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WedMay 7

Love's Baby Soft Day – May 7, 2025

Love’s Baby Soft Day is celebrated on May 7, annually. If you were a teen in the 1980s in the U.S., then you know what we are talking about. A favorite among young girls was Love’s Baby Soft. Today, every lifestyle brand, top-ranking model, notable movie star, and popular influencer has their beauty product line. Most of the time, it is difficult to keep up with the plethora of new brands popping up. But, until a few decades ago, the market was dominated by only a few players and Love’s Baby Soft line was one of them.

History of Love's Baby Soft Day

An icon of femininity that came to be described as “feminine of the feminine.” Love’s Baby Soft was launched in 1974 and immediately became a success. With a strong scent of baby powder, the fragrance from Love’s Baby Soft line became the most loved product back then. To our surprise, the product remains available in supermarkets. However, it is no longer the icon of femininity anymore but rather serves as a bottle of nostalgia instead.

In time, change was needed to their selling point, because Love’s Baby Soft product line may have had a questionable take on femininity, especially from the perspective of today’s woke society standards. Now, revisiting the advertisement copies, one can only imagine what a catastrophe it would be if some of the taglines and descriptions had to be reused today. “Because innocence is sexier than you think” and “Underneath it all, she is baby soft” accompanied by pictures of prepubescent girls can raise some serious questions like, where are you leading with this? The fragrance was described as “a cuddly, clean baby…that grew up very sexy” in one of the tv campaigns.

Though explicitly, the brand was targeting adult women, their pricing and campaigns suggested that the target was young girls dwelling on the idea of womanhood. Thankfully, brands and media have come a long way since then. Today, Love’s Baby Soft is a bottle filled with a sweet smell and fond memories.

Love's Baby Soft Day timeline

The Lemon Craze

Love cosmetics is introduced in 1969 with its line of credited, lemon bath products.

Love's Baby Soft Launches

Love's Baby Soft product line launches, featuring products such as talc, foam bath, body lotion, and other products with their iconic fragrance that represents freshness and youth.

Brooke Shields as Brand Ambassador

The leading actress in Pretty Baby starts advertising for Love’s Baby.

May 1980
The Buy Out

Love Cosmetics is sold by Menley & James to Chattem, Tennessee.

Love's Baby Soft Day FAQs

What are the notes in Love's Baby Soft perfume?

It holds notes of geranium, jasmine, rose, patchouli, vanilla, and musk.

Is Loves Baby Soft cruelty-free?

Yes, Love cosmetics promises that its products are vegan and cruelty-free.

What company made Loves Baby Soft?

Love’s Baby Soft is a product range of Love Cosmetics.

Love's Baby Soft Day Activities

  1. Use the products

    If you have never tried Love’s Baby Soft products before, today would be a perfect day. Revisit this classic cosmetic range and enjoy fond memories.

  2. Buy the products

    If you were a fan of the brand during its days of glory, take a trip down the road of nostalgia. The brand's products are still abundantly available in department stores and supermarkets.

  3. Gift someone you love

    Mother’s day is around the corner and Love’s Baby Soft could be the perfect gift. Take your mum down memory lane with products she used a while back.

5 Facts About Love Cosmetics

  1. Who started Love Cosmetics?

    Love Cosmetics was introduced by Menley & James Laboratories.

  2. They had a million-dollar campaign budget

    Love Cosmetics campaigned excessively during the initial years and this is reflected in their advertisement budget which crossed $7 million during this period.

  3. Who was Love Cosmetics targeted at?

    Love cosmetics was targeted at women between the age of 20 and 25 who liked using cosmetics.

  4. First line of Love products

    The first range of products that Love cosmetics introduced was Love's Fresh Lemon Cleanser and Lovelids Eyeshadow.

  5. They had a lipstick range

    The lipstick of Love Cosmetics was introduced as Lovestick.

Why We Love Love's Baby Soft Day

  1. Splurge on what we love

    Cosmetics have become a real passion for many people. Today the internet is flooded with cosmetic brands and beauty tutorials. How long can one resist jumping on the contour bandwagon?

  2. Who can be allergic to awesomeness?

    The kohl eyes add to the drama, the fragrance emanates sensuality, and the lipstick highlights the mood. Cosmetics help define who we are or who we wish to be seen as today.

  3. Old habits, die hard

    Love’s Baby Soft holds a special place in the hearts of people who used it. It takes them back to when they were young and brings back fond times.

Love's Baby Soft Day dates

2025May 7Wednesday
2026May 7Thursday
2027May 7Friday
2028May 7Sunday
2029May 7Monday

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