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TueSep 10

White Balloon Day – September 10, 2024

White Balloon Day is celebrated each year on September 10 during National Child Protection Week. This day is celebrated in Australia by a non-profit organization called Bravehearts. With the concentrated efforts of the community, Bravehearts hope to create surroundings where a child feels safe and happy. They are especially committed to preventing the sexual abuse of children. Awareness is raised by getting adults to become vigilant and proactive in stopping sexual abuse, and teaching children how to identify and report these crimes. White Balloon Day is celebrated at workplaces, schools, and homes. Talking to people and bringing this great offense to their notice is how White Balloon Day is observed.

History of White Balloon Day

White Balloon Day is an observation that was started by Bravehearts. The first celebrations were symbolic of the issue of child sexual assault that occurred in Belgium in 1996. More than 300,000 people assembled with white balloons to express solidarity for the parents whose children were victims of sexual assault. They were protesting against a convicted culprit being released from prison. Bravehearts held its first official White Balloon Day in 1997. Since then, the white balloon has become a symbol of hope for survivors of child sexual assault, as well as a symbol that encourages children to speak out about their sexual assault.

On White Balloon Day, individuals come together to raise awareness about child sexual assault and how communities need to step up to take an active role in protecting children. Breaking the silence is an important aspect of preventing these horrifying crimes. Research shows that White Balloon Day campaigns have resulted in a staggering 514% increase in disclosures of child sexual assault to the police.

Since the beginning of its celebrations, the funds raised during Bravehearts’ White Balloon Day have helped educate more than a million children across Australia. Awareness campaigns include lessons about personal safety, counseling services for affected children and families,
resources on how to approach the law, and more. The day aims to create a society where no child will have to face sexual assault.

White Balloon Day timeline

White March

Protests in Belgium seeking better protection for children occur.

The First Celebrations

Bravehearts celebrates its first official White Balloon Day.

The Day Receives Recognition

Queensland Police acknowledge the positive impact of White Balloon Day.

The Celebrations Go Viral

Celebrations go viral upon realizing that balloons can be deadly to birds.

White Balloon Day FAQs

Why do we celebrate White Balloon Day?

White Balloon Day is an annual day to raise awareness about child sexual assault and give justice to survivors.

What does a white balloon stand for?

White Balloon Day is a symbol of support for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Who founded Bravehearts?

Bravehearts was founded in 1997 by Hetty Johnston after she found out about her young daughter’s sexual assault.

How to Observe White Balloon Day

  1. Get your workplace involved

    Ask your colleagues to donate to the Bravehearts White Balloon Day fund. The money is used to educate communities, raise awareness, and pay for legal expenses.

  2. Get your school involved

    Get parents and teachers at your child’s school to observe White Balloon Day. Discuss the steps that can be taken to protect children from sexual assaults and the roles that adults play in ensuring safety.

  3. Talk to your child

    Talk to your child about sexual assault and what they should do if they find themselves in an unsafe situation. Teach them that sexual assault is not something to be ashamed of and most importantly, it’s not their fault.

5 Facts About Balloons That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The Chinese invented balloons

    The first balloons were invented in 220 A.D. and were used to send messages.

  2. Balloon duels are a thing

    Two men decided to have a balloon duel to win the favor of a lady.

  3. The popping sound

    It happens because the air inside the balloon is at a higher pressure than the air outside.

  4. We now have biodegradable balloons

    Latex balloons now break down within six months.

  5. Balloons are used in medical procedures

    Balloons are used in angioplasty.

Why White Balloon Day is Important

  1. It gets the community involved

    White Balloons Day unites the community and gets everyone involved for a good cause. Communities come together to pool resources, create safe spaces for children, and help out those in need.

  2. It destigmatizes crime

    There is a lot of shame involved in speaking out about sexual assault, including child sexual assault. White Balloon Day removes the stigma and shame surrounding these crucial topics.

  3. It keeps children safe

    A safe, secure, and happy childhood is every child’s right. Observations such as White Balloon Day are committed to ushering in a future where no child has to deal with sexual assault.

White Balloon Day dates

2024September 10Tuesday
2025September 10Wednesday
2026September 10Thursday
2027September 10Friday
2028September 10Sunday

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