National Pi Day – March 14, 2020

Sat Mar 14

3.14159265359…. need we go on? Celebrated on March 14 each (yes, that’s 3-14), National Pi Day not only commemorates a very special number, but also celebrates the birthday of the great scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein. Pi was first calculated by Archimedes of Syracuse (287–212 BC), one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world. National Pi Day has become a day to celebrate numbers and math, and celebrations are held across the country in honor of this very special number. These days, all of the numerical fun is sometimes accompanied by delicious food items such as pizza pie, fruit pie, and even pot pies! So please channel your inner math geek and get ready to calculate, eat, and celebrate everybody’s favorite never-ending number.

National Pi Day - Survey Results


3.1415926535 (50%)

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National Pi Day Activities

  1. Enjoy pie of course

    Pi is a homophone of pie: the 2 words are pronounced similarly, but are spelled differently and mean different things. Celebrate Pi Day by eating lots of pie!

  2. Throw a Pi potluck party

    Everyone loves to show off their family pie recipe make it a potluck and everyone will be inclined to bring their favorite pie to Pi day, whether its a pizza pie, a pot pie, a savory pie, or a sweet pie. Make a playlist that features songs like "I Like Pie, I Like Cake" and "American Pie"!

  3. Try making a new pie yourself

    Ever tried to make a pie before? Nows your chance to bake your very own. Not into the sweet stuff; Don't worry there are many types of pies you can try making.  Check out the '10 Pies for Pi Day' link in the recipe section.

Why We Love National Pi Day

  1. Pi is infinitely cool

    Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter — and amazingly for all circles of any size, Pi will be always be the same.  Pi is an "irrational number," meaning its exact value is completely unknowable. Scientists have calculated billions of digits starting with 3.14159265358979323…, but no recognizable pattern ever emerges.  We could continue on and on until infinity and we'd still have no idea what digit might emerge next.

  2. Pi sounds like pie

    If you are a nerd that likes pies this holiday is pretty much the best combination of the most interesting things in life: pie and mathematics.  And of course that means that in order to celebrate abstract mathematical items that are somewhat irrational the obvious solution is to incorporate pie into the holiday.

  3. Pi links mathematics to the real world

    Maybe when you were in math class and you stared off into space wondering why on earth 'logs' or 'proofs' mattered so much.  Pi is the answer, well at least, one of the things that links math back to real world uses. Because Pi is linked to circles it is also linked to cycles, things like calculating waves, ebb and flow, the oceans tides, electromagnetic waves and much more.  In addition many natural world phenomenon can also be calulated with pi — like the shape of rivers, the disc of the sun, the spiral of DNA and event he pupil of the eye.

National Pi Day dates
2020March 14Saturday
2021March 14Sunday
2022March 14Monday
2023March 14Tuesday
2024March 14Thursday