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FriMar 14

National Write Your Story Day – March 14, 2025

National Write Your Story Day is on March 14, and this is another day to celebrate the uniqueness that we all possess, that distinguishing factor that sets us all apart; our story. Stories are beautiful and exciting to listen to or read, be it a personal story, ancient or modern. Stories serve the purpose of entertaining, educating, informing, and sometimes, innovating. We are excited about the innovation that birthed this special celebration and the essence it captures in our lives on this special day. What better way is there to know about this day than to get along with us!

History of National Write Your Story Day

Do you remember the way you felt on your first day as a student in a school environment or your experience in a new neighborhood, community, or country; making new friends, adjusting to the new life, and settling down to change; feeling the freshness, and the bubbles of freedom that ooze with excitement? You’d readily recount the experience of meeting your soulmate for the first time; that unexplainable feeling of completeness and wholesomeness. What about your first time working in a team and the feeling of clinching victory or the pains of losing? How often do you reminisce over the joy of finding your true purpose, that unforgettable date, and the graduation from college? This list is endless.

Everyone has a story to tell. Have you written yours? If not, why not? Story writing has been a part of human existence from the very first day the universe was formed. After all, the account of the creation of the world and man is documented as a story. What better ways are there to pass on our stories than to write them? Today, an elementary school pupil can relate to the story of the creation of America, the past and present leaders, heroes, and the trajectory of his dear country because written stories are at his disposal. Our story as a people is dear to us, and one of the best ways to pass on our experiences and major life events to posterity is to document them.

Mitzy, an author, artist, guide, and founder of Mitzy T.V., founded the National Write Your Story Day in September 2017. Subsequently, the celebration is held every March 14. And on this day, we encourage you to be committed to writing your story.

National Write Your Story Day timeline

2100 B.C.
“The Epic of Gilgamesh”

The first poem and mythologized account of a historical figure named Gilgamesh, a ruler of Sumeria in Uruk, is written.

2200 B.C.

She is the first world-known author, a princess, poet, and writer from ancient Mesopotamia

400 A.D.

The first autobiographical work by Saint Augustine of Hippo is written.

“The Life of Samuel Johnson”

James Boswell writes the first modern biography to extol a lexicographer and a man of letters, Samuel Johnson; the work serves as a major influence of the genre's evolution.

National Write Your Story Day FAQs

Is National Write Your Story Day a Public Holiday?

National Write Your Story Day is a means to encourage people to write their stories. However, this day is not a public holiday.

Who can write a story?

Although skilled story writers specialize in this art, any other person who has a flair for writing and storytelling would perform excellently in this niche. Everybody can master the art of writing a story.

Can I get someone to write the story for me?

No, what makes the day fun is that you get to write the story yourself, in your own words, by following your thought process.

National Write Your Story Day Activities

  1. Commit to writing your story

    Wishing will not bring your wills to fruition; actions will. So on this day, why not get committed to writing that story, that memoir, that autobiography? It’s not too late to get to work. If your schedules are visibly tied up, you can commission professional writers to help write down your story.

  2. Get set! Write!

    Have you been procrastinating for too long in writing your book? Let National Write Your Story Day make that difference for you. So, get set, grab your writing materials or electronic writing devices, and write it all out!

  3. Share and encourage

    We can make this day fun, right? Of course, let’s create awareness for others to know about this day. We all have a story to tell, so share that story with the hashtag #writeyourstoryday on social media.

5 Important Facts About Story Writing

  1. “The Bible” is the greatest selling story

    “The Bible” is the greatest selling story of all time, with over five billion copies sold.

  2. Story writing is an ancient art

    The unofficial history of story writing dates back to thousands of years ago when ancient men learned the scope of documenting their cultural heritage for posterity.

  3. We all can write stories

    Anyone can be good at writing stories; it is not restricted to the elite or the schooled alone.

  4. Stories influence us

    Learning from other people's experiences and journeys shapes our perspective about life and, in turn, our actions and conduct.

  5. Written stories live

    It is no news that any book ever published in print can be accessed irrespective of the year of production, meaning that while the author has been dead for centuries, his written stories are still relevant.

Why We Love National Write Your Story Day

  1. It shows the power of story

    A major rallying point for this day is to show people while encouraging them that writing their stories is an important part of their life. We are excited that our stories can be a source of motivation and inspiration to many people out there.

  2. It takes us down memory lane

    Writing a story or reading one does something almost magical; it takes one down memory lane while relishing the events that unfolded in the past. While writing a story, the mind goes through an artistic journey to uncover the depth of the scenarios.

  3. It is therapeutic

    Writing is one sure way of unburdening yourself. Writing our stories helps us manage and learn from past experiences while strengthening our mental and immune systems.

National Write Your Story Day dates

2025March 14Friday
2026March 14Saturday
2027March 14Sunday
2028March 14Tuesday
2029March 14Wednesday

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