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Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day – June 9, 2024

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day is celebrated on June 9 every year. It is a day set aside to celebrate the cordial friendship between the Philippines and China. It coincides with the day that official diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China were established. Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day was created under Proclamation No. 148 and was signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2002. Both countries have a lot of shared history, common traditions, and culture. On this day, every Filipino and Chinese, whether living in the country or staying abroad, are encouraged to strengthen their bond with the other nation’s citizens.

History of Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day

The Philippines started considering having better relations with China at the start of the 1970s as they believed it would benefit both countries immensely. A few years later, on June 9, 1975, diplomatic relations were established between the two nations through the signing of the Joint Communique by both countries’ leaders. For over 47 years, Filipino-Chinese relations have been gradually built. They have attained smooth development and remarkable achievements in all areas of bilateral cooperation.

Over the years, several major bilateral agreements have been signed between China and the Philippines. The Joint Trade Agreement was signed after diplomatic relations were established between both nations. The Joint Trade Agreement was established in 1975 and still exists today. In 1978, the Postal Agreement and the Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement were signed to ensure the delivery of goods and technological advancements.

In 1979, the Air Services Agreement and Cultural Agreement were signed to further strengthen the relationship between China and the Philippines. Then in 1992, the Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement was signed.

A few years later, in 1999, the Visiting Forces Agreement, Agreement on Agricultural Cooperation, and Tax Agreement were all signed by both nations to the delight of both governments. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China, in May 2000, both countries signed a Joint Statement. This defined the framework of bilateral relations in the 21st century.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day timeline

Diplomatic Relations Develop

Diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China are established.

The Joint Trade Agreement

The Joint Trade Agreement between both nations is established.

The Postal Agreement

The Postal agreement between both nations is signed.

Visiting Forces Agreement

The Visiting Forces Agreement is signed.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day FAQs

When did China enter the Philippines?

The Chinese entered the Philippines between the 16th and 19th centuries.

What is the Philippines’ old name?

The Philippines’ former name is Las Felipinas.

Who first invaded the Philippines?

Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to land in the Philippines.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day Activities

  1. Learn more about the day

    Learn more about Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day. This helps people to better appreciate what the day is about.

  2. Spread awareness

    Spread awareness of the day by word of mouth or a social media post. Not only will you be raising awareness, but you’ll be spreading positivity.

  3. Pay a visit to the Philippines or China

    Visit the Philippines or China to celebrate the day. The traditions and sights are such a wonder that you’ll be eager to visit again.

5 Popular Chinese-Filipinos

  1. Carlene Ang Aguilar-Ocampo

    Carlene Ang Aguilar-Ocampo is a Filipino-Chinese actress and ex-beauty queen who was crowned Miss Philippines Earth in 2001.

  2. Andrew Lim Tan

    Andrew Lim Tan is a Chinese-Filipino billionaire with businesses in real estate, liquor, and fast food.

  3. Alfonso A. Uy

    Alfonso A. Uy holds numerous businesses in Iloilo and is the first president of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

  4. Tan Yu

    Tan Yu was a Chinese-Filipino philanthropist and businessman who founded the Asiaworld Internationale Group and the K.T.T.I. Foundation. The foundation was a charity organization that provided scholarships to and supported the education of young students.

  5. Bam Aquino

    Bam Aquino is a Filipino politician and social entrepreneur who served as a senator of the Philippines from 2013 to 2019.

Why We Love Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day

  1. It strengthens the bond between the two countries

    Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day strengthens the bond between Filipinos and the Chinese. As it brings them closer, it can only be a positive for not just these nations, but other countries around them.

  2. It encourages unity

    Seeing as two nations can celebrate a friendship day, it encourages unity among other countries too. It could result in the world peace we all desire.

  3. It can boost both countries’ tourism industry

    More people knowing about the day can entice people to visit both countries. It helps to boost their tourism and, in turn, their economies.

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day dates

2024June 9Sunday
2025June 9Monday
2026June 9Tuesday
2027June 9Wednesday
2028June 9Friday

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