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FriMar 14

Genius Day – March 14, 2025

Genius Day is celebrated on March 14 every year to mark the birth of one of the best-known scientists in modern history — Albert Einstein. The German-born theoretical physicist changed the way humanity looked at the universe forever with his “Theory of Relativity” and the groundwork he laid for what became quantum physics — the two pillars of modern physics. The Nobel laureate’s name has posthumously become synonymous with the word ‘genius,’ so what better way to celebrate his life and legacy than a day called Genius Day?

History of Genius Day

On March 14, 1879, in a small town in Württemberg, Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch birthed a baby boy they named Albert. Young Einstein attended school in Munich, Aarau, and Zurich. The Swiss citizen earned his teaching diploma in Mathematics and Physics in 1901 and received his doctorate in 1905, the same year he published four groundbreaking papers that went on to earn him high regard among his peers.

By 1914, he became a professor in Berlin, and a German citizen. He taught at several universities in Zurich, Prague, and Bern, whilst he continued with his research, and his remarkable work in the field of physics continued to gain him respect in the academic world. In 1922, he was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his unparalleled contribution to the discipline. On the precipice of the Second World War, Einstein who was visiting the United States of America realized that he could no longer return to Germany. He renounced his citizenship in 1933 at the German Consulate in Belgium and spent the subsequent months attempting to relocate the many German-Jewish Scientists who had lost their place in German academia.

Einstein ultimately accepted an offer to teach at Princeton, U.S., as a resident scholar, which he did until 1945, gaining American citizenship five years before he left. He remained affiliated with the university until he died in 1955. Einstein’s legacy lives on in modern physics.

Genius Day timeline

March 14, 1897
Albert Einstein is Born

Einstein is born in Württemberg, Germany.

Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis

Einstein publishes four groundbreaking papers and is awarded his doctorate.

Renouncing His German Citizenship

Einstein renounces his German citizenship after the Nazi’s rise to power.

April 17, 1955
Einstein Passes Away

Einstein passes away due to an aneurysm at the age of 76.

Genius Day FAQs

Where are Einstein’s eyes?

Einstein’s eyes may be in a safety deposit box in New York City today, given to his eye doctor Henry Abrams by the pathologist Thomas Harvey. The eyes are believed to have been extracted during an autopsy Harvey conducted in 1955.

Did Einstein have children?

Yes, he had three. Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein, and Lieserl Einstein, who died shortly after her first birthday.

Why was Einstein’s brain stolen?

Einstein’s brain was stolen by Thomas Harvey. He removed it in hopes of unlocking the secret to his genius.

Genius Day Activities

  1. Read up on Einstein’s life

    What better way to celebrate the day than by reading up on Einstein’s life? Pick up a book or watch a documentary about the Nobel laureate.

  2. Take a virtual tour

    Take a virtual tour of a museum dedicated to Einstein’s legacy. They’re readily available on the internet.

  3. Donate to charitable foundations

    Einstein’s legacy lives on majorly in the form of modern-day physics. Donate to a charitable foundation that helps fund research in the field of physics.

5 Important Facts About Einstein

  1. “TIME’s” person of the century

    Einstein was named “TIME’s” person of the century in 1999.

  2. Einstein held 50 patents

    The idea of invention intrigued Einstein during his work at the Swiss Patent Office, and he ended up securing 50 patents during his time there.

  3. The inspiration for Yoda

    Einstein’s face was used to partly model the character design for Yoda from “Star Wars.”

  4. A big head

    When he was born, Einstein’s head was considered “abnormally large” for a newborn, but he eventually grew into it.

  5. No socks

    Einstein famously held disdain for socks and refused to wear any!

Why We Love Genius Day

  1. The life and legacy of Albert Einstein

    Genius Day is dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Einstein. Considering the impact he’s had on our understanding of the universe, we think it’s a treat of a day.

  2. A reason to read up on Einstein

    Einstein had a very eventful, interesting life. Genius Day is a perfect excuse to read up on it.

  3. The spirit of scientific inquiry

    Part of what made Einstein so great was his relentless curiosity about the world. The day serves as a reminder to keep our minds open and ask questions about the world around us.

Genius Day dates

2025March 14Friday
2026March 14Saturday
2027March 14Sunday
2028March 14Tuesday
2029March 14Wednesday

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