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WedFeb 5

National Fart Day – February 5, 2025

National Fart Day on February 5 is a comical holiday celebrated for humorous purposes. There are many similar holidays in the U.S., one on January 7 specifically known as National Pass Gas Day, and others on February 5, March 5, and July 31, including Fart Out Loud Day. Farting is generally considered inappropriate and a violation of the concept of etiquette, but did you know that farting has led to full-on fights and battles in history?

History of National Fart Day

For centuries, before etiquette was established, farting was considered normal. Cultures differ across countries, and every nation has its set of norms and traditions, but somehow, a globalized system of etiquette was created with which everyone is familiar. Farting, or the proper term ‘flatulence,’ is one such example.

The Greek historian Herodotus revealed that one man’s fart led to the downfall of King Apries of Egypt in 569 B.C. When a mutiny arose within his army, Apries sent General Amasis to quell it. Instead, the rebels crowned Amasis king, causing Apries to send his advisor, Patarbemis, next. Amasis’ response was a fart which he told Patarbemis to deliver to Apries. More than a little offended upon receiving this news, Apries ordered Patarbemis’ nose and ears to be chopped off, the final straw that pushed the masses to dethrone him in a mob, reinforcing Amasis’ reign.

Talking about farts leading to major conflicts, according to “The Jewish War” written by Josephus, during a Passover celebration in 44 B.C., a Roman soldier exposed his naked backside, farted, and spoke some inappropriate words to a group of Jews, who reacted by stoning all the soldiers in sight. The soldiers called back up, and before long, a riot had broken, leading to the death of 10,000 people, mostly Jews.

Member of British Parliament Henry Ludlow farted during a debate in 1607, and this event has become part of folklore, inspiring poetry such as “The Censure of the Parliament Fart.” In 1781, Benjamin Franklin wrote “Fart Proudly,” an essay he only ever shared with his friends, including chemist Joseph Priestley, challenging them to invent a potion for good-smelling farts. A particularly hilarious excerpt reads: “…A few stems of asparagus eaten, shall give our urine a disagreeable odor; and a pill of turpentine no bigger than a pea, shall bestow on it the pleasing Smell of Violets. And why should it be thought more impossible, to find means of making a perfume of our wind than of our water?” In the late 1800s, when professional farter Joseph Pujol found out he could inhale air through his rectum and exhale it like a burp, he converted it into entertainment, touring the world to showcase his backside — blowing out candles, playing the flute, smoking cigarettes. Going by ‘Le Petomane,’ he even outsold Sarah Bernhardt, a famous actress of that time, and was the highest-paid entertainer at the Moulin Rouge.

Farting could even have played a part in an event as historical as World War II! Medical reports reveal that Adolf Hitler suffered from uncontrollable farting and cramps caused by his long-term vegetarianism. In 1936, Berlin doctor Theodor Morell prescribed Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas pills, containing poisons Strychnine and Atropine in small amounts. These poisons could cause edginess, insomnia, and emotional dysfunction. By 1941, Hitler was reportedly taking about 150 pills a week. The adverse side effects of this drug weren’t discovered until six months before his suicide in 1945.

Meanwhile, Bernard Clemmens of London holds the Guinness World Record for the longest butt burp at two minutes, 42 seconds. We simply love fun and quirky holidays. National Fart Day has been observed on February 5 since 2008, as the day to stop suppressing accumulated gas and just relax. It is amazing how farting has so many different holidays dedicated to it. It must mean that the average human secretly craves the freedom to fart as they please despite the established social rules. It is actually unhealthy to hold back a fart because it leads to severe discomfort and pressure in the intestines that can trigger abdominal distension. So release that fart today.

National Fart Day timeline

569 B.C.
The Fart of War

Farting sparks a revolt against King Apries of Egypt.

1900 B.C.
Fart Out Loud Jokes

In Ancient Mesopotamia, the world's oldest joke is made about farting.

Fart Stories

In one of the stories of the giants Gargantua and Pantagruel, a giant farts so powerfully that it results in the creation of tiny people.

February 5, 2008
National Fart Day

The global observance of National Fart Day is held for the first time.

National Fart Day FAQs

Is it normal to fart 200 times a day?

Farting every day is normal, but farting all the time is not. If you are prone to excessive farting, it can make you and others around you uncomfortable. Plus, it may be a sign of an underlying health problem.

How many times does a woman fart a day?

All humans produce between one to three pints of gas daily and pass wind between 14 to 24 times.

Do boys fart more than girls?

There is no significant difference between the frequency of farting in either sex.

National Fart Day Activities

  1. Let one rip

    Today, you are free to fart and be unapologetic about it. Depending on how potent your farts are, you may want to warn others beforehand though.

  2. Play a gag

    Fart gags and jokes will never get old. Do the classic whoopie cushion joke on an unsuspecting target, or make jokes and punchlines about farting.

  3. Analyze your digestion

    On a serious note, National Fart Day is a good opportunity to learn about your digestion. Discover how healthy your farting is or if it is signifying an underlying problem.

5 Facts About Farting That Are A Breath Of Fresh Air

  1. The medical term

    The medical term for a fart is ‘flatus.’

  2. You can’t hold it back

    It is simply impossible to entirely suppress a fart.

  3. Shakespeare appreciated fart jokes

    Ironically, the great writer himself loved the simplest of jokes.

  4. Farts in the Canadian parliament

    In 2016, the Canadian parliament argued about the crudeness of using the word ‘fart’ on the chamber floor.

  5. Fart is art

    Farting has evolved into performance art that is greatly sought after by enthusiasts.

Why We Love National Fart Day

  1. Farting is completely normal

    If you’ve ever encountered someone who swears they don’t fart, they’re lying! Everyone farts, and it is completely normal.

  2. It is a sign of health

    Farts are unpleasant but are an indicator of your digestive health. Even the worst occurrences can have a silver lining!

  3. Fart has history

    It has been the cause of brawls as much as it has been a source of entertainment. Just when you think farting cannot get more ridiculous, you learn it has a great history.

National Fart Day dates

2025February 5Wednesday
2026February 5Thursday
2027February 5Friday
2028February 5Saturday
2029February 5Monday

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