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WedFeb 19

National Lash Day – February 19, 2025

National Lash Day is celebrated annually on February 19 to promote the importance of proper eyelash care. It is a day to notice and appreciate both true and false eyelashes for the beauty they add to our look. Lashes are known to make our eyes pop and stand out from the crowd. They also serve an even more important role in helping to protect our eyes from dirt, germs, and foreign objects and prevent the lubricating moistures in our eyes from evaporating.

History of National Lash Day

Every February 19 marks National Lash Day. A holiday created by House of Lashes, as a day to “…notice and appreciate both true and false eyelashes for the beauty they add to every look.”

The origin of cosmetics for beautifying eyelashes dates back to 4,000 B.C. when kohl became popular for darkening the eyelids in Ancient Egypt. Modern non-toxic mascara is said to have originated in France in 1913 before it started to take hold in the U.S. years later, with the debut of Maybelline’s mascara whose formula was made of a mix of Vaseline and coal and was developed by its founder, Thomas Williams.

On National Lash Days, everyone is encouraged to take special care of their often negligible eyelashes and flaunt their beauty with a beautiful and luscious pair of lashes.

One interesting fact about our lashes is that they are made up of 97% keratin — the key structural protein found in nails, feathers, horns, and claws. It is also believed that eyelashes grow to an average of over three inches in length, with those closest to the center usually longer than those on the sides of the eyelid. And, that eyelashes on the upper eyelid typically grow fuller than the ones at the bottom; usually, the top would have between 200 to 300, while the bottom, about 100.

It was also recently discovered that our eyelashes typically start growing before birth as an embryo between the 22 and 26 weeks of pregnancy.

National Lash Day timeline

Mascara is Invented

Modern non-toxic mascara, an important eyelash and beauty product, is first developed in France by Eugene Rimmel.

The First Drug to Grow Eyelashes

A drug primarily meant for growing eyelashes receives regulatory approval in the U.S.

The Eyelash’s Development Process is Outlined

The development process of eyelashes in the human embryo is first explained.

National Lash Day is initiated

National Lash Day is initiated by the beauty brand, House of Lashes, to celebrate the beauty and functionality of eyelashes.

National Lash Day FAQs

How many eyelashes do you gain a day?

On average, eyelashes fall out and are replenished by the body every 150 days. Depending on the person, we typically shed between one to five eyelashes a day but for the most part, a new eyelash would have been growing to replace them.

Do eyelashes lose color?

Yes. Eyelashes typically thin out and go gray as we get older. Although they tend to go gray later than our other hair.

How do you celebrate National Lash Day?

Treat your eyelashes and pamper them with all the best care — like straightening and coloring them. Have fun including a few of the ‘superfoods’ reputed to promote eyelash growth, such as mushrooms, sweet potato, eggs, and avocados on your menu.

National Lash Day Activities

  1. Treat your eyelashes

    As much as eyelashes hold some of the most important functional benefits, they are also known to be negligible by many of us. Their location on a part of the body we rarely like to touch might be why. Commit to pampering your eyelashes with all the best care — like straightening and coloring them, during the holiday as a way to celebrate National Lash day,

  2. Browse catalogs of eyelash care products online

    What better way is there to stay up to date and in the loop of how best to care for one’s eyelashes? Read how-to guides, and product descriptions, and specifications to always stay ahead of the curve in eyelash care and celebrate the day.

  3. Show your support on social media

    Celebrate your lashes in their most luscious state with a cute selfie on social media. Trigger admiration for their thick and beautiful essence and help people kickstart discussions around eyelashes by posting with #NationalLashDay on social media.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lashes

  1. Babies and eyelashes

    Babies start growing eyelashes before they are born — between the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy.

  2. Protector

    Eyelashes serve the purpose of protecting our eyes against dirt, germs, and foreign objects.

  3. The effect of aging

    According to eye professionals, eyelashes typically thin out as a person gets older.

  4. Lashes can grow very long

    The longest eyelashes ever measured were grown by a woman in China and were four inches long.

  5. Regeneration

    Eyelashes fall out and are replenished by the body every 150 days on average.

Why We Love National Lash Day

  1. It brings awareness of their function

    The main purpose of our eyelashes is to protect our eyes against dirt, germs, and foreign objects. Since this part of their use is often forgotten, National Lash Day serves as a reminder to bring people’s attention to this important function.

  2. It helps us learn about eyelash care

    Another reason for having a day set aside to celebrate lashes is that it forces us to learn how to care for them properly. Aside from their primary function, eyelashes are an essential part of good looks, beauty, and makeup. So, more often than not, even when this is not apparent, we usually want to learn how to take good care of them.

  3. To make an informed beauty product decision

    The fashion and beauty product industry goes through an endless controversy cycle when products are set to launch. In the past, there have been reports of animal abuse from testing beauty products on animals to measure the potential effect on humans. Although there are now global policies against animal testing of beauty products, the practice still exists. Searching through catalogs of eyelash-care products online, and reading their description will help you identify those that are unethically made.

National Lash Day dates

2025February 19Wednesday
2026February 19Thursday
2027February 19Friday
2028February 19Saturday
2029February 19Monday

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