National Shower with a Friend Day 2018 – February 5

Winters can get cold and lonely so it’s great that a holiday like National Shower with a Friend Day came along. This day started when the Denver-based company, New Wave Enviro, encouraged people to take showers using its all-new shower filter. Their reasoning? “Your body absorbs more chlorine through the skin and lungs while showering than while drinking tap water.” Hmmm. We’ll take their word for it. In any event, on February 5, you are free to celebrate however you (and a friend) would like. Keep it safe — and have fun!

National Shower with a Friend Day - History

Showers went digital

UK company Aqualisa invented digital showers that were very popular as everything was going high tech!

The longest shower

The world record for the longest shower is 341 hours.

A new (shower) age

Free-standing showers that connected to running water sources were invented.

The first shower patent

William Feetham's invention used a pump to force the water into a vessel above the user's head. You would then pull a chain to release the water.

National Shower with a Friend Day Activities

1. Shower with a friend
And maybe they'll be your date for Valentine's Day that's just around the corner.

2. Follow the memes and videos online
"Shower With a Friend" memes and videos are hilarious every year.

3. Use the hashtag #showerwithafriendday
Have something to share? Don't forget the hashtag.

5 Fresh Facts About Showers

1. How hot is your shower?

The average shower temperature is 108°F.

2. The truth about long showers

During a five-minute shower, we use 20 gallons of water! So avoid taking long showers, if possible.

3. Not all shower rooms are built equal

The world record for the most people showering at once is 152.

4. Shower thoughts

Studies show that some women think of things they need to get done — and worry — when they are in the shower.

Why We Love National Shower with a Friend Day

A. So many options
Not every holiday leaves you so much room to put your own personal spin on it.

B. No gift required
It's Valentine's Day — without the pressure. You can make up your own rules for this one.

C. It saves water
Think about all those people in some countries that walk miles to get water. And this holiday suddenly takes on a new dimension.

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