Matthew Tyler Vorce

Matthew Tyler Vorce, born on September 10, 1991, is a prominent American actor, theater artist, writer, T.V. personality, and entrepreneur. In 2012, he made his acting debut in the film “Little Monsters.” Following that, he acted in several additional Hollywood films, including “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” (2016), and “Searching for Putty Man” (2021). He also appeared in the short film “The Curse of Frank Sinatra” in 2021. Now, we’ll all be concentrating on him because it’s his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Matthew Tyler Vorce

Birth date:

September 10, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$900 thousand

Matthew's Social Media:


Matthew Tyler Vorce was born into a Christian family on September 10, 1991. He was born and raised in Los Angeles but spent his childhood in Las Vegas, Santa Monica, and California. Since he was a child, Vorce has had a strong desire to act. He studied at Playhouse West and completed his acting skills at Groundlings in basic and intermediate improv. Stacey Miller, Arian Price, and Jay Lay also helped him with his training. Following that, he began to concentrate on his career.

Vorce has been in some theater shows as well as voice-over work. In 2012, he made his acting debut in the film “Little Monsters.” He went on to appear in several additional Hollywood films after that, including “I Wasn’t Me” (2015), “Dark Hours: Typee” (2016), “A Dedication” (2018), “The Beginning” (2020), “Searching for Putty Man” (2021), and others. He’ll also appear in the short film “The Curse of Frank Sinatra” in 2021. He achieved a reputation and fame among the general public after appearing in the 2016 film “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?” as a cast member. In addition to the film, Vorce co-hosts the “Searching for Putty Man” investigative podcast, which delves into the origins of the Los Angeles legend.

Being a very private person, he has not shared any details regarding his personal life, but he is quite active on his Instagram, which mostly exposes his work. Vorce is also well-known for his writing abilities; he is a fantastic creative writer. In 2021, Vorce was said to be dating the famous singer Billie Eilish. The couple was sighted in Santa Barbara, California in April 2021. They were then pictured together in October at Doja Cat’s costume birthday party in Los Angeles, according to “Page Six.” However, their relationship failed with allegations that Vorce was cheating on Eilish. In 2022, Vorce confirmed the end of their relationship through his Instagram account, but he denied the infidelity issue.

Career timeline

He Makes His Acting Debut

Vorce appears in “Little Monsters,” a fictional story of two boys who are released from prison on their 18th birthday after killing a three-year-old boy.

He Lands His Breakthrough Role

After participating as a cast member in the 2016 film “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger,” he gains fame as an actor.

His Relationship With Billie Eilish

Apart from being an actor, his association with Billie Eilish shoots him to stardom even more as the duo is spotted in Santa Barbara, California.

He Co-hosts a Podcast

"Searching for Putty Man" begins its first episode on March 31, 2021; it explores the origins of the Los Angeles legend.

Why We Love Matthew Tyler Vorce

  1. He is passionate about his career

    Vorce is devoted to his profession. He has had a passion for performing since an early age, which he demonstrated at the acting school he attended. He has had many successful parts in films and short plays.

  2. He is apologetic

    In 2021, it was reported that Vorce wrote homophobic and racist posts on social media, which resurfaced on Twitter. He wasted no time apologizing on Instagram stories, which means he recognizes his mistakes and tries to correct them.

  3. He is multi-talented

    People admire multi-talented people. Not only is Vorce good at acting, but he can also write and host podcasts.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is very private

    Vorce has refused to share any information regarding his personal life.

  2. He loves sports

    Apart from being an actor and screenwriter, Vorce plays soccer and ice hockey.

  3. He plays an instrument

    The multi-talented actor also plays the drums very well.

  4. He loves snowboarding

    Surprisingly, the actor has so many skills, part of which is snowboarding.

  5. He loves Italian cuisine

    Among the varieties of cuisines in the world, Italian is his favorite.

Matthew Tyler Vorce FAQs

Is Matthew Tyler Vorce’s podcast still running?

That podcast is no longer available on iTunes, Spotify, or Audible at this point.

How many Instagram followers does Matthew Tyler Vorce have?

He now has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

What is the age difference between Matt Vorce and Billie Eilish?

The age difference is 10 years.

Matthew Tyler Vorce’s birthday dates

2024September 10Tuesday
2025September 10Wednesday
2026September 10Thursday
2027September 10Friday
2028September 10Sunday

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