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SunMay 18

Emergency Medical Services Day – May 18, 2025

Emergency Medical Services Day is annually observed in the third week of May — the first day of the Emergency Medical Services Week. This year, it takes place on May 18. The holiday creates awareness about the services performed by emergency medical service providers, such as doctors, nurses, emergency helpline responders, and ambulance drivers. It also aims to express gratitude to E.M.S. providers for the time-bound services they perform.

History of Emergency Medical Services Day

Emergency medical services (E.M.S.) emerged during the Civil War era in the U.S. All military personnel had to be examined by medical officers to qualify for duty, and ambulance teams were trained in patient care to care for injured soldiers. Fast forward a few decades, in 1865, Cincinnati got its first civilian ambulance. Later, in 1869, New York City advertised a 30-second response time and provided an ambulance surgeon for critical patients.

During World War I, signal boxes were used by injured soldiers to assist medical teams in locating them on the battlefields. Along with ambulances, medical teams also used electric, steam, and gasoline-powered carriages to transport the injured. After the war, civilian ambulances carrying surgeons were equipped with radio dispatchers so they could quickly reach those in need.

However, the emergence of what we know as modern-day emergency medical services began during the 1950s as a subsidiary of five different types of businesses: towing operators, medical equipment companies, funeral homes, hospitals, and police/fire departments. The subsidiary evolved into its own industry over time. However, the efforts of E.M.T.s and other E.M.S. responders weren’t known or understood until President Gerald Ford authorized Emergency Medical Services Week in 1974.

Emergency Medical Services Day is managed by the federal Emergency Medical Services Program, which partners with the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Emergency Nurses Association to raise awareness concerning the need for patients in acute care settings. Every year, the focus is to improve medical facilities for every age group in critical situations.

Emergency Medical Services Day timeline

Traffic Accidents Become a Health Problem

President John F. Kennedy declares traffic accidents a “public health problem.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Act

The N.H.T.S.A. standardizes E.M.S. training.

The E.M.S. Systems Act

The Act establishes 300 E.M.S. systems across the country.

The E.M.S. Agenda for the Future

The agenda connects E.M.S. with other medical systems.

Emergency Medical Services Day FAQs

Who provides emergency medical services?

The E.M.S. systems are managed collectively by state-run ambulance services, volunteer ambulance services, fire- or police-linked services, private ambulance services, hospital-based services, combined emergency services, and company ambulances.

What is the role of E.M.S.?

EMS provides emergency medical care to people suffering from heart attacks, strokes, etc.

What is an E.M.S. provider?

An emergency medical services (E.M.S.) provider is either an emergency medical technician (E.M.T.) or a trained E.M.S. first responder who gives immediate medical care to prevent loss of life or aggravation of physical/psychological illness or injury.

How to Observe Emergency Medical Services Day

  1. Attend an awareness program

    Celebrate Emergency Medical Services Day by attending awareness programs and seminars on emergency medical services. Learn how these services help us and how you can cooperate with emergency medical technicians.

  2. Thank emergency medical technicians

    Emergency medical technicians are behind the success of emergency medical services. So, observe Emergency Medical Services Day by thanking these technicians for their constant vigilance.

  3. Post on social media

    Create awareness about Emergency Medical Services Day by posting about it on social media. Use the hashtag #EmergencyMedicalServicesDay and post your own experiences with emergency medical services.

5 Interesting Facts About Emergency Care

  1. Emergency care is never out of each

    Emergency technicians work round the clock, seven days a week.

  2. The waiting time is short

    On average, the waiting time for receiving emergency services is 30 minutes.

  3. The patient must go through seven steps

    Emergency care services begin with a triage nurse attending to the patient and end with a specialist doctor taking over.

  4. Emergency care providers have the final say

    The emergency care providers and the urgent care team decide the seriousness of a patient's condition.

  5. Emergency care is expensive

    An average emergency visit costs $1,354.

Why Emergency Medical Services Day is Important

  1. It promotes a better quality of life

    Emergency medical services exist so everyone can enjoy a better quality of life. Knowing that there are experts who will help us in our time of need can be immensely reassuring.

  2. It saves lives

    The greatest achievement of E.M.S. responders is how they save thousands of lives every day. From heart attacks to dangerous traffic accidents, you can count on E.M.S. responders to address all your critical needs.

  3. It offers chances of improvement

    On Emergency Medical Services Day, technicians get together to plan how emergency medical services can be improved. Their dedicated efforts bring the best improvements in emergency care.

Emergency Medical Services Day dates

2022May 15Sunday
2023May 21Sunday
2024May 19Sunday
2025May 18Sunday
2026May 17Sunday

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