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MonFeb 19

National Vet Girls ROCK Day – February 19, 2024

National Vet Girls ROCK Day is celebrated on February 19. It was established by the Vet Rock Girls, an initiative for female veterans, to recognize the dedication of over two million female veterans. The day is dedicated to building relationships, helping and supporting one another, and creating a voice where the needs of veteran women can be heard. Raise your glasses as we cheer to women who exhibit astounding bravery by enlisting in the military and fighting for peace.

History of National Vet Girls ROCK Day

National Vet ROCK Day was established in 2017, celebrating the history and lives of women in the military. Long before women were allowed to serve in the military, they participated in wars as nurses, cooks, and caretakers for the soldiers.

In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt established the Navy Nurse Corps; the first 20 female participants were called ‘The Sacred Twenty.’

The first woman to be officially enlisted was Loretta Perfectus Walsh in 1917, when she joined the American Navy. Women were officially allowed to participate in active military and combat roles in the last two years of World War Il. 33,000 women signed up to serve in different roles. Hundreds of them were a part of the Women Airforce Service Program, testing military aircraft.

They have also made a remarkable distinction in the history of the U.S military. After the Civil War, Dr. Mary E. Walker was honored with a medal for her work as a surgeon during the war.
In 1998, Commander Maureen Farren became the first woman to command a combatant ship, the USS Mount Vernon. In 2016, Captain Kristen Griest became the first female Army Infantry commander, after graduating from Ranger school.

Female veterans also struggle with mental, physical, and financial problems, and find it difficult to integrate into civilian life after experiencing war. Many women suffer from MST (Military Sexual Trauma), cardiovascular risk factors, depression, eye and skin disorders, and spine conditions.

This calls for support and care from every person. Support groups for female vets have been created and National Vet Girls ROCK Day was established to create more awareness and give them more support. It is celebrated in meet-up groups in different spots around the country; you can join one to celebrate.

National Vet Girls ROCK Day timeline

Women in the Army.

President Truman signs the Act that allows women to fully serve in the military.

Welcome to Military Academy.

Women are admitted to military academies in the U.S.

Vet Girls ROCK

The Vet Girls ROCK initiative is created.

The holiday is created

Vet Girls ROCK Day is founded.

National Vet Girls ROCK Day FAQs

How many female veterans are there in the U.S.?

There are over two million female veterans in the United States.

Who is a veteran?

A veteran is someone who was active in military service and was honorably discharged.

How can I provide support for veterans?

You can join veteran support groups around. Meet with veterans you know and treat them with gifts and meals. Donate to veteran projects. Always lend a helping hand to a veteran in need.

How to Celebrate Vet Girls ROCK Day

  1. Celebrate a female vet

    Visit the vet girls you know. Show them love by bringing them food and celebrating them on social media.

  2. Create awareness

    Spread the word about the importance of this holiday! Let everyone know so every female vet is celebrated.

  3. Buy a gift

    Show appreciation by getting a gift for a vet girl you know. A bag, dress, or even a box of cookies would be a kind gesture.

5 Interesting Facts About Female Soldiers

  1. Man in war

    Deborah Sampson Gannett disguised herself as a man to fight in the Revolutionary War.

  2. A four-star woman

    Admiral Michelle Howard is the first woman in Navy history to receive four stars.

  3. Combatant commander

    Commander Maureen A. Farren is the first woman to lead a combatant ship.

  4. Navy programmer

    Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the people who helped to develop COBOL.

  5. In The Great War

    33,000 women signed up to serve as nurses in the Great War, with 400 deaths recorded at the end.

Why We Love the National Vet Girls ROCK Day

  1. We admire them

    We are in awe of these women who are brave enough to enter the battlefield. We admire their strength of mind and courage.

  2. They inspire us

    Women in the military remind us that we can do whatever we want to do if we fight for it. The history of women in the military is not so smooth but they succeeded because they never gave up. This inspires us.

  3. We celebrate the fallen

    We commemorate women who died in action and applaud their work and sacrifice. We celebrate their lives given to ensure our peace.

National Vet Girls ROCK Day dates

2024February 19Monday
2025February 19Wednesday
2026February 19Thursday
2027February 19Friday
2028February 19Saturday

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