New Year's Eve – December 31, 2020

Thu Dec 31

Did you know that the first places in the world to ring in the New Year are Samoa, Tonga, and Kiritimati, while American Samoa and Baker Island in the USA are the last? If you can’t get enough of New Year’s Eve, some private jet companies offer a 24-hour itinerary that takes you to the hottest New Year’s Eve parties in Sydney, entertains you VIP-style on the 12-hour flight to the USA, and drops you off to ring in the New Year again in Los Angeles. No matter how you choose to celebrate, Dec. 31 just might be the most fun day of the year.

New Year's Eve - Survey Results

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New Year's Eve Activities

  1. Pop open a nice bottle of champagne

    That nice bottle of champagne that's been hiding in the liquor cabinet for months? Today is the best day of year to pop it open and raise a toast.

  2. Start a new tradition

    Lots of people have special family or friend traditions around the New Year, such as a formal dinner, board games at the kitchen table, or movie night. Create your own tradition involving your closest friends or family.

  3. Get glamorous and hit the club

    Put on your sequins, fur, glitter, and stilettos—and even then you probably won't be the most dressed-up partygoer at the club! New Year's Eve is all about looking (and feeling) fabulous.

Why We Love New Year's Eve

  1. It gives us an excuse to drink champagne

    Champagne is one of those fancy drinks we love but never have a good reason to consume. New Year's Eve is one of the rare occasions when we can say, "You know what? Give me a glass of champagne. I'll toast to that."

  2. No gifts or cards necessary

    New Year's Eve is a low-maintenance holiday. Almost nothing is expected of us other than to show up ready to consume alarming amounts of food and alcohol. Leave your gifts and cards at home—the best gift you can give on New Year's Eve is your presence!

  3. We get to stay up late and sleep in the next day

    New Year's Eve is the one day of the year we're required to stay up late and have fun. The best part? The next day is a federal holiday, so we can sleep off the hangover as long as we want.

New Year's Eve dates
2020December 31Thursday
2021December 31Friday
2022December 31Saturday
2023December 31Sunday
2024December 31Tuesday