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Qatar Sports Day – February 11, 2025

Qatar Sports Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday in February. This year, it takes place on February 11. The holiday was started by the government of Qatar upon realizing that the modern lifestyle doesn’t leave much room for getting fit. This celebration aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to undertake some form of exercise every day. National Sports Day is a public holiday in Qatar where schools, businesses, shops, and offices are closed for the day. Citizens celebrate the day by playing sports, exercising, and encouraging each other to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

History of Qatar Sports Day

The first National Sports Day event was held on the second Tuesday in February 2012. The day had been proclaimed by the Deputy Emir of Qatar, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in December 2011. The Sheikh declared that every year on the second Tuesday of February National Sports Day would be observed. On this day, a vast number of government ministries and private organizations encourage their employees to participate in a series of sporting events organized by them.

Participants can indulge in a range of sports activities from football and basketball, to tennis and taekwondo. Events such as cycling, swimming, and countless free sporting sessions and social competitions are made available to everyone. National Sports Day Qatar is an inclusive event where people of all ages and abilities are allowed to participate in sports. Apart from this, events featuring several well-known sports, Qatari culture is not forgotten on National Sports Day.

The special event of the day is the competition featuring traditional Al Shawahef rowing. Celebrating and participating in National Sports Day shows the important role of sports in developing a healthy community. Those who play sports and exercise report better physical and psychological health. The Qatar National Vision 2030 initiative aims to promote sustainable development by transforming Qatar into an advanced society.

Qatar Sports Day timeline

Al-Thani Rules Qatar

Al-Thani’s regime begins with hopes of becoming independent.

Qatar Becomes Independent

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani, the ruler of Qatar, announces independence.

A New Leader

Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani comes into power.

The Decree

Deputy Emir stipulates the annual National Sports Day take place every second Tuesday in February in the decree.

The Heir

HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani succeeds his father to the throne.

Qatar Sports Day FAQs

Why do we celebrate Qatar National Sports Day?

National Sports Day is a national holiday that aims to encourage Qatar citizens to exercise and move toward a healthier lifestyle.

Is National Sports Day a public holiday in Qatar?

National Sports Day takes place in Qatar on the second Tuesday in February every year. This national holiday is dedicated to making us more aware of our health and fitness.

What is the national sport of Qatar?

The national sport of Qatar is football and it is played by most of its people, making it the most popular sport in Qatar.

Qatar Sports Day Activities

  1. Play a sport

    There’s no better way to celebrate National Sports Day in Qatar than by playing a sport. Football or basketball, the choice is yours!

  2. Tune in to the celebrations in Qatar

    Some events from National Sports Day in Qatar are live-streamed on social media. If you are eager to see how the day is celebrated, tune in to the online celebrations.

  3. Renew your gym membership

    Pledge to live a more healthy life today. Renew your gym membership, sign up for a sports class, or simply pledge to continue exercising as you do every day.

5 Facts About Qatar That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Qatar is a flat country

    The highest point in Qatar lies at just 338 feet, making it the second-flattest in the world.

  2. Khor Al Adaid has a unique topography

    This area is one of the few places where the sea meets the desert and it was declared a nature reserve in 2007.

  3. The safest country in the world

    The crime rate in Qatar is significantly lower than in other countries with 11.90 points out of 100.

  4. Just 12% of the country is Qatari

    There are about two million immigrants living in the country now.

  5. Qatar’s national dish

    Machboos are made of rice, meat, onions, tomatoes, and mixed with spices.

Why We Love Qatar Sports Day

  1. It serves as a reminder to get healthy

    National Sports Day in Qatar was started with the initiative of getting everyone in the country to live a more active life. Even if you don’t live in Qatar, the day is a great reminder to live a healthy life.

  2. It’s a day to play your favorite sports

    The best way to celebrate National Sports Day in Qatar is by playing sports. The day encourages you to take some time off your schedule and relax by playing your favorite sports.

  3. It’s a rare celebration

    Qatar is one of the very few countries that have a national sports day. The day reminds us of the uniqueness of the celebration.

Qatar Sports Day dates

2022February 8Tuesday
2023February 14Tuesday
2024February 13Tuesday
2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 10Tuesday

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