September 10th Holidays

We have 10 holidays listed for September 10.

September 10 is the 253rd day of the Gregorian calendar. Elias Howe received a sewing machine patent; law enforcement murdered 19 unarmed immigrant miners during a Pennsylvania strike. 134 deaths reported on Cudjoe Key, Florida during Hurricane Irma. Famous birthdays include Karl Lagerfeld, Big Daddy Kane and Jose Feliciano. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Gibraltar National Day

It's Gibraltar National Day, and it's time to raise the flag proudly!


National Anti-Junk Light Day

Learn how to prevent your eyes from becoming damaged by different sources of junk light.


National Ants on a Log Day

This day recognizes an iconic snack enjoyed by millions of Americans.


National TV Dinner Day

This day brings you all the fun of having a full meal without having to cook.


St. George's Caye Day

St. George Caye Day was declared a national holiday after its 100th anniversary of the victory.


Swap Ideas Day

Do not forget your bag of ideas on Swap Ideas Day. It will be fun!


White Balloon Day

White Balloon Day encourages the collective effort of the community to make surroundings safe for children.


World Top Up Day

Want to say “thank you” through a gesture rather than words? Give top-ups to struggling friends!