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ThuMay 23

Medical Coder Day – May 23, 2024

Medical Coder Day is observed every year on May 23, and it’s a holiday dedicated to celebrating the work and dedication of medical coders country-wide. Coders are committed to the analysis and classification of medical data. The information gathered by medical coders is used by companies, organizations, and even the government because it is essential to improve the healthcare management system.

History of Medical Coder Day

Medical coders are professionals who analyze and classify different types of medical data using various forms of code. That data is then shared with healthcare providers, government facilities, and international agencies to be applied in research, studies, and constant improvement of the services they provide. By using standardized coding medical coders provide reliable data across various other reports published on different dates.

To arrange the best reports, medical coders have a vast knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, and even legal aspects of the healthcare industry, as well as good management of computer or paper-based data. These professionals can work by following three fundamentals: abstraction, assignment, and review. First, the coder goes through the patient’s medical history, then transforms it all into code, and, finally, reviews it all, checking to see if the information collected and coded is relevant to the report’s final goal.

Medical coders go from trainee or entry-level to nosologists — experts in the area, with knowledge in more than one type of classification. In the United States, some courses provide certificates, degrees, and diplomas for medical coding. Recently graduated students go through internships and work with less complicated cases until they get a bachelor’s or graduate degree to work with intermediate or senior level cases.

Medical Coder Day timeline

Issue Of “I.C.D.-6” Comes Out

The World Health Organization publishes standards for morbidity reporting for the world.

The Diagnostic Categories in Mental Health

A.P.A. releases the first manual for the diagnosis of mental disorders.

The Endorsement of the “I.C.D.-11”

WHO declares the latest version of the “I.C.D.-11” as a guide for death and disease recordings.

The Launch Of “D.S.M. 5-T.R.”

Revision of “D.S.M.” completes and updates clinical codes in mental health.

Medical Coder Day FAQs

What does a medical coder do all day?

The main task a medical coder has is to analyze and classify medical data by using standardized codes.

Do medical coders work from home?

As a medical coder, you don’t necessarily have to work in a hospital. You can work entirely from the comfort of your home!

Do medical coders wear scrubs?

If the coder works in a hospital or a health facility that requires them to wear scrubs, they do. However, it’s not required in most work conditions.

How to Observe Medical Coder Day

  1. Thank a coder

    If you know a medical coder, why not gift them with flowers or a card thanking them for their service? They’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

  2. Do your research

    It’s okay to not know much about the work of medical coders. This is a great day to try to learn more.

  3. Read about coding

    What about learning a code or two that the coders use every day? Not only is it interesting reading, but it’s great to know useful information.

5 Facts About Medical Coders You’ll Love

  1. They don’t spend tons of money

    To become a medical coder, get certified with inexpensive online courses.

  2. It’s focused on data

    The job is focused on data, it’s the perfect job for a data-loving introvert!

  3. They can stay at home

    As long as they have internet access, medical coders can do their job from anywhere.

  4. They get good job perks

    Health medical coders get great medical incentives from their employers.

  5. They spend most of their day sitting

    Since everything is on the computer, coders don’t even have to get up to work.

Why Medical Coder Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    Sometimes we’re not aware of what goes on behind the scenes at our doctor’s office, so it’s nice to have a day to find out more about it! On this day, hit the books and learn more!

  2. It puts medical coders in the spotlight

    Medical coders don’t usually get a chance to shine, so it’s great that they get an entire day dedicated just for that! Spread awareness about the important job medical coders do.

  3. It celebrates improvements in healthcare

    Medical coders help keep the healthcare system in constant improvement. We love them for this!

Medical Coder Day dates

2024May 23Thursday
2025May 23Friday
2026May 23Saturday
2027May 23Sunday
2028May 23Tuesday

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