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WedFeb 19

National Airboat Day – February 19, 2025

National Airboat Day is held on February 19. If you’re looking for an up-close encounter with the wildlife of the wetlands then head to Florida’s Everglades. This day was created to give both tourists and locals a chance to explore Floridian wildlife, especially its misunderstood yet fierce alligators. You can also get to observe the region’s tropical birds and other endangered species over there. So, book your tickets at Wild Florida and use this chance to enjoy a thrilling airboat adventure through the swamps.

History of National Airboat Day

To enhance tourists’ eco-tour experiences, Wild Florida Airboats created National Airboat Day on February 19, 2021. The Floridian Everglades is home to hundreds of animal species, many of which are endangered. Wild Florida has been providing tourists with hands-on encounters with the wild on their sturdy airboats. On National Airboat Day, Wild Florida offers tourists heavy discounts for their tours and all they need to do to claim it is to remember to shout “Happy Airboats Day” while booking.

Airboats are the ideal choice for a cruise through the swamps and marshes in the Everglades of Florida. Although they weren’t initially invented to serve civilians or for recreational purposes, they have been widely acknowledged as the perfect means of transit through coastal mangroves and marshes.

10 years after the first airboat was created, it was used by the British Army during their First World War Mesopotamian Campaigns in 1915. Although civilian airboats began to be constructed in the 1920s, they didn’t see wide usage until the 1930s. At the same time in the early 1930s, the amphibious vehicle grew popular in America. One of the first airboats produced in Florida was the ‘Whooshmobile’ built by the Floridian frog hunter, Johnny Lamb. In 1935, two Chokoloskee Gladesmen, Ernst and Willard Yates, built their own version of an airboat. Unfortunately for the latter, he became the first person to die in an airboat accident. Regardless, modern airboats have not only become more popular but are also viewed as very safe.

National Airboat Day timeline

The First Airboat is Built

The first airboat is constructed by the famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bells in Scotia, Canada.

First Airboat Use

Airboats are used by the British Army in the WWI Mesopotamian campaign.

Production of Civilian Airboats

Civilian airboats begin to be produced by Farman Aircraft — the company that built engines for the WWI military airboats.

Popularity in America

Airboats start becoming popular in America as they begin to be independently invented and used by some Floridians, especially those living around the Everglade.

Floridian Airboats

The Floridian frog hunter, Johnny Lamb, builds an airboat and names it the ‘Whooshmobile.’

National Airboat Day FAQs

Why are airboats used in Florida?

An airboat is just the right vehicle for traveling in the marshy waters of Florida as other boats cannot glide through the wetlands as smoothly.

Is an airboat the same as a hovercraft?

No. While hovercrafts barely touch the water surface, airboats can conveniently glide over it.

Can airboats run on land?

The amphibious design of airboats makes them capable of also gliding over flat land as far as there are no obstacles.

National Airboat Day Activities

  1. Go on an airboat cruise

    The best way to celebrate this holiday is to go to Wild Florida and book an airboat ride. While you’re at it, take your friends and family with you to share in your adventure.

  2. Visit the Florida Everglades

    Exploring the swamps and creeks of the Everglade on an airboat can be a thrilling experience. Keep an eye out for any alligators and panthers on the way!

  3. Tell people about it

    After catching up on all the airboat cruise fun, end the holiday by recounting your experience to close ones and even posting about it on social media. They might just decide to tag along the next time!

5 Interesting Facts About Alligators That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Sex is temperature dependent

    The sex of gator eggs is dependent on the temperatures they are exposed to — temperatures above 34°C give males, while females are developed at 30°C.

  2. Committed to motherhood

    Female gators are dedicated mothers and stay near their eggs' nests throughout the 65-day incubation period.

  3. Water conservationists

    They retain water in their freshwater niches called ‘holes’ in the wet season which provide habitats for other animals during the dry season.

  4. Distinct teeth life cycle

    Alligator teeth are replaced when they fall out throughout their lifetime, with a single alligator capable of going through over 2,000 life cycles of teeth in its lifetime.

  5. Skilled at artificial hunting

    They can lure bird prey using inanimate objects like sticks or branches to mimic nests.

Why We Love National Airboat Day

  1. It is a thrilling experience

    Coursing through the swamps and marshes in the Everglades can make one feel like they’re in an adventure movie. The chance to get so close to the fascinating wildlife of the region will forever be etched in your memory.

  2. It allows you to safely view endangered wildlife

    Most of the wild creatures that we see on these airboat rides are those we could otherwise get to watch only on screens or read about in books. Such experiences make us proud of our region’s natural resources and inspire us to take care of them.

  3. It offers you fun-filled memories

    An airboat cruise with family and friends is a cool way to spend some quality time with them. Clicking a selfie with a tropical bird perched on your shoulder or getting to hold a small alligator are moments that will never fail to bring a smile to your face even years later.

National Airboat Day dates

2025February 19Wednesday
2026February 19Thursday
2027February 19Friday
2028February 19Saturday
2029February 19Monday

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