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MonFeb 10

Teddy Day – February 10, 2025

Teddy Day is an annual event held every February 10. We are ecstatic to be celebrating love and companionship via one fluffy friend that is always there no matter what — Teddies! Teddy bears, as the name implies, are stuffed toys often made to resemble a bear, and bears are known for their hugs, although fatal. But ours is one of love which is what this day is all about.

History of Teddy Day

Stuffed toys have been children’s best toys since ancient times. They are soft, squishy, and a good companion for all. In the Roman Empire, the children of the rich had wooden carved toys in the shape of animals and humans they played with, and it was such that only the children of the rich could afford and get them. So the children of the low class and peasants developed ragdolls made from clothes and straws, and over the years, they evolved into stuffed toys as we know them in the world today.

Teddy bears are soft fluffy toys in the shape of bears that evoke feelings of love and warmth when we hold and hug them. They come in different sizes; small, medium, large, and even plus size. Like all other stuffed toys, Teddy bears have evolved from being toys for children to being toys for everyone, including men and women. So during the cold, lonely nights and when we’re feeling emotionally down or happy, teddy bears serve as a great cuddle companion.

Teddy bears got their name in 1902 after President Theodore Roosevelt in a series of events that happened when he went on a hunting trip. During hunting, they happened upon a bear, and President Roosevelt refused to shoot it. The story soon spread all over, and the first stuffed bears were developed by toymakers Morris Michtom in the U.S, and Richard Steiff in Germany, and they were named ‘Teddy bears,’ after President Roosevelt’s pet name.

Teddy Day is a time to show love to our special persons and significant others by gifting them teddy bears. It shows how special they are to us and the warm and lovable feelings they bring to us, just like teddies.

Teddy Day timeline

First Stuffed Toy

The first modern stuffed toy in the shape of an elephant is sold as a pincushion by the German Steiff Company.

The Inception of Teddy Bears

After the incident with President Roosevelt where he refused to shoot a bear on a hunting trip, stuffed teddy bears are developed and become popular.

Bear Book

A book on bears is written by Seymour Eaton, a children’s books series called “The Roosevelt Bears.”

Teddy Museum

The first Teddy Bear Museum is set up in England.

Teddy Day FAQs

Why are Teddies so comforting?

Their fluffiness and softness possess a calming ability that eases the mind and emotions. Research has found that cuddling them releases oxytocin which calms the body.

At what age should a child stop sleeping with Teddies?

There is no specific age limit to sleeping with or having teddies. More than just being toys, they are also tools of convenience.

Can a baby sleep with a teddy?

It had been advised not to put stuffed toys beside children below 12 months because of the risks of death by strangulation or suffocation.

Teddy Day Activities

  1. Gift a Teddy

    How can you observe Teddy Day without a Teddy? Gift your special someone a teddy bear and tell them how much you love them.

  2. Buy a Teddy

    Other than giving teddies to your special someone, this is also a good time to get one for yourself. Visit your favorite stores and get yourself a fluffy teddy companion on this day.

  3. Become a Teddy

    Your partner might have lots of teddies already, putting you at a fix, but not to worry. Instead, rent a teddy bear costume to entertain your partner and make their day.

5 Important Facts About Teddies

  1. Winnie the Pooh

    The most famous teddy in the world, Winnie the Pooh, created by author A. A Milne is named after a female bear named Winnipeg in the London zoo he frequented with his son.

  2. Spacefarer bear

    The first teddy bear to journey into space is named Magellan T. Bear, which joined the NASA shuttle mission in 1995.

  3. Teddy Magazine

    There is a magazine dedicated to teddy bears that has more than 40,000 subscribers called “Teddy Bears and Friends.”

  4. Teddy Guinness record

    The largest teddy bear collection in the world is 20,367, owned by Istvánné Arnóczki in Hungary on April 27, 2019.

  5. World biggest Teddy

    The biggest Teddy bear in the world is located in Estado de Mexico, at 63 feet and eight inches.

Why We Love Teddy Day

  1. Teddies are lovable toys

    The fluffiness and cute appearance of teddy bears make us easily fall in love with them. Many manufacturers make them have wide beautiful eyes and innocent-like looks, which warms the heart and sends warm feelings always.

  2. Helps on cold lonely nights

    Some nights can be very terrible without a cuddle companion nearby. Teddies are one cuddle companions we can always count on to help us through the cold, lonely nights.

  3. Teddies can be therapeutic

    Research has found that cuddling a Teddy bear can be calming. Police, medical and fire officials reiterate the fact that giving a child a teddy during a crisis has calming effects on them.

Teddy Day dates

2025February 10Monday
2026February 10Tuesday
2027February 10Wednesday
2028February 10Thursday
2029February 10Saturday

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