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WedFeb 5

National Pork Rind Day – February 5, 2025

National Pork Rind Day takes place on February 5 each year. The day celebrates one of America’s favorite dishes, the fried edible skin of the pig. Pork rinds are usually bought from the market and are very rarely made at home. Many brands make these high-protein, no-carb, gluten-free, crunchy snacks. Pork rinds are usually lightly seasoned with salt. Those on a diet turn to pork rinds to satisfy their cravings, especially for chips and other deep-fried snacks. Pork rinds are also available in a variety of flavors such as barbecue, spice, cinnamon, salt, and vinegar. You will also find crushed pork rinds in many recipes.

History of National Pork Rind Day

Pork rinds are crispy snacks made by deep-frying pieces of pigskin. Pork rinds are made by cutting pigskin into squares and boiling them in water for about an hour. The skins are then drained and chilled for a few hours to solidify the fat. Once the process is done, the fat is scraped off the skins. It is then dehydrated in an oven at a low temperature for about ten hours.
After the fat has been removed during this process, the pork rinds are then deep-fried to give them their crispy texture.

National Pork Rind Day was started in 2011 by Rudolph Food. It is the largest manufacturer of pork rinds and the brand that declared the day a national celebration. Since its foundation, Rudolph Foods has made charitable donations from its online sales for the day. The governor of Ohio, John Kasich, made it an official national day in 2012.

Rudolph Foods claims to be producing the best-tasting pork rinds for more than six decades. The secret to its success might be the same secret recipe that Mary Rudolph created in her family kitchen. The process of making pork rinds at the factory is very quick. It is a two-step process that transforms pork rind pellet to popped pork rind to bagged pork rind in just four minutes! The brand suggests that its pork rinds can be enjoyed as a snack or as an ingredient in your favorite recipe. Happy National Pork Rind Day to all!

National Pork Rind Day timeline

The American Pork Industry

Pig production for food begins in Virginia.

The Commercialization of Pork

Cincinnati is known as “Porkopolis” for commercializing pig meat.

Rudolph Foods

The brand is founded in Ohio.

Pork Exports

America becomes the leading exporter of pork.

National Pork Rind Day FAQs

Are pork rinds pig skin?

Yes, pork rinds are made by boiling, drying, and then deep-frying the skin of a pig until it is puffy and crispy. The pigskins used to make pork rinds are an edible byproduct of pork processing.

Can you lose weight eating pork rinds?

The majority of pork rind products have absolutely no carbs in the entire bag, with a healthy portion of protein to accompany the fat.

Are pork rinds healthy for you?

Pork rinds contain unhealthy levels of saturated fat and cholesterol that raise low-density lipoprotein.

National Pork Rind Day Activities

  1. Munch on pork rinds

    Celebrate National Pork Rind Day by munching on pork rinds. Head to your nearest grocery store and check out the varieties they have to offer. Restock your favorite flavors and try a few new ones.

  2. Plan a party

    Why not take the celebrations for National Pork Rind Day up by a notch? Plan a pork rind party and ask your friends to come over with their favorite flavors of the snack. Organize a taste test and munch on all the wonderful flavors!

  3. Make your own spread

    Pork rinds taste extra delicious with spreads such as cheese dip, guacamole, and salsa. Prepare for the big day by making your own spreads to savor with the pork rinds. Find out for yourself how the flavors are elevated.

5 Fun Facts About Pork Rinds

  1. They’re low fat

    Pork rinds contain only 0.32 ounces of fat.

  2. They are famous in other countries too

    Pork rinds are known as khaep mu in Thailand.

  3. An ideal keto diet snack

    This is because pork rinds contain only trace amounts of carbohydrates.

  4. Another version of pork rinds

    These are known as pig cracklings and are popular in southern states.

  5. Even presidents love pork rinds

    President George Bush’s fondness for pork rinds is well-known.

Why We Love National Pork Rind Day

  1. They are yummy

    We love National Pork Rind Day because pork rinds are delicious! They make for great snacks, especially to munch on while watching a movie or enjoying your favorite sports match.

  2. They are healthy

    Pork rinds are an excellent alternative to high-fat snacks such as chips. Pork rinds are high-protein, low-carb, and no-gluten. If you are on a diet, pork rinds are great for you.

  3. They are versatile

    Pork rinds are not just great snacks, they are also a versatile ingredient in many recipes. They can be added to meatloaves and meatballs for an extra punch of flavor and reduced carb content.

National Pork Rind Day dates

2025February 5Wednesday
2026February 5Thursday
2027February 5Friday
2028February 5Saturday
2029February 5Monday

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