets, not to mention the chances of spotting a real Hollywood actor.

  3. Find yourself a Bevy of Beverlys

    For such a relatively new name for women, you should connect with others out there. Give them a reason to celebrate your shared name and to find some common ground with one another.

5 Facts About Beverly Hills That You Should Know

  1. They have a cupcake A.T.M.

    Sprinkles Cupcakes has an automated cupcake dispenser that functions just like an A.T.M. where you can put your card in the machine and withdraw cupcakes.

  2. A dedicated police force

    The Beverly Hills Police Department can respond to a call in less than three minutes.

  3. A city of the future

    Before being incorporated into the sprawling metro that is Los Angeles, Beverly Hills was its own separate city where it banned horses, powerline and telephone wires, billboards, cemeteries, and hospitals in its early years.

  4. A high cost of living

    The average home in Beverly Hills costs $4,088,577, but the cost of living in Beverly Hills is 163% higher than the U.S. average, which means that owning a home there is just the start of your financial commitment.

  5. Valet service at the local post office

    The Beverly Hills Post Office has a valet service that's offered to citizens of its community, but don't forget to leave a tip.

Why We Love National Beverly Day

  1. It's National Beverly Day

    What’s more to love about the day than the fact that it celebrates Beverlys around the world? It's a great day to say, “Well done, you matter to us, Beverly!” We applaud any day that gives others a sense of affirmation.

  2. It's our connection to a very old world

    We find it amazing that two words from an extinct (well, partially extinct) language have made it into the 21st century. The name Beverly is not just a first name, it can be a beautiful middle name too, which can be used to honor grandmothers or great-grandmothers.

  3. We just love the name

    We’ve emphasized it already, but the connection with nature that the name Beverly holds is just wonderful and almost poetic. While people will continue to consider it arbitrary or strange, it is sincerely one of nature's little gifts, the Beaver Meadow.

National Beverly Day dates

2025March 21Friday
2026March 21Saturday
2027March 21Sunday
2028March 21Tuesday
2029March 21Wednesday

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