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Simplot Games – February 17-19, 2025

Simplot Games is a track and field event that happens every year on February 17 to 19. It takes place at Holt arena, Idaho State University. The J.R Simplot Company sponsors the game. Over 1,500 high school athletes from all over the U.S. and Canada come together to compete at the Simplot Games. It is held on the weekend of the third Saturday in February. The first game was held in 1979. The unique 200-meter banked-board track in Holt Arena is one of the fastest in America. Since the track debuted, athletic records have been regularly broken.

History of Simplot Games

When the Simplot Games began in 1979, it was just a regional track meet. It has come a long way since then. It has become one of the country’s premier high school track and field events. The Games have maintained old traditions and added new features that have made it what it is today. It currently offers a lot of opportunities to high school athletes. The games have allowed aspiring athletes to showcase their talents for decades. The games have been very competitive, seeing records being broken regularly.

By competing in the Simplot Games, High school athletes get the rare opportunity to meet guest Olympic champions such as the honorary chairman DIck Fosbury. Admission is free, so students from all over the country have the chance to compete. It is also an open meet meaning there is no qualifying time or distance for athletes to compete. This makes the Games different from most national events.

The Game is an Olympic-style event, offering recognition to all participants with the Parade of Athletes. The Parade of athletes has been a yearly tradition at the Simplot Games. During the parade, about 2,000 competing athletes go around the historic wood track at Idaho State University. During the Parade of Athletes, the national anthem is played, special guests are introduced, and all athletes are recognized on the track. The games begin, and everyone has an equal chance to become a champion.

Simplot Games timeline

Simplot Sponsors Bennion Games

Simplot takes over the financial sponsorship of the Bennion Games.

The First National Record is Set

The Games’ first National record is set by High jumper Lisa Bernhagen of Hailey, Idaho.

The Games Go Digital

Games run on computers for the first time.

Simplot Turns Thirty

Simplot games celebrate 30 years of hosting the competition.

Simplot Games FAQs

Who invented the track and field?

The Greeks invented athletics with the first Olympics. Track and field can be dated back to 776 B.C.

How did track and field get its name?

The name derives from where the sport is played — on a track or grass field.

Which country is track and field most popular?

The U.S has dominated men’s sprint events.

Simplot Games Activities

  1. Go for a run

    Even if you’re not an athlete, you can benefit from a good run. Take some time to exercise and see if you can break any existing records.

  2. Attend or watch the games

    Experience the Simplot Games for yourself by visiting the venue in Idaho. If you can’t make it in person, you can still watch the competition on tv or online.

  3. Share on Social Media

    Share posts about the games on social media. You’ll help spread awareness and bring the athletes more recognition.

5 Important Facts About Track And Field

  1. It’s part of athletics

    Track and field is one part of the sport of athletics.

  2. Athletics is a combination sport

    Athletics is a collection of sports, including running, throwing, and jumping.

  3. It is popular

    Athletics are a popular sporting event in countries all around the world.

  4. It is held in stadiums

    Track and field events are held in sports stadiums, usually on a running track or the field.

  5. There are different types of running

    Other running athletic events are marathon running, road running, race-walking, and cross country running.

Why We Love Simplot Games

  1. It promotes athletics

    It creates an opportunity for athletes to compete and showcase their talents. Participants have the chance to meet Olympic legends during the games.

  2. It’s an open meet

    High school athletes can compete without meeting a minimum distance or time. Participation is also free.

  3. It sparks interest in sports

    The national event showcases the brilliance of high school athletics. This serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes in schools.

Simplot Games dates

2025February 17Monday
2026February 17Tuesday
2027February 17Wednesday
2028February 17Thursday
2029February 17Saturday

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