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Day of La Rioja – June 9, 2024

Day of La Rioja is a public holiday in La Rioja, Spain, and is celebrated on June 9 every year. It marks the anniversary of when the autonomous community of La Rioja’s statute was approved in 1982. This beautiful picturesque region is known for its lip-smacking red wine and boasts of over 500 wineries. We firmly believe that there is no such thing as too many wineries but 500 sounds like a good number. The day is celebrated with full vigor in the region by organizing various events including exhibitions of works produced by local artists, traditional and modern music concerts, sports events, and, of course, cooking up some great dishes and washing them down with the world-famous La Rioja wine.

History of Day of La Rioja

The history of La Rioja is marked by territorial disputes and invasions. The territory of La Rioja was inhabited by the tribes of the Berones, Autrigones, and the Vascones during Roman times, while in Medieval times, it was often a disputed territory. After a Muslim Invasion in 711, La Rioja fell into the Muslim domains of Al Andalus. This was followed by more disputes and invasions, which were then followed by — you guessed it — even more disputes and invasions.

The territory was divided between the provinces of Burgos and Soria as recently as the 19th century. Even France had its say. Napoleonic forces took over the region during the Peninsular War, keeping it with the French till 1814.

Historically, La Rioja formed part of different provinces in the area but became its own province in 1833. It was called the Province of Logroño. The province was renamed La Rioja in 1980, although Logroño is still the capital city.

Today, this community forms the least populated region of Spain with over 300,000 inhabitants. It also has its own flag with the colors red, white, green, and yellow. The residents of this region take a lot of pride in their land. Other events like the Vendimia Riojana are also celebrated in the region. It is held during the third week of September in Logroño to celebrate the grape harvest with festivities, including a parade of carts and bullfights.

Day of La Rioja timeline

1550 B.C.
The Iberian Peninsula

The Bronze Age begins and the El Argar civilization starts to form.

19 B.C.
The Romans Take Over

Spain falls under the Roman Empire.

The New Kingdom is Formed

The Kingdom of Spain is formed when Ferdinand and Isabella become king and queen.

Spain As We Know It

Spain becomes a republic.

Day of La Rioja FAQs

How far is La Rioja from Madrid?

It is approximately 201 miles from Madrid.

What wine is La Rioja known for?

While most of the Rioja wine is red, it can also be white or pink, and sometimes even sparkling, although this is uncommon.

Where does the name ‘Rioja’ come from?

It comes from the Oja River, which is a tributary of the Ebro River.

Day of La Rioja Activities

  1. Visit La Rioja

    Take a trip to La Rioja to see the festivities for yourself. Bask in the culture, food, and wine that makes this region so unique.

  2. Bring Spain home

    If you cannot visit La Rioja, then bring Spain to your home. Cook up some delicacies from La Rioja like Patatas a la Riojana, beef, or pork cheeks in Rioja red wine sauce and white asparagus.

  3. Treat your friends

    Call your family and friends over and treat them to some delicious food made in La Rioja style. Open up a bottle of wine while you are at it.

5 Facts About Spain That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Spanish is widely spoken

    Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language.

  2. The world’s first global empire

    The Spanish traveled across the world and left their mark on the Americas and also controlled the Philippines for over 300 years.

  3. The world’s oldest restaurant

    Madrid has the oldest restaurant in the world, El Restaurante Botin, which was opened in 1725.

  4. Spain has a tooth mouse

    Spain has a unique version of the popular mythical tooth mouse called ‘Ratoncito Perez.’

  5. More bars than anywhere in Europe

    Spain has the highest number of bars compared to other countries in Europe.

Why We Love Day of La Rioja

  1. The Spaniards know how to have fun

    We love any reason to have a celebration! La Tomatina and the Haro wine festival are just some of the popular festivals held in Spain.

  2. They make some great art

    Some of the world’s most famous painters including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Goya, El Greco, and Velázquez all came from Spain. There is nothing better than appreciating a good work of art.

  3. It is beautiful

    It does not matter if you are into food, wine, beaches, history, art, or architecture — Spain has it all. Spain is such a popular country that in 2018 the country had more visitors than the number of people who live there!

Day of La Rioja dates

2024June 9Sunday
2025June 9Monday
2026June 9Tuesday
2027June 9Wednesday
2028June 9Friday

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