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World Top Up Day – September 10, 2024

World Top-up Day is annually celebrated on September 10. It supports people who use online top-ups by allowing them to receive global recharges. On the holiday, expatriates get together on the internet, irrespective of their nationality or where they are based, and top up the phones of their friends and family.

History of World Top Up Day

The history of the prepaid mobile phone began in the 1990s when mobile phone operators began to expand their market reach. Up until this point, mobile phone services were exclusively offered on a contract-based or postpaid basis. As a result, individuals with poor credit ratings and minors under the age of 18 were excluded from receiving services. Thirty years later, prepaid mobile phones are used by almost everyone around the world.

However, prepaid mobile phone services need to be constantly recharged, and for those living rent to rent, top-ups are expensive. Fortunately, several companies recognized this need, and MobileRecharge — an international top-up company — took the first step and launched World Top-up Day in 2015. The holiday was established to spread awareness of the constant generosity of expatriates when it comes to supporting their family and friends back home. MobileRecharge believed that the expatriate community did not receive any attention or thanks for their efforts, so they decided to create a day to celebrate it.

Several activities take place on the holiday, such as fun online contests among the expatriate community. Special deals and online offers have also been designed purely for expatriates. Moreover, you will find a lot of social media posts and online articles curated for the expatriate community.

World Top Up Day timeline

A Prepaid Mobile Phone Service

Banana Cellular begins to offer prepaid wireless services.

A Patent for Prepaid Mobile Phones

A phone company files the first patent for prepaid mobile phones in the U.S.

The First Prepaid Mobile

Vodacom introduces the first prepaid mobile.

Introducing World Top-up Day

MobileRecharge creates World Top-up Day.

World Top Up Day FAQs

What is a mobile recharge?

It is a service that allows you to send credit to your friends and family’s prepaid mobile phones in almost 100 countries.

What is a top-up recharge?

A top-up recharge is a type of prepaid recharge used to replenish a prepaid account when the talk time balance is exhausted.

Does the date of World Top-up Day change?

World Top-up Day is celebrated on September 10 every year.

World Top Up Day Activities

  1. Share your story

    If you are an expatriate, World Top-up Day is an excellent opportunity for you to share your story and raise awareness. You can share it on your blog or as a message on social media.

  2. Take advantage of the opportunities

    On the holiday, deals and offers are given to expatriates. Take advantage of these offers and donate as much as you can.

  3. Learn about expatriates

    If you are not an expatriate, this does not mean you cannot celebrate World Top-up Day. You can do several different things, such as read posts published by expatriates.

5 Interesting Facts About Expatriates

  1. There are millions of expatriates

    There are about 50 million expatriates around the world.

  2. There aren’t many female expatriates

    Only one out of four expatriates are female.

  3. Most expatriates are young

    About 69% of expatriates are aged between 30 and 50.

  4. Most expatriates are in relationships

    Almost 70% of expatriates are either in a relationship or married.

  5. Moving to another country is difficult

    Expats undergo a lot of challenges when moving to another country, especially in their first year.

Why We Love World Top Up Day

  1. It commemorates expatriates

    Living in a different country is challenging. The struggles expatriates go through when assimilating into other cultures and social environments can be equally exciting and distressing.

  2. It takes advantage of offers

    Many mobile companies offer discounts and deals on World Top-up Day. It’s an excellent opportunity to give to struggling family and friends.

  3. It encourages connections

    World Top-up Day encourages you to connect with other expatriates and share your experiences. You can connect through blogs and social media.

World Top Up Day dates

2024September 10Tuesday
2025September 10Wednesday
2026September 10Thursday
2027September 10Friday
2028September 10Sunday

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