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MonJun 9

National Meal Prep Day – June 9, 2025

National Meal Prep Day, observed on June 9 of each calendar year, is quickly becoming an important global holiday. Meal preparation is sometimes ignored as to-do lists and work schedules continue to impact lifestyle choices. However, specialists continue to believe that it is the ideal scroll for healthy living. Yet, with the effort of cooking always competing with the cost of quick takeaway meals, many people question whether meal planning is worthwhile. While planning meals ahead of time may appear to be a difficult task, the advantages are usually lucrative when done correctly. This year’s National Meal Prep Day is a great chance for people to get some tips on how to save time and money by “meal-prepping” in advance.

History of National Meal Prep Day

Even though food preparation is one of the oldest primate behaviors in the book, data reveal that time spent cooking has consistently dropped. A great decline has been recorded in the average time spent preparing meals between the periods of 1965 to 1966 and 2006 to 2007. This decrease in the average home cooking time provided insights into the pace at which people are progressively shifting to a diet that includes a significant amount of food produced away from home.

However, studies show that eating meals prepared away from home is connected with a worse quality diet and a percentage of body fat, demonstrating the importance of dietary quality on human health in general.

Higher intakes of fruits, vegetables, fiber, folate, and vitamin A, as well as lower intakes of fat in young individuals, have been linked to more frequent home food preparation, according to a study. As a result, home meal preparation has become more popular as an approach for boosting dietary quality and obesity prevention.

In May 2009, a web-based study questionnaire was established in France to further investigate the association between diet and other health advantages. The survey’s goal was to analyze the general population’s choices in areas such as nutritional consumption, lifestyle habits, physical activity, and health conditions in France.

Findings from the study show that people who plan their meals had a better diet quality, including adherence to nutritional recommendations and an increased variety in their diet. Furthermore, meal planning was linked to a lower risk of being obese in both men and women.

Another intriguing investigation discovered that people with fewer cooking skills were more likely to consume away-from-home food such as packaged foods or take-out meals from fast-food restaurants.

National Meal Prep Day timeline

2 Million Years Ago
The Oldest Record Of Meals

The oldest evidence of humans using controlled fire to prepare food is uncovered.

Late 1200s
Dinner Meals Are King

Dinner is created as the chief meal of the day and is eaten around the middle of the day.

19th Century
The Invention Of Cuisines

Cafeterias, fast food, and different types of cuisine become popular.

Establishment of National Meal Prep Day

National Meal Prep Day is created by Phit Phuel.

National Meal Prep Day FAQs

What are the six principles of good menu planning?

For improvement in the quality of food eaten, meals should be planned based on the following six principles: balance, adequacy, energy (calorie) control, moderation, nutrient density, and variety.

What are the four types of menus?

There are five basic types of menus that eateries and restaurants use. These are ‘a la carte’, ‘static’, ‘du jour’, cycle, and fixed menus

How long can you meal prep?

Most meal prep does not last longer than five days in the fridge.

National Meal Prep Day Activities

  1. Create a meal calendar

    Making a meal plan ahead of time is a fantastic approach to prevent stressing about what to eat or feeling unsure of what to eat. Make a note of the nutritious meals you enjoy and attempt to narrow it down to the ones you can cook easily. You'll have a better idea of what to get when you go shopping with a plan such as this.

  2. Shop early

    Planning your grocery trip ensures that you don't forget to purchase any item, which could disturb your meal schedule. It also aids in avoiding any last-minute panic. This is also a good day to go through and update your shopping list.

  3. Prepare your next homemade meal

    Take the day off on Meal Prep Day to prepare a healthy meal for yourself. It's also an excellent opportunity to brush up on your cooking skills and learn how to prepare a new meal or two.

5 Amazing Facts About Cuisines

  1. The world's stinkiest food

    Surströmming is a Swedish delicacy that has such a strong odor that numerous airlines have prohibited passengers from carrying tin cans of it.

  2. Fatal injuries can be detected with onions

    Wounded Viking warriors were often given strong onion soup, and if onions could be smelled from their wounds after a few minutes, it signaled that they had major abdominal injuries and would die.

  3. Cassowary meat is cooked with a stone

    Due to the toughness of the meat, it was recommended that it be cooked with a stone in the pot because "when the stone is ready to eat, so is the Cassowary.”

  4. Pozole was made with human flesh

    Pozole, a popular Mexican soup, was originally cooked using human flesh till cannibalism was outlawed, at which point pork was substituted because the flavors were comparable.

  5. Chocolate is good for memory retention

    Dark chocolate has an extensive range of health benefits, including stress reduction, blood pressure reduction, improved eyesight, and memory preservation.

Why We Love National Meal Prep Day

  1. It’s a reminder to eat healthily

    With so many tasks and errands to do every day, it's easy to overlook the quality of our meals. Meal Prep Day raises awareness and reminds everyone of the importance of home-cooked meals.

  2. Meal prep saves money and time

    Although take-out meals are enticing and seem like a more time-effective solution to cooking, the consequences down the line could be severe. Planning and preparing your meals doesn’t just help you stay healthy, it prevents you from having to take multiple trips to the doctor’s office.

  3. It’s a great way to achieve weight control

    Having control over the components and portions of your diet can help you lose weight significantly. Meal prepping also helps to limit your junk food intake, which helps to manage your blood sugar levels and gives you a much healthier physique.

National Meal Prep Day dates

2025June 9Monday
2026June 9Tuesday
2027June 9Wednesday
2028June 9Friday
2029June 9Saturday

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