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World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day

International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis – December 31, 2024

International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis is observed annually in the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 31. It is a public holiday that commemorates the solidarity of the people of Azerbaijan, known as Azerbaijanis. The history of the day is traceable to 1989 when the border fences separating Soviet Azerbaijan and Iran were dismantled. It also commemorates the collapse of the Berlin Wall in Germany. The holiday is celebrated not only by people in Azerbaijan but also by Azerbaijanis in the diaspora.

History of International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis

In 1989, the people of Azerbaijan pulled down the border in the former Nakhichevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (A.S.S.R.) in order to reunite with the Azerbaijan people living in Iran. At the time, eight million Azerbaijan people lived in Iran, a staggering figure when compared to the 6.8 million people living in the motherland. The dismantling of the wall was not only a physical exercise but a symbolic demolition of the barriers between the people of Azerbaijan who longed to reunite with one another.

Another event that was thought to have inspired the dismantling of the wall was the historic collapse of the Berlin Wall in Germany. The passionate Azerbaijanis who tore down the Azerbaijan-Iran border might have drawn inspiration from that event.

In 1991, Heydar Aliyev — who later became President but was still the Chairman of the Nakhichevan A.S.S.R. at that time — promoted the idea of creating a holiday to celebrate the unity of Azerbaijanis. This initiative was presented before the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR. However, it wasn’t until 1992 that it was declared a public holiday by the decree of former President Abulfaz Elchibey, to be observed on December 31.

On Solidarity Day, public festivals and feasts are held by Azerbaijanis both home and abroad. Around 50 million people from Azerbaijan are spread across multiple countries on five continents while 10 million live within the country itself. This special holiday is a reminder that no matter where they are in the world, Azerbaijanis are united in spirit.

International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis timeline

Broken Border

The border between Soviet Azerbaijan and Iran is dismantled.

Independence Time

Azerbaijan gains independence from the Soviet Union.

National Holiday

World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day in Azerbaijan becomes a national holiday.

United Nations Recognition

Azerbaijan is admitted into the United Nations (U.N.).

International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis FAQs

What other countries border Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan shares borders with Georgia, Iran, Armenia, and Russia.

What language do Azerbaijanis speak?

The official language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijanian.

Is Azerbaijan ruled by a king?

No. The government operates a unitary multiparty semi-presidential republic, administered by a President, Vice President, Prime Minister, and National Assembly Speaker.

How To Observe International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis

  1. Learn more

    This important holiday is a great opportunity to learn more about Azerbaijan. Do a little research and you just might decide to schedule a visit.

  2. Share a post

    Share the information you learn with others. Post a short and sweet snippet about the lovely country and send it to your friends and family.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Feel free to use the hashtag #solidarityday on all your posts.

5 Facts About Azerbaijan You Might Find Surprising

  1. Protector of fire

    Azerbaijan means ‘protector of fire’ and is often referred to as ‘The Land of Fire’ because the country houses a large number of the world’s oldest fire hearths.

  2. The largest concentration of mud volcanoes

    Azerbaijan holds the largest concentration of mud volcanoes on earth, numbering up to 350. Compared to the country’s small size, this figure is considered large.

  3. Miniature books

    Out of all countries in the world, Azerbaijan is the one with the largest collection of miniature books — over 5,500 in number.

  4. Prehistoric caves

    Azokh Cave in Azerbaijan has chambers that might have existed two million years ago!

  5. Euro banknotes

    Azerbaijan’s currency, which is known as the manat, looks very similar to the euro banknote.

Why International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis is Important

  1. It celebrates love

    Solidarity Day is unique because it celebrates the unbreakable bond of love between Azerbaijanis, so much so that they tore down a border to be reunited with one another.

  2. It promotes unity

    Solidarity Day is also important because of the strong sense of community it inspires. Azerbaijanis all over the world gather to celebrate their unity and solidarity, no matter where they live.

  3. It inspires national pride

    This national holiday reminds Azerbaijanis of the values they hold dear and what makes their country special. It’s a time to count their blessings and appreciate their unique heritage.

International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis dates

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday

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