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Education Freedom Day – March 21, 2025

Education Freedom Day is on March 21 every year. While most of us take learning and education for granted, it’s a privilege many around the world can’t afford, for various reasons: geography, money, personal setbacks, or disabilities. Solutions lie in the unlikeliest spaces, and technology has been that disruptive force over the years. On Education Freedom Day, the world recommits to the purpose of making learning accessible for everyone through free software and educational resources.

Education Freedom Day Resources

For those seeking access to higher education, here are some information resources that can help you try to reduce the cost and make education more accessible.

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  5. FAFSA Income limites

History of Education Freedom Day

Education Freedom Day is a global celebration with one mission – ensuring access to free, open-source education resources through technology. The day was founded by the Digital Freedom Foundation (D.F.F.), a non-profit organization that educates the general public on the benefits of free software and open-source educational resources. The organization is also the architect behind several other international days such as Hardware Freedom Day, Software Freedom Day, and Document Freedom Day.

Technology is an incredible enabler, especially when the dream is quality education for all. Nothing can function without technology in today’s world. So, it’s time to leverage it instead of fighting it. Education Freedom Day envisions a world where everyone can learn on a playing field level, regardless of who or where we are in the world.

Education and the desire for it cut across age groups, too. Learning is a lifelong process — from children with special needs, adults looking to upskill, to anyone else curious and eager to learn. Education through technology serves every person’s needs.

The D.F.F. provides computers with free content, curriculum, and software that cater to all learners. What’s great is that content is freely available, with solutions that anyone, anywhere in the world can adapt to their own needs.

Through Education Freedom Day and its other international days, the D.F.F. hopes to spread the movement’s message around the world. On this day, local communities encourage children or adults to utilize the benefits of free software and resources.

The D.F.F. organizes Education Freedom Day at an international level each year through giveaways, support, and defining a unified effort. The movement is made possible by a global team of volunteers who organize events at local levels contextual to their communities.

Education Freedom Day timeline

A New Wave of Learning

Radio programs feature on-air classes so students anywhere can tune in and learn.

The First Computer Training Program

The University of Illinois introduces PLATO — the first learning program for university students.

The Internet Arrives

The internet is open for commercial uses and revolutionizes research, study, and communication methods.

Computers Everywhere

97% of classrooms in the U.S. have at least one or more computers.

Education Freedom Day FAQs

What and when is International Education Day?

International Education Day falls on January 24 every year. The United Nations General Assembly established the day to recognize education as a human right and its role in peace and development.

What can we do on International Education Day?

Encourage your students to participate in events across the country. From debates and essay writing to quizzes – there’s something for every child.

Why is education important?

Well-educated individuals increase their career prospects. Education opens doors. It helps you make better choices and ensures a good quality of life.

Education Freedom Day Activities

  1. Talk about it

    Leverage technology by sharing information on Education Freedom Day through social media. We never know who may benefit from the information.

  2. Sign up for a course

    Intrigued by coding? Keen on graphic design? Take the first step today and sign up for an online course.

  3. Share or read e-books

    Thrift your way online with the best e-books. We recommend Google eBookstore, Project Gutenberg, Open Library, and Book Boon.

5 Facts About E-learning That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. More efficient

    Virtual training takes up to 60% less time to complete compared to in-class sessions.

  2. They’re eco-friendly

    E-learning courses save 90% of energy since they don’t require documentation or travel.

  3. Productivity increases

    Learners who use smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets are more productive.

  4. Inclusive learning

    Most people above the age of 30 and students with disabilities have earned degrees entirely through online learning.

  5. The preferred choice

    61.9% of academic leaders consider online learning crucial to long-term growth and strategy.

Why We Love Education Freedom Day

  1. Learning for everyone

    We celebrate efforts that aim to build a more inclusive world. Education Freedom Day is a positive step towards that goal.

  2. No excuses

    Learning is always within our reach. All it takes is will and determination. Everything else is an excuse.

  3. Tech for good

    Today’s a reminder to appreciate technology instead of railing against it. In the right hands, tech can make the world a better place.

Education Freedom Day dates

2025March 21Friday
2026March 21Saturday
2027March 21Sunday
2028March 21Tuesday
2029March 21Wednesday

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