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Flower and Patio Show – March 8-16, 2025

This year, the Indiana Flower and Patio Show will be held from March 8 to 16. This is an annual eight-day-long event celebrated on the second full Saturday in March. It is a vibrant marketplace where you can shop for home-related products and services, view stunning displays to help inspire your next home project, network with industry experts, and attend informative presentations from renowned local and international home professionals, the Indiana Flower and Patio Show is a must-attend event. Whatever your reason for visiting the Indiana State Fairgrounds, whether you’re searching for help with a specific project or simply looking for some inspiration, there is always someone willing to assist you. Let us take a flowery journey into the Indiana Flower and Patio Show.

History of Flower and Patio Show

The first Indiana Flower and Patio Show took place in 1958. The Indiana Flower & Patio Show has been one of the nation’s most known outdoor living exhibits for more than 50 years, attracting more than 100,000 visitors each year to its Indianapolis location. Attendees are attracted to the gardens, but they often stay to get educated about, make comparisons, and buy high-end outdoor living products and services from the experts. The show provides the attendees with all of the most up-to-date suggestions and ideas for their nursery.

The show will comprise more than 40 feature gardens created by a selection of the state’s most accomplished greens keepers and landscape designers. On the grounds of the exhibit gardens, the attendees can browse the plant market, speak with HGTV experts, see a floral style show, witness greens keepers compete against one another in tough situations, and participate in workshops.

The Indiana Flower and Patio Show’s preview gala has been held annually since 1997. With house favorites from Indy’s greatest restaurants, live entertainment, silent and live auctions, and other activities, this event is sure to please. It is a family event filled with a variety of activities for every member of your family to enjoy. This year’s Indiana Flower and Patio Show are bursting with creative playsets for children as well as interesting workshops, amusing TV personalities, and much more. The show is vibrantly planned with family fun in mind. This is a worthwhile event for all Indiana homeowners, as there are more than 300 booths to browse and various unique feature displays to appreciate.

Flower and Patio Show timeline

The Start

The first Indiana Flower and Patio holds.

The Preview Gala

The Indiana Flower and Patio Show holds the first preview gala.

50 Years Going Strong

The show celebrates 50 years of existence

The 60th Anniversary

The show celebrates its 60 anniversary with a 1960s theme.

Flower and Patio Show FAQs

Is there a supply of wheelchairs?

Yes, we provide wheelchairs that are the normal size and 18 inches broad. They are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and are completely free.

Is it okay to take strollers?

Yes, you are allowed to bring strollers to the event.

Is it okay for me to bring my pet to the show?

This is not possible due to a large number of people, strollers, and food available. Please leave them in a secure location at home.

How to Observe Flower and Patio Show

  1. Join in the activities

    A great way to celebrate is to take your company's products or services to the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. You can attend as a vendor to get more patronage.

  2. Participate in the Community

    The Indiana Flower and Patio Show can be found on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In addition, they are a fantastic source for project advice and industry trends.

  3. Attend the outlined events

    Another way to celebrate the day is to attend the show which features family-friendly events. It is also a great way to get different products while saving money.

5 Awesome Things About The Show

  1. Accessibility Friendly

    The show ensures it is accessible by providing wheelchairs, elevators, and ramps for people living with disabilities.

  2. Wellness products

    Some of the vendors will provide products and services relating to recreation, pool, spa, health, wellness, and fitness.

  3. Food and Beverage

    Enjoy products and services from the beverage industry.

  4. Trade Day

    Trade Day is a celebration of students and professionals studying or interested in trades.

  5. Family Fun

    You don’t have to look for a babysitter for the kids, everyone can find fun activities at the show.

Why Flower and Patio Show is Important

  1. It saves money

    Best Price Guarantees are popular, and Indiana Flower and Patio Show exhibitors frequently provide "show specials" on their products and services. These deals are usually one-of-a-kind, and they may be just what you need to get your renovation project off to a flying start.

  2. High-quality products and services

    The Indiana Flower and Patio Show is distinguished by the presence of exhibitors of the highest caliber. Prepare to be wowed by amazing products and meet highly qualified individuals. Work with a reputable seller on your next home improvement project.

  3. Also Perfect for DIYers

    Even do-it-yourselfers require a little assistance from time to time. Whether you're seeking fast advice from a stage presentation or project assistance from an exhibitor, the Indiana Flower and Patio Show is your go-to source for home renovation ideas and expert information on a wide range of topics.

Flower and Patio Show dates

2022March 12Saturday
2023March 11Saturday
2024March 9Saturday
2025March 8Saturday
2026March 14Saturday

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