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Unlucky Day – December 31, 2024

Unlucky Day is celebrated on December 31 every year. It is a day for you to turn your bad luck into luck by forgetting about your misfortunes. If you felt unlucky this year, then this is the perfect day to move on from the unfavorable and pessimistic events that happened. This day is your last attempt at turning the year around and entering the new year with a positive mindset. Put some positive pants on and learn more about this wonderful day!

History of Unlucky Day

The last day of the year, December 31, is the day known as Unlucky Day. It is the last day of the year, which means it is time to forget about the bad that has happened throughout the year. It is a day to shed, unburden, and forget about all the things we did not want to happen. It is a day to remind ourselves that the year is about to come to an end. It is an indication that it was probably a bad season or even a bad year, but it is definitely not a bad life. Unlucky Day is the last day to get all of the reluctance and uncertainty out of our lives and recognize that the next year is a year full of ambition, anticipation, hope, and promise. That is why we create plans and goals that are achievable for the year to come. It is not bad that this day is considered unlucky since things will fall into place for the succeeding days to come.

Whether you believe in luck or not, do not give up when it seems like you are faced with trials and challenges — you can always choose to move forward and bring your A-game for the upcoming year. Anything can happen if you strive for it. Whether it be luck or your own doing, what matters is that you keep looking ahead to what is to come. This day also reminds everyone that life goes on, whether bad or good. This day looks forward to what is in store for the future and allows the negativity to stay in the past. Next year will contain prosperity, health, and happiness if you believe in it.

Unlucky Day timeline

December 31, 1781
American Bank

The first United States bank, Bank of North America, opens.

December 31, 1904
Ready For Another Year

The first New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Times Square, New York City.

December 31, 1944
Turbulence Begins

World War II takes effect as Hungary declares war on Germany.

December 31, 2020
Vaccine Authorization

The World Health Organization (WHO) grants the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine emergency authorization.

Unlucky Day FAQs

What is the unluckiest month?

June is seen as the month with the worst luck.

When is the luckiest day?

January 28 is the first Full Moon of the year, but it’s also the luckiest day of the year.

How do I calculate my lucky number?

Your lucky number is calculated based on your date of birth and the numerology number of your name.

Unlucky Day Activities

  1. Let go of the past

    Write down all the negative things that have happened to you throughout the year. After you have written them all down, throw the notes away. This will allow you to process your emotions.

  2. Accept what has transpired

    Understand that everything happens for a reason. Whether it was a positive or negative year, know that life would not be what it is today if certain events did not occur.

  3. Continue to believe in the future

    What is the point of a new year if you do not believe that great things are about to happen? Tell yourself that what you have planned and desired will finally happen this year.

5 Things That Are Seen As Bad Luck

  1. A black cat

    The black cat became a symbol of bad luck because it was believed that witches transformed into black cats.

  2. A broken mirror

    It is believed that breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck.

  3. Umbrellas

    Opening an umbrella indoors is avoided as it is believed to bring bad luck.

  4. Salt

    For centuries, it has been believed that if you spill salt, you should throw some over your shoulder to avoid negative consequences.

  5. Ladder

    It is bad luck to walk underneath a ladder.

Why We Love Unlucky Day

  1. It allows us to move forward

    It prompts us to stop focusing on all the bad times and instead think of positive things. It is important to know that we can easily shake this off and move on.

  2. It allows us to forgive ourselves

    It reminds us that we can always be better versions of ourselves. We need to learn to accept our mistakes and change for the better.

  3. It gives us hope

    It gives us peace of mind that things can only go up from here. There will always be unlucky days, but do not forget about the lucky days that will come as well.

Unlucky Day dates

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday

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