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National Wig Out Day – May 24, 2025

National Wig Out Day takes place 10 days before the first Monday of June — on May 24 this year. Created in 2009 by sisters Kate and Alice Clark, the holiday went from a hometown celebration to a nationally-celebrated event. Residents of Bellingham, Washington were convinced to wear weird, crazy-looking wigs during the holiday’s first celebration. Wigs, in general, have existed since ancient times and their popularity keeps growing in strength.

History of National Wig Out Day

National Wig Out Day was created in 2009 by Kate and Alice Clark. The Clark sisters convinced the residents of a town called Bellingham in Washington to go to work wearing crazy wigs. At the end of the day, the celebrants all gathered downtown for a neighborhood party.

A wig is a hair accessory made from either human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber. Short for the word ‘periwig,’ wigs are traceable to the earliest recorded times. Ancient Egyptians often wore wigs to protect their heads from the scorching heat of the sun. Romans also wore wigs on top of their close-cropped or shaved heads. When the Western Roman Empire fell, wigs went out of fashion until their revival in the 16th century, worn either to disguise baldness or as a fashion accessory. Due to the hygiene conditions of that period, they were also used to curb and prevent the spread of lice as wearers kept their heads shaved underneath the wigs.

Notable historical figures were famous for wearing wigs. Queen Elizabeth, I wore a red wig styled in a tightly-curled Roman style. Similarly, King Louis XIII of France popularized wig-wearing when he began to use them in 1624. His son, Louis XIV continued the trend, contributing to its spread in popularity on the European continent. Wigs for men were introduced to England during the 17th century and soon became a staple within the English court and among the high-ranking aristocracy. Today, wigs are mostly worn by women as fashion accessories. In Britain and other Commonwealth nations, wigs are still worn by court judges and barristers.

National Wig Out Day timeline

16th Century
Elizabeth Wigs Out

Queen Elizabeth I starts wearing wigs.

A Wigmakers Guild

A wigmakers guild is formed in France.

18th Century
Wigs are Banned

Wigs are banned in Korea during the Goryeo dynasty.

The Day is Created

National Wig Out Day is created and celebrated for the first time.

National Wig Out Day FAQs

Where do human hair wigs come from?

The majority of human hair comes from India and China, from people who either shave their heads for religious purposes or sell their hair in return for payment.

Do men still wear wigs?

In modern times, men rarely wear wigs, as wigs are considered feminine.

What is the most expensive wig in the world?

The rarest and most expensive wig is rumored to be Michael Jackson’s wig, which sold at an auction for $75,000.

National Wig Out Day Activities

  1. Wear a wig

    Surprise your friends by wearing a new wig. Whether it’s curly, straight, kinky, or boldly colored, try something new and wig it out.

  2. Style your hair differently

    If you’re just not into wigs or can’t pull them off, style your hair in a whole new way. Who knows? People might even think you’re wearing a wig.

  3. Use the hashtag

    It’s no fun to celebrate alone. Share this holiday on social media and remember to use #nationalwigoutday as a hashtag.

5 Of The Most Famous Wigmakers

  1. Kim Kimble

    Owner of Los Angeles-based Kim Kimble Hair Studio, Kimble, makes wigs for stars like Beyoncé.

  2. Shon Hyungsun Ju

    Hyungsun Ju’s clientele includes Katy Perry and she’s well-known for creating dramatic-looking wigs.

  3. Stacey Butterworth

    With over 25 years in the wig-making industry, Butterworth makes wigs for famous movies and shows, such as “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “X-Files.”

  4. Alonzo Arnold

    Arnold is responsible for making wigs for celebrities like Keke Palmer, Solange Knowles, and Porsha Williams.

  5. Isaac Davidson

    Founder of NYC-based Wigbar, Davidson makes wigs for Sia.

Why We Love National Wig Out Day

  1. It’s a boredom buster

    National Wig Out Day helps to get rid of the monotony in your everyday routine. Throwing on a new wig is a fun way to change up your style with little to no stress.

  2. It’s fun

    Not only does National Wig Out Day spice up your style, but it also creates opportunities for everyone to have a good laugh. Especially when you walk in with a hilarious-looking wig.

  3. It supports wigmakers

    National Wig Out Day helps to support the work of wigmakers and promotes awareness about the wig-making industry. By buying a new wig, you help a wigmaker stay in business.

National Wig Out Day dates

2022May 28Saturday
2023May 27Saturday
2024May 25Saturday
2025May 24Saturday
2026May 23Saturday

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