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MonFeb 17

My Way Day – February 17, 2025

My Way Day, celebrated every February 17, is a fun celebration urging us to live life authentically, unapologetically, and to play by our own rules without fear, and why not? It’s your life and hey, you’ve got just one to live. Call the shots! Although the national holiday’s history isn’t documented, My Way Day is said to be a brainchild of actor Thomas Roy and his writer Ruth, who both run Wellcat Herbs and Wellcat Holidays. Can you believe the pair have created more than 70 copyrighted special holidays celebrated in America? Super impressive right? Dive in!

History of My Way Day

My Way Day proudly takes its place amongst at least 79 other special days created by American film, television, and voice actor Thomas Roy and wife Ruth in “Chase’s Calendar of Events” (the country’s go-to calendar for special events). Hollywood actor Thomas Roy is known for films such as “12 Monkeys” (1995), “The Answer Man” (2008), and “Night Catches Us” (2010).

The annual publication, which was launched in 1957 by brothers William D. Chase and Harrison V. Chase, includes special events, holidays, federal and state observances, anniversaries, and much more. After tirelessly gathering information on events, the first edition of “Chase Calendar of Events” was born — 2,000 copies of the 32-page document were published in 1958. It was sold for just $1. In 1983 Contemporary Books, Chicago, Illinois, came into the picture and took over publication 1983.

Four years later, the Chases retired from single-handedly doing the compilation, handing it over to an in-house staff of editors and researchers. From there, the publishing changed when in 1993, Contemporary Books was acquired by Tribune — it was sold to McGraw-Hill Companies in September 2000. From McGraw-Hill to Rowman, the Littlefield Publishing Group, and now the highly renowned Bernan Press.

The “Chase’s Calendar of Events” plays host to many hilarious lighthearted fun holidays such as National Have a Bad Day Day (November 19), where you pick just that day to do the twist wishing someone ‘Have A Bad Day’ instead of the overused traditional ‘Have A Good Day’; and Satisfied Staying Single Day ( February 11), an annual empowering celebration dedicated to celebrating the glories of being contently badass all by yourself without the baggage of a relationship or a significant other among others.

My Way Day timeline

The My Way Day Founder is Born

Thomas Roy, born November 22 in the United States, is raised in Hatboro, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Chase Calendar Launches

The annual publication is created by brothers, journalist and publisher, William D. Chase, and Harrison V. Chase.

The First Wellcat’s Wacky Holiday

Roy comes up with his first idea, Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day, after stumbling on a form while flipping through “Chase's Calendar of Events” that allowed for submission.

The Chase Team Retires From Self-Compiling

The team decides to retire from compiling the calendar, handing the compiling responsibility to the in-house staff of editors and researchers.

My Way Day FAQs

What is My Way Day?

It’s a fun day set aside to do absolutely whatever it is you want your way. Free from interruption. Whether it’s lying on the couch doing absolutely nothing, embarking on an adventure, or chasing your dreams, whatever you choose, just make sure it’s legal.

Is My Way Day a real holiday?

Yes, it is. This is a national holiday officially empowering us to live our lives just how we want as long as it’s within the law.

How can I celebrate My Way Day?

It all depends on you! While you might choose to live out your bucket list, you could also simply decide to follow the train of thoughts on social media with the hashtag #MyWayDay.

My Way Day Activities

  1. Take control of your life

    Own every page of your story. Take charge of your decisions and don't let fear or other people's conceptions rule you. You owe it to you to live on your terms.

  2. Think up your genius idea

    Anyone can do it. Not sure? Relax — as long as you've got an imagination, you can. No rules! Holidays can be silly, wacky, formal, whatever, just do you.

  3. Look up the “Chase Calendar of Events”

    You could celebrate by simply grabbing a copy of the latest edition of the “Chase Calendar of Events,” feeding your eyes, and having a blast with a bowl of popcorn, or whatever tickles your fancy.

5 Super Cool Facts About The Roys

  1. The Roys got paid $100 for their slogan

    Willard Scott, known for NBC-TV’s “Today Show”, through his ad agency, paid the Roys $100 to use their Be Bald and Be Free Day for a commercial.

  2. Roy had a crush on his teacher

    Falling in love way back in the eleventh grade with his English teacher was all the motivation he needed to live up to his high I.Q.

  3. The Roys feature across the U.S.

    They have been featured across multiple renowned media outlets around the world such as “USA Today,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “The Sydney Morning Herald,” “The Washington Post,” “BBC,” and “ABC,” among others.

  4. Roy is left-handed

    Roy proudly joins other notable left-handed personalities like Barack Obama, Prince William, Oprah, Brad Pitt, and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few.

  5. The Roys met at a radio station

    Roy got started on his new gig and was introduced to a blond, Ruth — within a year they were married.

Why We Love My Way Day

  1. It makes us feel empowered

    Living life on your terms helps boost self-esteem. We feel more capable to make decisions, learn to trust our instinct and judgments more, as well as take responsibility for our actions or inactions.

  2. It pushes us to work towards our goals

    When we give others a say in our affairs we tend to tilt whatever way they feel best. Living life your way helps you focus and take charge, ultimately directing you to achieve set goals.

  3. It helps us live fulfilled lives

    A life full of regret is most definitely a sad one. Doing things your way, taking on new adventures, launching ahead with plans, and chasing after our dreams helps us feel confident, happier, and fulfilled, even when things don't turn out exactly as planned.

My Way Day dates

2025February 17Monday
2026February 17Tuesday
2027February 17Wednesday
2028February 17Thursday
2029February 17Saturday

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