Jack Gilinsky

Jack Finnegan Gilinsky is an American pop singer born on September 10, 1996. Gilinsky’s career dates back to 2013. You may know him from the rap duo ‘Jack & Jack,’ of which he was a member. After going solo, he became one of the most popular singers on today’s horizon. Gilinsky’s talent and personality have endeared him to fans worldwide. He’s an amazing artist that is worth celebrating on his special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jack Finnegan Gilinsky

Birth date:

September 10, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Jack's Social Media:


Jack Finnegan Gilinsky is an American pop singer that has come a long way. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Gilinsky is a Virgo and was raised in a comfortable Jewish household. His parents, David and Katherine, had three children, and Gilinsky is the only son. Gilinsky met Jack Edward Johnson, the other Jack of Jack & Jack, on the first day of Kindergarten. They were both wearing the same shirt, with the same first name, so their friendship was meant to be. He attended Omaha Westside High School and remained friends with Johnson.

In 2007, before high school started, Jack & Jack began their comedy career with the YouTube channel “MotherFalconQuagmire”. The duo made videos rooted in satire, lip-syncing, and music parodies. They gained an audience of several hundred people before their abrupt end, just as high school began. By 2013, the duo took their career to Vine. They began posting short clips in the summer. They received their first glimpse of fame after their ‘Nerd vandals’ clip went viral and got reposted by the Huffington Post. This increased their followers by 25,000. Jack & Jack was a successful duo. They collaborated with game developers and had released two games by 2014, were ranked the 20 most followed Viners, and had garnered fame and recognition within and outside Omaha. The duo explored their musical interests and released their first song, “Distance” in January 2014.

Jack & Jack reached the five million followers mark by early 2015 and had sold a million singles on iTunes. They released several more singles that topped the Billboard Charts, before their EP, “Calibraska,” in July of the same year. This EP reached number one on the U.S. iTunes album charts hours after its release. The duo signed with Island Records in 2017, and their debut album, “A Good Friend Is Nice,” dropped in January 2019. They went on a North American and European tour to promote the album. Gilinsky went solo in 2020 and released his debut solo single, “My Love”, featuring Don Toliver, in April. His second single, “Lose Somebody”, featuring Iann Dior, was released in September of that year. As a pop singer on the rise, Gilinsky has amassed millions of followers, recognition, and fame. His personal life is very public and he’s had several past relationships. Gilinsky shares his success with his family and girlfriend. He is now in a relationship with Geneva Natalia.

Career timeline

The Comedy Career With Jack & Jack

Gilinsky collaborates with Johnson on YouTube.

The Initial Posting on Vine

Gilinsky and Johnson start posting six-second clips on Vine.

The Five Million Vine Followers

Jack & Jack amass five million followers on Vine.

The Deal with Island Records

The duo sign a record deal with Island Records.

The Debut Studio Album

Jack & Jack release their debut studio album, “A Good Friend Is Nice”.

The Gilinsky’s Debut Single

Gilinsky releases his debut single as a solo artist titled “My Love”.

Why We Love Jack Gilinsky

  1. He’s a philanthropist

    Gilinsky and Johnson partnered with diverse brands for great causes like skin-cancer awareness and anti-bullying. They also partnered with Michelin to promote safe driving.

  2. He’s multi-talented

    As a singer and comedian, Gilinsky’s talent is undeniable. His voice melts our hearts every time.

  3. He is handsome

    The piercing hazel eyes, structured cheekbones, and physique are a few pointers to get obsessed with. Gilinsky is stunning, and we can stare at him forever.

Why We Love

  1. His parents are prominent Jews

    Gilinsky’s parents are some of Omaha’s most prominent Jewish members.

  2. They didn’t sign with a record label

    Jack & Jack initially refused to sign with all the labels that approached them because they didn’t want their money stolen or split multiple ways.

  3. Jack & Jack went on a hiatus

    The duo announced their hiatus to explore their artistic visions.

  4. He loves Starbucks

    Gilinsky is a strong advocate for Starbucks and he loves their beverages.

  5. He subconsciously counts his steps

    Gilinsky revealed that he often counts the number of steps he takes.

Jack Gilinsky FAQs

Are Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky still friends?

Sure, the duo remain best of friends despite focusing on their solo careers.

Did Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer date?

Yes, Gilinsky and Beer were in a relationship.

How old was Madison Beer when she started dating Jack Gilinsky?

Beer was 15, and Gilinsky was 18 when they began dating.

Jack Gilinsky’s birthday dates

2024September 10Tuesday
2025September 10Wednesday
2026September 10Thursday
2027September 10Friday
2028September 10Sunday

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