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Make Up Your Mind Day
TueDec 31

Make Up Your Mind Day – December 31, 2024

On December 31 every year, people across the United States observe Make Up Your Mind Day, deciding on some important resolutions for the coming year. It is an important day to encourage people to review their goals, achievements, and progress, and then come up with better strategies to achieve them in the new year. By formally making a set of resolutions on this day, people are more likely to stay committed to them throughout the year.

History of Make Up Your Mind Day

Make Up Your Mind Day motivates people to make important life decisions and stand to it. As the holiday season approaches, we start planning out our resolutions for the coming year. And Make Up Your Mind Day is a great way to decide which resolutions to keep and pursue in the new year. This day is also a great opportunity to think about those decisions that you have already made in your personal or professional life. Changes at work and major family decisions can be quite difficult to make. People keep on exploring more options and are unable to make a final decision. As a tradition, Christians at the beginning of a new year used to reflect on their past mistakes and think about how to avoid them in the future.

In the 1700s, English cleric John Wesley founded the Covenant Renewal Service, which was held every year on New Year’s Eve. People sang hymns and prayed instead of the traditional frolicking celebrations that were held during New Year’s Eve. This tradition is still followed by many Baptist and African American Protestant churches.

In recent times, instead of making any major spiritual promises to God, people make small life decisions on New Year’s Eve, to make positive changes in their overall personalities. In a recent research study, it was revealed that out of 45% of Americans that make resolutions, only 8% do not renege. Nevertheless, Make Up Your Mind Day is still a great way to learn from your past decisions and become a better decision-maker and have fun while making some of the biggest life-changing decisions.

Make Up Your Mind Day timeline

January 1 Becomes New Year's Day

After the Gregorian calendar reform, January 1 is restored as New Year's Day.

The Covenant Renewal Service is Introduced

John Wesley establishes the Covenant Renewal Service — also called the 'Night Watch Service' because it is held on New Year's Eve — where Christians renew their covenant with Jesus.

‘Prospect Theory’ is First Published

Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman Publish a paper titled 'Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision Making Under Risk,' a theory that describes how people make decisions.

Richard Wisemen's Willpower Research

British psychologist Richard Wisemen in 2017 tracks the progress of 3,000 people's New Year's resolutions and found that only 12% managed to fulfill them.

Make Up Your Mind Day FAQs

What is Mind Day?

The day on which a person’s death is commemorated. 

How do you make up your mind?

Doing proper research, connecting with like-minded people for suggestions, and looking out for other options and alternatives can help people become better decision-makers.

Where does the phrase 'Make Up Your Mind' come from?

The phrase ‘Make Up Your Mind’ was first used in the 1800s. It means taking an important decision or making choices between two or more alternatives.

How to Celebrate Make Up Your Mind Day

  1. Start a journal

    Writing down your life goals in a journal can be the first step toward achieving your goals. When you write down something, it becomes easy to categorize and organize your thoughts and differentiate realistic goals from those that are undefined or unrealistic. Once all your thoughts are organized, you will find it less difficult to make up your mind and make major life decisions.

  2. Practice meditation

    Meditation gives clarity to your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. It makes you stay focused and feel more positive about life. It relieves stress and helps you make better choices by reducing feelings of confusion and uncertainty. If you want to make the right decisions faster, then try meditation this Make Up Your Mind Day.

  3. Work on your decision-making skills

    Those who struggle to make big decisions also face difficulty in making simple everyday choices. If you feel you are indecisive or have poor judgment, then improve your decision-making skill through everyday practice. Start with simple, casual choices and gradually progress toward tough ones.

5 Facts About Decision-Making That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Emotions vs. logic

    People rely more on emotions than logic when making tough decisions.

  2. Decision fatigue

    Majority of people find it hard to make decisions in the afternoon.

  3. Dream team

    The ideal decision-making team should be between five and nine members.

  4. Sugar rush

    Our brain needs glucose when making effortful decisions.

  5. Choice paralysis

    Decision-making is easier when few options are available.

Why We Love Make Up Your Mind Day

  1. It helps people stick to their decisions

    Make Up Your Mind Day encourages people to make decisions faster and stick with them. When we take less time while making small or big life decisions, we don't get much time to overthink. When we overthink something, we tend to get confused and, because of that, end up making poor decisions. Make Up Your Mind Day is a great way to start trusting our instincts and making tough decisions quickly.

  2. It motivates people to develop leadership qualities

    Those who are skilled in making the right decisions are more likely to succeed in their professional life. By showcasing their decision-making skills at work, employees let their managers know that they possess those leadership qualities that are needed to get promoted at work for a mid-level or senior-level role.

  3. People stop regretting their past decisions

    Some people enjoy taking risks, while many are afraid of making mistakes, and dread major life decisions in adulthood such as career switch, moving to a new city or country, or starting a new relationship. Those who regret the poor decisions they made in the past are often afraid of making big decisions, for fear of failing again. Make Up Your Mind Day is a great opportunity to inspire and motivate such people to stop thinking about their past, and start a new life by making new choices.

Make Up Your Mind Day dates

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday

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