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Constantin Brancusi Day – February 19, 2025

Constantin Brancusi Day is an annual holiday held every February 19 to celebrate the life of the artist Constantin Brancusi widely regarded as one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century and a pioneer of modernism. Romanians observe Constantin Brancusi Day in honor of their famous compatriot, who was born on February 19, 1876.

Brancusi, who was also a photographer, drew inspiration for his artworks from mystical folklore and traditional sources. Although his works were often regarded by others as abstract, the artist claimed his creations were expressive representations of his subjects. He produced carvings from wood, metal, marble, stone, and bronze. Later, Brancusi moved to Paris and joined a community of artists.

History of Constantin Brancusi Day

Every year Romanians observe Constantin Brancusi’s life after the Romanian parliament initiated Constantin Brancusi Day in 2015.

Brancusi, often called the patriarch of modern sculpture, was born in a village in Romania where he took an interest and quickly gained expertise in the carving of wooden structures that were the typical job of most villagers.

Brancusi would spend time carving farm tools and other items from wood and taking care of the family sheep. His childhood was unhappy as his father and brothers bullied him to the point when he was forced to run away from home to avoid repeated beatings.

Around the age of nine, Brancusi finally left home permanently and moved to Craiova, where he lived and worked until the age of 18. Here, his talents were discovered and he was sent to the Craiova School of Arts and Crafts. Following that, he attended art schools in Bucharest and Munich before moving to France to begin developing the revolutionary style for which he is now well known.

An interesting precedent to Romania’s Parliament declaring the sculptor’s birthday a holiday was when it set up a national fundraiser to raise enough money to buy back one of Brancusi’s works named “Wisdom Of Earth,” to posthumously mark his 140th birthday.

Constantin Brancusi Day was designed to honor the sculptor’s legacy and his contribution to the development of modern art and is usually marked by several events across Romania. These include a state-sponsored event at the Tinerimea Romana or National Art Center, in the country.

Constantin Brancusi Day timeline

Constantin Brancusi is born

Brancusi is born on February 19 in the present-day territory of Romania.

His First U.S Exhibition

Brancusi first exhibits his sculptures in the United States.

Constantin Brancusi Day is Initiated

The Romanian Parliament declares the sculptor’s birthday as Constantin Brancusi Day.

His Works Earn Government Support

Valer Daniel-Breaz, a Romanian senator, claims that Brancusi’s artwork will remain “one of the most significant forms of dialogue of the Romanian culture.”

Constantin Brancusi Day FAQs

Is Constantin Brancusi Day a Public Holiday?

No. Constantin Brancusi Day is not a public holiday in Romania. Businesses serve customers during their normal opening hours as they used to.

Which is Brancusi’s most famous artwork?

Some of his most famous pieces include “The Kiss,” “Bird in Space,” “Mademoiselle Pogany,” and “Endless Column.”

How do you celebrate Constantin Brancusi Day?

To celebrate Brancusi’s Day visit an exhibiting museum. You can read about his life too and share your thoughts about him on social media.

Constantin Brancusi Day Activities

  1. Visit an exhibiting museum

    There’s usually a lot of organized events at the Tinerimea Romana or National Art Center in Romania during Constantin Brancusi Day. From speeches and lectures about Brancusi and his work to sculpture and book exhibitions. To celebrate, visit museums exhibiting his work on this holiday.

  2. Read about his life

    Another way to celebrate Brancusi’s achievements during the holiday is to read more about his life. A book like “Brâncuşi - Memories & Exegesis,” and “Peggy Guggenheim Life and Legacy – The Art Story,” will give you insight into his life.

  3. Share your thoughts about him on social media

    Perhaps the best way to celebrate Brancusi’s life and help drive even more people to know about him is to share your fascination with his sculptors on social media. Use the hashtag #BrancusiDay.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Constantin Brancusi

  1. Buying back his sculpture

    To posthumously mark his 140th birthday, the Romania government launched a countrywide fundraising campaign to gather enough money to buy one of his sculptures back from its current private owners.

  2. He was abused by his father

    According to reports, Brancusi sometimes had to resort to running away from home to avoid beatings from his father in his teenage years.

  3. He once rudely dumped his girlfriend

    Brancusi was reported to have had a short fling with the famous Romanian singer and actress, Maria Tanase, whom he reportedly broke up with rudely.

  4. It is simply Brancusi Day to locals

    The holiday is mostly known to locals as just Brancusi Day.

  5. Brancusi and Google

    Google commemorated his 135th birthday in 2011 with a doodle.

Why We Love Constantin Brancusi Day

  1. We remember his sculptures

    We love the timelessness of Brancusi’s pieces. Very few other sculptor’s works exude timelessness like Brancusi’s works do. Reflecting on his sculpture-making process and all the effort that it took to make some of his most famous pieces like “The Kiss,” “Bird in Space,” “Mademoiselle Pogany,” and “The Endless Column” is an education.

  2. We learn about his life

    Brancusi was born into a poor family and had a fraught upbringing. Stories of him running away from home to avoid beatings from his father in his teenage years, even when he was the herder of the family sheep, are well known. And, although his affinity with carving is predictable because he grew up in a woodworking region of his country, the magnitude of his success couldn’t have been foreseen. His extraordinary rise from humble beginnings as a poor peasant boy makes it more reason to celebrate him

  3. It inspires

    A popular Romanian figure once noted in 2019 that Brancusi’s artwork inspires. Brancusi’s art is characterized by clean geometrical lines and balanced forms informed by the nature of the materials he used to create symbolic representations. It is said that he sought inspiration from cultures foreign to his immediate country of residence, birth country, and other continental European countries.

Constantin Brancusi Day dates

2025February 19Wednesday
2026February 19Thursday
2027February 19Friday
2028February 19Saturday
2029February 19Monday

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