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SatMar 15

Play the Recorder Day – March 15, 2025

Play The Recorder Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in March every year and this year, it falls on March 15. It is a day set aside to appreciate the musical instrument known as the recorder, its origins, and its contribution to music. Play The Recorder Day is typically characterized by a special presentation from the American Recorder Society as well as individuals who play the instrument. The recorder is a type of flute which is relatively easier to play than its more widely used counterpart and is a common feature in music classes for young children.

History of Play the Recorder Day

The recorder is part of a family of woodwind musical instruments known in music as internal duct flutes. It is distinguishable from others in its family simply by a thumb-hole (on the upper end of the flute) and seven finger holes. Recorders usually come in a variety of sizes of which the most commonly used today are the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. By tradition, recorders were made from either wood or ivory, however, in modern times, these instruments are made of various materials such as boxwood; or molded plastic for beginners and students.

The first documentation of the recorder in Europe dates back to the Middle Ages, and it was widely popular during the iconic Renaissance and Baroque periods. The recorder resurfaced in the 1900s as part of the historically informed performance movement and became a common instrument for amateur flutists. Although there is a considerable number of professional recorder players who can deliver the instrument’s full solo range, the vast majority are amateurs.

The recorder produces a sweet sound that also comes with a touch of clarity and the sound has been historically associated with birds as well as shepherds. The recorder enjoys notoriety for its ability to produce a wide variety of articulations. This ability, in addition to the feature of open-finger holes, is the attribute of the instrument which allows it to produce a wide variety of tones and special sound effects. The recorder has a relatively pure sound, and the sound quality and production of the recorder can be manipulated from the edge by simply making certain adjustments.

Play the Recorder Day timeline

Earliest Use of the Recorder

The earliest use of the recorder is found in the household accounts of Henry IV.

Baroque Recorder is Invented

The Baroque recorder, which succeeds the Renaissance recorder, is invented.

American Recorder Society is Established

The national body of recorder players, the American Recorder Society, is established.

Recorders are Introduced to Public Schools

German composer, Carl Orff introduces the recorder to American public schools.

Play the Recorder Day FAQs

When is Play The Recorder Day this year?

Play The Recorder Day is a holiday celebrated on the third Saturday of March every year.

Who originated Play The Recorder Day?

The holiday was created in 1992 by the American Recorder Society, with the inaugural event being held on 28 March the same year.

Is it hard to play the recorder?

This would typically depend on one’s definition of “hard.” Most musical instruments require a great deal of effort to learn, and the recorder is not left out. However, with dedication and constant practice, it becomes easier along the way.

Play the Recorder Day Activities

  1. Listen to some recorder music

    One of the best ways to celebrate this holiday is to listen to some music played on a recorder. Go ahead, discover some today!

  2. Play the recorder

    A good number of people can play the recorder, even if it’s at an amateur level. In celebration of Play the Recorder Day, you can simply just…play the recorder!

  3. Use the #PlayTheRecorderDay hashtag on social media

    Take pictures, and other media relating to recorders and share them across your social media using the #PlayTheRecorderDay hashtag. Start a conversation!

5 Interesting Facts About Recorders

  1. It dates back to the Middle Ages

    The existence and use of recorders date back as far as the Middle Ages.

  2. King Henry VIII collected recorders

    King Henry VIII was very fascinated by the instrument, and he was a collector.

  3. It was featured in Hamlet

    William Shakespeare’s classic “Hamlet,” featured recorders in its original performances.

  4. There are various sizes

    The recorder comes in different sizes according to the range namely; soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

  5. More amateurs than professionals

    There are more amateur recorder players than there are professionals.

Why We Love Play the Recorder Day

  1. It is good for brain development

    The skills and steps involved in learning to play the recorder help children’s brains develop faster. We love this!

  2. It helps improve attention spans

    The amount of concentration and focus required to play the recorder helps to improve the learner’s attention span. If you struggle with this, take up the recorder!

  3. It helps improve motor skills

    The process of learning to play the recorder greatly improves the motor skills of the learner. This is certainly a reason to celebrate!

Play the Recorder Day dates

2022March 19Saturday
2023March 18Saturday
2024March 16Saturday
2025March 15Saturday
2026March 21Saturday

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