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International Fanny Pack Day
SatMar 8

International Fanny Pack Day – March 8, 2025

International Fanny Pack Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in March every year. Though the name might imply it’s a day solely to celebrate fanny packs, the heartfelt meaning behind the day goes much deeper. A trend that hit in the 1980s, fanny packs are small pouches strapped around the waist for carrying little items, such as phones, money, and other items too small to warrant large bags. Whether you call it a waist bag, a belly bag, a belt bag, a moon bag, or even a bum bag, there’s no denying the usefulness of this accessory. The true history behind the day makes International Fanny Pack Day all the more special.

History of International Fanny Pack Day

International Fanny Pack Day was invented in 2007 by a man called Nick Yates from Portland, Oregon. While returning from a party, Yates came across a homeless man, and out of compassion, he gave the man the fruitcake in his fanny pack. This encounter then inspired Nick Yates to start a charitable campaign to donate food to the poor and needy of society. This is how International Fanny Pack Day came into being.

Though the first observance of the holiday took place on the first Saturday in March, subsequent celebrations after 2008 were observed on the second Saturday in March.
Fanny packs have been a trend since the 1980s and were worn around the waist by both men and women. It was safe to carry valuable items without the fear of theft, as the purse is situated at the front of a person’s body where it can be properly guarded. They became the height of fashion during the 1990s but later fell into decline during the 2000s.

However, in 2012, some designers attempted to revive the trend, offering new designs, some going for as high as $1,995. They were called belted satchels or hands-free bags. In 2018, top celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Jaden Smith, and Rihanna, were seen wearing fanny packs that cost over a thousand dollars. Designers like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton were responsible for spearheading this resurgence.

Though fanny packs are traditionally worn at the front of the body, the name implies that some people wore it at the back, above their buttocks. A fanny pack is also known as a waist bag, a belt bag, a moon bag, a belly bag, or even a bum bag. They can also be worn cross-shoulder style.

International Fanny Pack Day timeline

The Fashion Trend

Fanny packs become a fashion trend.

The Creation

Nick Yates creates International Fanny Pack Day.

The Revamp

Fashion designers revamp the concept of the fanny pack, renaming them ‘belted satchels’ or ‘hands-free bags.’

The Resurgence

Fanny packs experience a resurgence, and designer packs are seen on top actors and celebrities.

International Fanny Pack Day FAQs

What can be put in a fanny pack?

The items people typically store in fanny packs include cell phones, car keys, money, pepper spray, power banks, and other little items.

Can men wear fanny packs?

Yes. Fanny packs aren’t only for women, as men may choose to wear them around the waist, over the shoulder, or across the chest. Whatever you decide, rock your fanny pack with confidence!

Is it okay to wear a fanny pack to work?

Well, this all depends on the type of job. Formal jobs might frown on them but could be accepted at informal workspaces. Be sure to ask your supervisor to avoid breaking any rules.

How to Celebrate International Fanny Pack Day

  1. Wear it

    Celebrate this awesome day by wearing a fanny pack on this special day. If you don’t have one, go ahead and shop for a fanny pack that suits your style!

  2. Give to the needy

    The true motive behind this day must be remembered and honored. So let’s lend a helping hand to those around us, either by giving directly to a person in need or volunteering your time at a soup kitchen orphanage or charitable organization.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Don’t forget to spread awareness about International Fanny Pack day by using a hashtag such as #fannypackday to get the information across to more people. As they say, the more, the merrier.

5 Important Facts About Fanny Packs In Various Countries

  1. America

    In America, they are called fanny packs, belt bags, or belly bags.

  2. The United Kingdom

    In the U.K., fanny packs are known as bum bags.

  3. Costa Rica

    In Costa Rica, they are called Skippy or Canguru, from the T.V. series “Skippy the Kangaroo.”

  4. France

    In France, fanny packs are called banana bags.

  5. Spain

    In Spain, a fanny pack is called a kidney bag.

Why We Love International Fanny Pack Day

  1. Ease and convenience

    We love fanny packs because of how easy and convenient they are. They take away the strain of a backpack and free up our hands to carry other important things.

  2. Safe and secure

    The very style of fanny packs makes them secure against pickpockets or even our carelessness. Being strapped to the front of our bodies reduces the odds of the bag getting lost or stolen.

  3. A charitable holiday

    This holiday is great because aside from the fact that it celebrates a fashion trend, it also offers us the opportunity to reach out to the needy in our societies. It’s a reminder to share both our time and resources with others.

International Fanny Pack Day dates

2022March 12Saturday
2023March 11Saturday
2024March 9Saturday
2025March 8Saturday
2026March 14Saturday

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