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SunMay 18

World Baking Day – May 18, 2025

World Baking Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday in May as the day for everyone to bake something. This year, it falls on May 18. Are you a person who bakes often? Or, are you someone who has never baked at all? If you’re the latter, the day is for you to bake something. Sweet or savory, pretzels or crackers, you have to indulge in baking at least once. You’ll most likely love it, especially if you have baked goods of choice. So, get yourself ready for this tasty experience.

History of World Baking Day

World Baking Day is a campaign started by Unilever to promote their margarine products. World Baking Day was celebrated on May 17, but the day is to be celebrated on a Sunday so that people would have time to bake. World Baking Day was initially observed on May 20, 2012, which was the third Sunday in May. The day is meant for people to bake something and give it away to show that they care. So, we chose to refer to our World Baking Day as the one on the third Sunday in May.

Baking is done in an oven, but it can also be on hot ashes or hot stones. It has been traditionally performed by women at home and by men at bakeries and restaurants. Baked goods, especially bread, are a common and essential food, economically and culturally, so the art of baking is considered a fundamental skill. People whose profession is to prepare baked goods are bakers; pastry chefs are those who are trained in the art of making bread, pastries, desserts, and other baked goods.

One of the most common items of baked goods is bread, although many other types of food can also be baked. From cakes, cookies, and pretzels to pizzas, lasagne, and baked potatoes, there are many foods you can put in the oven to enjoy baking and tasting. Sweet or savory, the options of baked goods are endless. Pies, for example, can be made sweet and savory — apple pie, sugar pie, steak pie, and quiche, yum. So, what are you going to bake today? Whatever it’ll be, make sure you share it with your loved ones.

World Baking Day timeline

12,000 Years Ago
Bread Baking

In Neolithic times hunter-gathers bake bread from cereal production.

300 B.C.
The Baker

Romans introduce a new occupation and respectable profession — baking.

World Baking Day

The first World Baking Day takes place.

Oven Discovery

Croatia discovers the world’s oldest oven, dating back 6,500 years ago.

World Baking Day FAQs

What is the most popular baked good?

It is said that donuts are the favorite baked goods in the U.S.

What bakery items sell the most?

In 2020, fresh bread and rolls were the best-selling bakery products in the U.S.

What is the most popular cake in the world?

Chocolate cake is the world’s favorite cake, with around 394,050 monthly searches worldwide.

World Baking Day Activities

  1. Bake some food

    If you are used to baking, you’ll know what to do, and you need to pick the preferred recipe and prepare the ingredients and tools. If you’re new to this well, you may want to start by looking for recipes or how-tos. Then, you can go on.

  2. Invite your special someone

    Bake the food alone and present it later to this someone, or invite them and make the baked goods together. Either looks fine. But the former seems sweeter.

  3. Share it

    If you bake often, you probably have one favorite baked good that you consider a masterpiece. On this day, you may want to share it with your neighbors.

5 Facts About Bread You Need To Know

  1. The longer you chew it, the sweeter

    Chewing bread makes the amylase in saliva interact with the starch producing simple sugars.

  2. The soft inner part is the crumb

    The soft inner part of bread is known as the crumb, different from bread crumbs.

  3. It was a form of payment

    The builders of the Giza pyramids in Egypt were paid with bread.

  4. It has over 100 types

    Bread is said to have more than 100 varieties.

  5. Sandwiches account for 50% of bread consumption

    Bought or made-at-home, sandwiches account for 50% of bread consumption.

Why We Love World Baking Day

  1. We love baked goods

    Who doesn’t love cake, brownies, or pie? World Baking Day is for us to try the many baked foods, from sweet to savory.

  2. Sharing is caring

    World Baking Day means for people to bake food and give it away. It’s nice because a simple gesture like giving food or being given food can make our day.

  3. It encourages baking

    World Baking Day is for some of us who never baked. We can begin to experience baking and hopefully enjoy it.

World Baking Day dates

2022May 15Sunday
2023May 21Sunday
2024May 19Sunday
2025May 18Sunday
2026May 17Sunday

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