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WedFeb 5

World Animal Reiki Day – February 5, 2025

World Animal Reiki Day is observed every year on February 5 around the globe. The goal of this day is to increase awareness of the healing effects of Reiki for animals all across the world, as well as to respect all animals as spiritual teachers. In honor of World Animal Reiki Day, animal shelters, sanctuaries, other animal welfare organizations, veterinary clinics, animal groups, animal-related businesses, and individuals who care about animals are encouraged to host Reiki events.

History of World Animal Reiki Day

Reiki can be traced back to Mikao Usui’s teachings in Japan in the early 1920s. Usui was a lay monk with a wife and two children who had been a lifelong spiritual seeker. Various Buddhist, Taoist, and Shinto traditions coexisted as significant elements in Japanese spirituality and culture during Usui’s period. Usui’s strong spiritual efforts culminated in a stunning insight that gave birth to the Reiki technique in 1922.

Chujiro Hayashi, one of his master students, collaborated with Usui to collect healing techniques from Usui’s greater body of teachings to make them more publicly available. Reiki practices were passed down through generations and made their way around the globe. Reiki has grown in popularity and is now practiced all around the world today.

A modern-day version of Reiki is an energy healing practice in which a Reiki master guides the passage of healthy energy (also known as “life force energy”) through the body to relieve stress and promote healing. Reiki is a type of supplementary medicine that has been shown to aid with stress management and the management of some chronic diseases.

The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) organizes World Animal Reiki Day to bring the therapeutic benefits of Reiki meditation to rescued animals and their caregivers all around the world. World Animal Reiki Day is celebrated on this day in particular because Dakota, SARA President Kathleen Prasad’s first Animal Reiki teacher, was born on February 5. Dakota, an Australian shepherd mix, was rescued as a puppy from Sacramento Animal Control and has spent the past sixteen years by Kathleen’s side. Dakota prompted Kathleen to start the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, in addition to awakening Kathleen to the advantages of Reiki for animals (SARA).

World Animal Reiki Day spreads awareness about these benefits and encourages the masses to explore the world of animal Reiki.

World Animal Reiki Day timeline

Usui’s Teaching Emerges

Mikao Usui begins his teachings in Japan.

Reiki is Born

Usui realizes the technique of Reiki.

Reiki Reaches America

Hawayo Takata, a first-generation Japanese-American, brings Reiki to Hawaii and the U.S. mainland.

Masters Take Over

After Takata’s passing, 22 Reiki masters take over and help spread Reiki teachings.

World Animal Reiki Day FAQs

Why should one choose animal reiki?

Animal reiki has innumerable benefits in terms of the holistic well-being of animals and their caregivers. It is a healing practice that has wonderful effects.

Is animal reiki painful?

No, animal reiki does not cause any harm to the animals. They merely enter a state of utter relaxation and may fall asleep during or after the procedure.

How do I find an animal reiki practitioner?

You can refer to the Animal Reiki Practitioners Directory or get referrals from friends, family, and vets.

How to Observe World Animal Reiki Day

  1. Dedicate the day to animal Reiki

    Take this day and immerse yourself in the world of animal Reiki. Celebrate by lighting a candle and keeping in mind the animals that have been your healers and teachers in the past and present. Dedicate your meditation on this day to the same.

  2. Help spread the word

    There is still much awareness to be spread about animal Reiki and its benefits. Help organize an event at your local animal shelter, pet store, or community hall for the same. You could invite a speaker well versed in the field to educate the community.

  3. Participate in animal Reiki

    If you have your own pets or have access to an animal shelter or local sanctuary, take the day to share Reiki with the animals there. It is something that one must experience to truly understand its power and effects.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Reiki

  1. It’s for everyone

    Reiki can be given to people, plants, animals, food, and water.

  2. It can travel

    Reiki can be sent to any extent of distance in the world.

  3. It’s used for sports

    Professional sports teams employ Reiki practitioners for their athletes and to increase their performance.

  4. It’s pseudoscience

    Reiki is a healing science that can’t be seen or proven to the naked eye and is hence deemed a pseudoscience.

  5. It’s never-ending

    There is unlimited Reiki available in the Cosmos and there is enough to go around for everyone.

Why World Animal Reiki Day is Important

  1. It relieves anxiety

    The relaxed environment established by a Reiki practitioner's meditation enables the animal to join in. As a result, Reiki can be an effective stress reliever for pets in high-anxiety situations, such as in a shelter or even at home with a new infant.

  2. Helpful for recovery

    Reiki works by inducing or establishing the level of relaxation that we require to heal ourselves. With the help of Reiki, animals who have been sick for a long time have improved more swiftly or healed more quickly following surgery.

  3. Establishes a stronger connection

    Reiki can help to enhance the bond between humans and their pets. Animals teach us and share more with us than we do with them. They are spiritual beings with a keen sense of intuition. Reiki can be a great method to connect with your pet, especially if you've rescued a new pet who has experienced trauma in the past or observed substantial changes in your pet's behavior but no outward signs of sickness.

World Animal Reiki Day dates

2025February 5Wednesday
2026February 5Thursday
2027February 5Friday
2028February 5Saturday
2029February 5Monday

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