Chinese New Year – February 5, 2019

Tue Feb 5

If you feel the ground trembling beneath your feet on February 5 — don’t fear! It’s simply the beginning of the Chinese New Year. You’ll find a full 20% of the Earth’s population celebrating — using more fireworks than any other day of the year. When farming dominated life in China, this holiday blessed the upcoming growing season. Today, it’s a celebration marked by good food, red envelopes, and blessings for everyone. Let’s welcome the Year of the Pig.

Chinese New Year Activities

  1. Remember your ancestors

    Amid all the celebrations, it's easy to forget that Chinese New Year is really a holiday for the whole family — children and elders alike. Take a moment to appreciate those you love most.

  2. Eat and be merry

    First, consider all the dim sum delights that await for Chinese New Year. Then, remember to enjoy the fireworks, parades, and general merriment. Chinese New Year focuses on creating good luck for the year to come. Take time to enjoy yourself and others around you.

  3. Share the traditional red envelopes

    The red symbolizes good luck. The monetary gifts are meant to bring the recipient good fortune. Just make sure to give in even numbers and do not have the number four in the amount.

Why We Love Chinese New Year

  1. It's red for a reason

    Red is an auspicious color for the Chinese New Year, denoting prosperity and energy — which ward off evil spirits and negativity. Red lanterns, envelopes, and firecrackers make everything festive during the winter months.

  2. New Year's (Eve) feasting

    What is a celebration without feasting with friends and family? Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is one of the most important occasions of the year — celebrated with long noodles, trays of food (naturally), and sweet, plump oranges to spread the wealth.

  3. No chores

    Good luck is at its peak in the New Year. You don't want to sweep it away, do you? Take a breather from vacuuming and mopping, and go get your dumpling on! (If you must clean, make sure it's taken care of beforehand.)