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National Pet Wedding Week – June 10-16, 2024

National Pet Wedding Week is celebrated every year during the second week of June. This year, it will be held from June 10 to 16. After all, who doesn’t love a June wedding? That’s right, there will be no more premarital breeding. It’s time for him to put a ring on it. The week promotes love between two pets by sanctifying their union so the lovebirds — literally in some cases — can spend the rest of their lives breeding and growing old together. Haven’t you ever dreamt of walking your good girl down the aisle? No? Are you sure? Think again, it could turn out to be the most important day in any pet parent’s life.

History of National Pet Wedding Week

It’s difficult to ascertain just how long people have been getting their pets married but we’re going to assume it has a long history. People have been keeping pets for centuries and it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that they also enjoy getting them married. Additionally, the week is also recognized by the National Pet Association of Ceremonies, which is the only governing and certifying body of pet ceremony officiants in the U.S that recognizes pet ceremonies performed by N.P.A.C.-certified officiants.

After all, pet family members deserve to be happily bred, partnered, and wed to a suitable partner who will love and support them through the times, just like us humans. It’s no secret that all animals, right from dogs to cats to horses to birds reproduce differently in their mating seasons and should be appropriately partnered. Like humans, pets also need love, companionship, and nurturing of some kind from their species.

Animal breeding, however, has a somewhat recent invention. In the early days, dogs would bark and serve as an alarm when wild animals or strangers approached the human settlements, thus protecting our ancestors. Although early people knew nothing of genetics or heritable traits, they probably kept the puppies with the loudest and most insistent barks so they could better alert them to predators.

But it wasn’t until the 1800s that people started to keep records of canine bloodlines and classify dogs into specific breeds rather than generic ones like a hunting dog, hound, herding dog, or lap dog. Breeders ranged from noblemen creating a better retriever to shepherds attempting to refine herding ability for their particular livestock.

National Pet Wedding Week timeline

38,000 B.C. — 25,000 B.C.
Dogs Come into the Picture

The now-extinct wolf lineages produce dogs branched off from the line that ends up producing modern living wolves.

8000 B.C.
Man’s Second Best Friend

Cats begin their unique relationship with humans in the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East.

2000 B.C.
Marriage is Invented

The institution of marriage is invented, according to evidence.

Dog Breeding

Dog breeding becomes more rigorous with the advent of breeding and kennel clubs.

National Pet Wedding Week FAQs

Can pets get married?

Pet marriage ceremonies are conducted by an officiant. Considering that dog marriages are not legally binding, anyone can officiate their pet’s wedding. You can hire a licensed celebrant to host the ceremony or ask your best friend to lead the wedding.

Why are dog weddings done?

Some dog marriages are made in heaven but most are arranged by breeders to obtain the fruitful pairing of purebred dogs. While you can do this without getting the dogs married, it’s just not the same. Where’s the pizzazz?

Why are animals so comforting?

Studies have shown that interacting with animals increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which slows a person’s heart rate and breathing, reduces blood pressure, and inhibits the production of stress hormones. All of these make us more calm and relaxed.

National Pet Wedding Week Activities

  1. Get your pet married

    Get your pet hitched this wedding season! Marriage isn’t just for humans anymore. Head over to websites like or to make your pet’s dreams come true.

  2. Go shopping for your pet

    Take your pet out for a shopping spree and treat them! You can buy them all sorts of adorable outfits for their upcoming special day, send them to a pet grooming parlor and even get their favorite treats.

  3. Appreciate your pets

    Take a break from your busy life and shower love and attention on your pet. Let them know they are loved. Take your dog out to the park, get some catnip for your kitty and get your hamster some new toys.

5 Facts About Pets That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Dogs can tell the time

    Research has shown that dogs can anticipate future events based on their experiences.

  2. Americans adopt a lot

    Americans adopt around 3.2 million animals from shelters.

  3. Cats domesticate themselves

    Cats became loving domesticated companions for humans without ever changing much.

  4. Some animals mate for life

    Beavers, gray wolves, gibbons, macaroni penguins, sandhill cranes, and bald eagles all mate for life.

  5. There are mass pet wedding ceremonies

    Mass pet wedding ceremonies have been held in the past in Lima, Peru a few days after Valentine’s Day.

Why We Love National Pet Wedding Week

  1. It’s fun

    Think about how stressful wedding planning can be. Now think of how fun it might be to plan one for your adorable pet! You can dress them in cute outfits, and invite all of your and their friends to witness your pet’s special day.

  2. Animals are cute

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dog person or a cat person or a hamster person or even a gecko person. They’re all adorable, and we love them to pieces!

  3. Your pet doesn’t have to live in sin

    Your dog or cat doesn’t have to continue stealing glances of their significant other or staying away from them much longer. Make things official and help your pet out!

National Pet Wedding Week dates

2022June 13Monday
2023June 12Monday
2024June 10Monday
2025June 9Monday
2026June 8Monday

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