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National Smile Month – May 2024

National Smile Month takes place from May 17 to June 17. Everything from doughnuts to Star Wars now has its own day, so it’s only right that smiles have their own month! The month of May is dedicated to encouraging excellent oral health and boosting the nation’s smiles. National Smile Month is the United Kingdom’s largest and longest-running oral health promotion. The Oral Health Foundation is in charge of organizing it. The campaign seeks to enhance the health of millions of people in the United Kingdom by increasing awareness of oral health concerns and teaching people how to care for their smiles.

History of National Smile Month

In 1977, the “Smile 77” campaign began as week-long marketing in the West Midlands. For the event, poet Pam Ayres penned the poem “I Wish I’d Looked After My Teeth,” which was later voted into the top ten of a B.B.C. poll to identify the Nation’s 100 Favorite Poems. The following year, the event was replicated, and the first National Smile Week was held in 1979. ‘Eat Well, Stay Biting Fit’ was the subject of the 1984 Smile Week, which began at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden and earned around £3.5 million in newspaper attention. Throughout the week, two good-food vans traversed London, teaching youngsters the skill of sugar-free cooking and providing tasters to 2,000 hungry students.

The Dental Health Foundation is the primary organizer of National Smile Month, intending to improve the oral health of millions of people across the United Kingdom. Throughout the month-long campaign, unique events will be held in schools across the United Kingdom to assist youngsters in developing healthy dental habits.

The National Smile Month’s three important themes are that it is critical to brush your teeth at night and at least once throughout the day using fluoride toothpaste. It is also advised to visit your dentist regularly and to limit your intake of sugary drinks and meals. The campaign invites dental and health professionals, schools, pharmacies, community groups, colleges, and workplaces to participate and help us educate, motivate, and communicate positive oral health messages to improve the quality of smiles all over the world.

National Smile Month timeline

First National Smile Celebrate

It begins as a week-long campaign when preventative dentistry isn't commonplace and evolves into a significant emphasis for all dental professionals 40 years later.

International Reach to the United States

The campaign is deemed a success, with an estimated audience of 180 million readers and watchers.

The United Arab Emirates Celebrates

For the first time, the United Arab Emirates celebrates National Smile Month as 'UAE Smile Month.'

Rebranding for Broader Reach

The British Dental Health Foundation renames itself the Oral Health Foundation, reflecting the charity's goals and desire to give oral health information, education, and assistance to individuals all around the world.

National Smile Month FAQs

What kind of illness may be avoided by brushing your teeth?

Keeping your teeth and gums clean might help you avoid cavities and gum disease.

What is the significance of brushing your teeth at night?

Because during the day, saliva protects your teeth from harmful acids. When you sleep, though, your body generates less saliva, making your mouth dry. When you go to bed without cleaning your teeth, you increase your chances of getting cavities.

Why do we celebrate National Smile Month?

It’s to aid in the improvement of your dental health and visiting the dentist regularly promotes good oral health and is an essential aspect of overall wellness.

National Smile Month Activities

  1. it gives children education

    Do you want some enjoyable activities to teach your children the value of excellent dental health? If so, have a look at the nearest place for oral health education for your children or join with Dental buddy program with the Dental Health Foundation.

  2. Make an appointment to dentist

    Because this month was invented by dentists, surprise yours by visiting them. Make an appointment for a dental examination to ensure that your smile is in good working order.

  3. Share your smile

    Do you want to spread some joy and share your smile? Whatever you decide, treasure the sensation of being able to brighten someone's day, and continue to provide smiles to everyone you encounter.

5 Interesting Facts About Brushing Your Teeth

  1. Floss your teeth

    If you don't floss your teeth, you're leaving up to 40% of your tooth surfaces unclean! Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is critical for maintaining good oral hygiene.

  2. Tree wigs

    The earliest toothbrushes were made from tree twigs! Chewing on the tips of the twigs spread out the fibers, making it simpler to clean the teeth.

  3. Milk teeth

    Milk teeth begin to grow before birth but do not emerge until the child is six to 12 months old.

  4. Four different types of teeth

    Humans cut, chew, and grind their food using four distinct types of teeth that are classified as incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

  5. You can damage your teeth

    Brushing your teeth incorrectly might cause harm to them, and you should avoid brushing too hard.

Why We Love National Smile Month

  1. Smiles are powerful

    They not only make you feel good but also form a brief relationship between the people who share a grin. Smiling has been shown in studies to boost worker productivity and creativity, as well as make employees appear more competent and trustworthy.

  2. It has health benefits

    Our brains get healthier as we grin more. This is because smiling makes us joyful, which reduces stress. Smiles have also been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and discomfort. Smiling can boost our stamina, boost our immune system, and even assist maintain our body's cells healthy.

  3. It gives us confidence

    Aside from the fact that our teeth play such a crucial role in our life, a smile provides numerous day-to-day benefits. It may boost our self-esteem and impact our social life, professions, and relationships.

National Smile Month dates

2024May 17Friday
2025May 17Saturday
2026May 17Sunday
2027May 17Monday
2028May 17Wednesday

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